Friday, February 16, 2007

Randomness Ad Nauseum

You know Paxahonie Phil. That's not his name. Punxsutawney Phil. I actually had to Google it to get the name right, and luckily, we have a Punxsutawney Groundhog Club. I am guessing their meetings are not really a hoot in June through December. I mean, what do they do, take ol' Phil out for binge drinking in the metropolis. My thought is "What if someone kidnapped the rodent and held him for ransom?" Would they merely bring out an imposter? And then there would be Gobbler's Knob-gate. I wanted to stretch this out into a full-blown post. You know me, just add a bit about boobs and cold weather, and the rest writes itself. Crap. Now you know my secret.

Ad Nauseum
As I was thinking for a title for this post, I decided to go with Ad Nauseum. I figure it would spruce up the post, and then I thought, that sounds like the name of a heavy metal band. I bet there is a band by that name. But then they would have guitar riffs that would go on and on. They started out playing in the drummer's basement – and the drummer's mother actually came up with the name. The only reason they got to play in the drummer's basement was because his family wanted different types of noise coming through the floor. Or so I would guess.

I would not want a group to be called Ad Nauseum. I mean, if we have a group for groundhog groupies, we probably have a group for everything. And one of the groups would cherish just droning on and on. Sort of like this entry.

Search Engines
Every once in a while, I look at the search engines that point to my site. The one that caught my attention recently was the phrase: "hair braiding spots near orlando". Well, it turned up some blog entry I made, and I discussed Orlando Bloom. Nice. Another is not so nice. A few weeks ago, and it is still going on now, I get people typing in the phrase, "What to say when somebody dies." This leads the reader to my blog entry, "What Not To Say When Someone Dies." It contains much dark humor, and would not be of comfort to someone who wants to know what to say when somebody dies.

Naughty or Nice
I have come to the conclusion that men are nicer than they appear and women are naughtier than they first appear. Not sure this holds up to scientific scrutiny, but if it does, I want it to be called "Leesa's Razor." Sort of a nod to Ochman's Razor.

String Theory
Have you ever notice that when you bring string theory into a conversation, it sort of kills the conversation? I mean, odds are you are not having a conversation with someone who knows string theory, and if you just say something about the eleven dimensions, you automatically are given credibility. Just don't bring up shoestring theory. Or potato string theory. Do they even make potato strings anymore? I am not sure you can pack any more fat grams and calories into a food.

Old Bracelet
In my jewelry box, I have an old bracelet. It is "14 karat gold" but you know, the gold has been rubbed off over the years. I received it when I was a junior in high school. I really liked the boy, and he moved off to school. I think the bracelet was supposed to either keep me as a girlfriend through a long distance relationship (that didn't work) or have me remember him (that worked). He was not my first boyfriend, not my fondest memories. But because of that cheap bracelet, I remember him. And I have this priceless (worthless) piece of jewelry in my jewelry box.

Rod Stewart: Philosopher
Rod Stewart once said, "Show me a good looking woman and I will show you a man who is tired of fecking her". I have no idea what this means, but it sounds like some sort of philosophy. And Rod Stewart did not use the word, "fecking." I think he is from the Vidal Sassoon School of Philosophy. That man has great hair.

I think I am going to post my YouTube review at the end of the day. I think people don't really read them (if someone else posts twice per day, I normally only read the last post). But maybe that is me.


LarryLilly said...

Leesa, you may not have had much experience with vinyl "records", but referencing your ad nauseum post, it jiggle a particular record I once owned. I worked at a small town radio station at the college town I went to (Marietta College in Marietta Ohio), and it was a middle of the road station, no country, no rock, for 1968-1970, the hardest song they played was "a horse with no name", and they also had the farm report at 5am. So they tossed lots of records, and me and my roomie would scarf up what the other daytime workers didnt grab, the really obscure but also profane stuff. (My Frank Zappa collection, the Fugs I got there)

It was some obscure record that was from my blues library, name long forgotten, record since trashed or tossed.


the key to this particular album is that it was recorded all the way to the last innermost cut. Albums were played quite often, for the masses, on "record changers", players that would allow you to place a stack of albums on a post, then when the arm would reach the inside of the label, the tone arm would retract back to the outside, and the next album on the post would drop down. So mass produced stuff didnt record that inner skip track, since for those using a record changer, they wouldnt hear anything. But this album was different, and I had a "turntable", not a record changer. So, it would play until the very end, ending in an audiable click-click-click as it skipped over the continuous endpoint.

Why does this matter you ask? Well, the final moments of the cut were these two trains heading to each other, then a loud resulting explosion, with the last thing heard the two train whistles blaring. Ad naueseum.
And as a prank there was a kid in our suite of four rooms that hated that song, so at times we would "penny" him in his room, set up the record, and turn it to loud. Then the whistles kept going.. ad nauseaum.

I know, another long worthless POS.


LarryLilly said...

Leesa said... "I have come to the conclusion that men are nicer than they appear and women are naughtier than they first appear. Not sure this holds up to scientific scrutiny, but if it does, I want it to be called "Leesa's Razor." Sort of a nod to Ochman's Razor."

Leesa, are you saying your a succubus?

(evil laugh on)

Video X said...

haha! I used to spend my off time hitting up classes I didn't belong in and was never registered for, at Ohio State. My friend and I (he was terribly sexy) would just check what the topics were for Physics courses and go hang out. We got some strange looks. String theory was my favorite stolen Physics lecture. It's really pretty interesting.

I do read your YouTube posts, I just can't comment since they are blocked. That inblogs thing isn't working against my work thing anymore :( I suppose I could comment, but without having seen the video, it would be even more ridiculous than my normally ridiculous comments.

Prata said...

I would be willing to offer anyone the ability to remotely login to my proxy to view things they don't need to be seeing at work. It's designed to defeat censors in other countries. If that doesn't work, I am willing to give two or so people access to a linux machine (via nomachine client) to view things they shouldn't. It's not windows, but it's not difficult to learn. You can even use messengers and set up an e-mail client. If anyone would like to test this, let me know. I'll e-mail you destructions (yes that's the word I really used) on how to accomplish what I'm talking about.

Circumventing "the man" is my damn job. It's what I do!

Ian Lidster said...

I think 'Leesa's Razor' is absolutely true -- except when it's not. And, men always hope that sweet and homespun females are much naughtier than they appear. I would take 'Pam' from 'The Office' over 10,000 Pam Andersons.
Have a nice weekend.


Ryan said...

I don't completely understand the search engine stuff. Most of the people that come to my place google "cat s*** carpet"

I am first on the list.


Video X said...

I would like your ideas there Prata...I can't get to your site's blocked under Haha. I have a linux box as well as PC here, but I can't get in thru either of them!

Video X said...

How come Leesa gets through my work and I can read all the dirty stories I want? Strange, but I'm happy about it!

Prata said...

Adult lifestyle? lol That's cute.

In that case video x might I start an e-mail dialogue with you to work on getting you set up? I want to try one set up and then another. I can send you a client attachment (which is perfectly safe to run on your machine) along said you have a linux box there? That's so sexy..can we be friends? ^_^

~Deb said...

" me a good looking woman and I will show you a man who is tired of fecking her"

Glad I'm a woman who isn't ~tired~ !!! (Not yet at least!)

My GAWD your mind was at work today. Between the string theory, that weird possum that tells us the weather and Google searches leading to mean you. Serious espresso going on over at Leesa's house today!

Loved it!

Video X said...

Sure Prata! I don't know what's going on with my profile now, but my email is

Hey anything that helps me use my computer to the fullest extent!

GW Mush said...

Deb, I would never get tired of fecking you, hehe

~Deb said...

Awe Mush, you're making a les gal blush now!

He puts this comment on my blog - and it's out of nowhere! (haha) Too funny!

C'mere Mush boy! Lemme smack ya!

~Deb said...

And I'm taking that as a compliment....and THAT'S my final answer.

tkkerouac said...

great blog!

Leesa said...

larry: thanks for the discussion about obscure stuff on records. And I am no succubus.

VX: yeah, string theory is interesting, but it is a bit over my head.

prata: you have a large heart, my friend.

ian: I don't watch "The Office" but I get your point.

~deb: I actually write the Friday post all week. Just things the come in my head, and I group them for Friday.

tkkerouac: thanks, sweetie.