Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Valentine's Day Memories

I was thinking about Valentine's Day this morning on the way to work. And, you know, I have looked at my comments this morning, and someone said that if my advice does not get them laid, they will be upset. And looking at my council, my suggestions may or may not get you laid. What it will do is keep you out of the doghouse. That being said, I thought I would recount some of my Valentine's Day memories.

Sixth Grade
I remember receiving one single pink carnation when I was in sixth grade. Remember in school, where they sold carnations for some fundraising event, and on Valentine's Day, the volunteers would deliver them to Forth Period? And when the volunteer came to the classroom, all girls eyes were on the flowers. Would I get a flower this year? I bet she gets lots of flowers. I hate her.

Well, I got a single pink carnation, and all it said was my name and the class. Nothing else. I had no idea who the flower was from. It was my first year in middle school, and there were so many new people at school. I was just thankful that someone sent a flower to me. My girlfriends guessed all sorts of people, and I was completely at a loss.

At lunch, an unpopular boy approached me and asked if I liked the flower. I was shocked that it was from him, someone I really did not know. I did not want the flower to be from him, but I thanked him as graciously as a sixth grade girl could. Later that day, I was not proud of myself, but some friends asked if I ever found out who sent it, and I lied to my friends. "No," I said, "I guess it will be my secret Valentine."

Grown Up Valentines
The Valentine's Day after my infidelity (it was a good half year after he found out), I had the most romantic Valentine's since I have been married. I am not sure cheating had anything to do with the reward of a great Valentine's Day, and people who draw that conclusion may be making a big mistake.

Anyway, I when I got home the day before Valentine's Day, I found one of my favorite dresses on a hook that was balanced on the bedroom door with a note stuck through the hook. All it said was, "Put this on."

Nearly an hour later, my hubbie came home. And, thinking about what was coming up next was completely a turn-on. To see those few strong words, almost ordering me around. Complete turn-on.

Anyway, we went out to a very nice dinner. I felt like a princess. Well, not like a princess because were I a princess, they would not have to look to ensure that we were on the guest list. They would have seem my beaming face and escorted me into a private corner; private enough for me to enjoy my meal, public enough for common people to view their fair princess. Okay, I ain't no princess.

After dinner, he actually took me to a state park and we slept in a cabin that night. The next day, I called in (car trouble) and we spent the day together in the wilderness, or as wild as a state park can get.

It was a wonderful Valentine's Day because he planned. He had to pack for me, and he made reservations at both the restaurant and the state park (who knew he was capable of this?). It was not about the expense (the cabin was "cozy", but the dinner was really elegant).

Tomorrow night, we will be home alone eating Chinese food, and if hubbie knows what is good for him, he will read me poetry.

I guess my last post could have been distilled down to a few words: "Treasure your Valentine; show her that you care. Reverse cowgirl optional."


Prata said...

I don't remember any Valentine's Days. Not even one.

LarryLilly said...

My current wife and I dated by camping. We first met in real (an internet connection) on Friday, February 13, two days past a full moon, and that confirmed that we were madly smitten by each other. The following day, Valentines day, was the best ever, only surpassed by the following years.

That and every Valentines day since then have been special, not in what we did, but in where we were; with each other.

Its not the events, its the participants.

Big Kahuna said...

I enjoyed your V-day recollections. Especially the one with hubby after the infidelity. It is nice to hear that some relationships can heal from transgressions and become stronger.

I have read your blog off and on for a while and enjoy your points of view. I also like the that sexual components are included in a natural manner - neither the sole focus of or intentionally excluded from your blog.

Take care and enjoy the Chinese!

mal said...

my high school years could best be described as "awkward". The only time I received any secret valentine stuff was because my brother put one of his friends up to it. I did not know about it until some years later when his friend told me. As he told the story I was getting really mad. He finished by saying "If I had a half a brain, I would have done it without him telling me to" I almost broke down there. *S*

Leesa said...

prata: yeah, I would have guessed.

larry: I love camping!

big kahuna: a SLOW healing process.

mal: sorry, sweetie!

Cinderella said...

Men feel pressure to buy something great and women feel pressure to have sex. Isn't Valentines Day like a real life version of Pretty Woman? Ahhhhh!!

Having Chinese sounds great, I hope you and the husband have a wonderful day together.

Happy Valentines Day!

Leesa said...

cinderella: very, very good points. Happy V-day, dear!