Friday, February 02, 2007

Friday Randomness Part Whatever

Disclaimer: another random Friday, but it seems that it is mostly about sex. Guess who hasn't gotten any in a while?

Dakota Quarters
What do North and South Carolina have in common: they have beautiful state quarters (and they joined the union in 1889). North Dakota's quarter has a couple of buffalo on the "tails" side, one of which I have been told was their first state senator. South Dakota has a pheasant and the rock that was chiseled into four presidents. I should know that landmark. Is it Mount McKinley? Anyway, I know someone who reads this lives in one of these two states. No slight of the states. I believe they are in the north-central US; in Georgia, we don't have to learn all of the states, just the confederate ones; another joke, that is a joke about our educational system.

Earlier today while writing my last blog entry, I playfully mentioned that I am a conservative democrat, and stated that I am a sheep to the political system. Okay, that was bad grammar, but what I meant to do was liken me (and many of us) to sheep when discussing politics. My last foray into discussing political issues sort of reminded me of that. Prata correctly pointed out some of my more simplistic comments. I think my response was "bite me."

Back to sheep – we are sheep. We get sheered at tax time. We are led by the politicians. And some, not me, would say that we get f***ed in the butt by politicians (sort of like lonely farmers). Politicians = lonely farmers. I did not mean to indicate that lonely farmers, er, let me stop right there. And I don't want to defame beastieology (my political correctness kicking in).

Political Correctedness
Funny that when I discussed beastieology (and, I have no idea how I got onto that subject), I was torn between saying that I did not want to slight those engaging in that behavior. But then I thought of the poor animals. I mean, they did not ask for that. They can't consent to it, you know. And then I wonder why I am still typing about this. Gross. As an OCD-loving person, this gives me the willies.

Friday Post
This morning, I was thinking of an extremely serious issue, and I wanted to blog about it. But you know, Fridays should be light, and I have noticed that my Fridays have taken on some really tough issues: red fingernail polish, bald popes, naval fuzz. I just could not ask you to endure more serious issues on a Friday.

Thursday Post
Did you notice Thursday's post was really lame. Did you notice the same with Wednesday's post? Did you wonder if I am in a mental institution and my Internet privileges have been taken away temporarily? I didn't think so. Did you think you would see the word beastieology three times on my blog?

Now that I have been using tags for a while, I have been looking at which tags people use most. I really don't care (or I would use "Britney Spear's muffin" as a tag). Well, not her actual muffin, but you know. And I was trying to find a very polite word to use. Doesn't muffin sound all sweet and innocent?

You know my most viewed tag: Prata. Now in no way am I saying that Prata is anything less than a man who enjoys getting jumped in dark alleys so he can kick ass, but that was the most viewed tag. Well, erotic was, but I took that tag out. It seemed superfluous. I mean, all of my entries are erotic, right? And I think the lack of comments from guys some days has to do with all of their blood flowing to their male member and them passing out. Sorry guys!


Tony said...

Beastieology? Sounds like a study of the Beastie Boys cult. I think Beastiality would have driven the site meter up a bit more. ;) Not that I advocate such behaviour.

So, you had a Friday post regarding bald popes with fuzzy navals whe wear red fingernail polish. That would have been interesting.

Hmm, Britney Spear's muffin.... I think....oh,....oh,....I think I'm passing out.....

Have a good weekend.

Disclaimer: Of course, I don't think her muffin would be anywhere near as tasty as yours.

Prata said...

Actually Leesa it was, "If I said harsh curse words, I'd tell you to fuck off; however, bite me will suffice. So bite me." I think that's how the conversation went. And my reply was something along the lines of, "You're not yellow enough, but tanning some and dying your hair black might be convincing enough."

Yeah, or somethin' like that. ;)

Shadowdog said...

I prefer Beastieology, but I like inventing words.

Hey! I liked all the posts this week! :'-( Of course this is my first full week so maybe they get even better. We'll see.

I don't think it's necessarily being a sheep to not come out strong either way politically. I prefer not to automatically alienate half my audience. Either way you come out, half the people are going to hate you. (well, not half because I don't care what a person's politicals are when making entertainment purchase decisions, but a LOT of people do) Also, I guess some people dislike conflict. I love conflict, but I hate being poor, so I'm a sheep by necessity. BAAAAAA!

I'm surprised "panties" didn't beat out prata. Personally, I love angry bloggers so I always go for the tags that sound really pissed off. But you never know what is going to catch someone's eye. Oh, look! A quarter!

Ian Lidster said...

'Muffin' That's kinda cute and cuddly, and even descriptive in a way. My otherwise very prim ex sister-in-law, actually liked the term 'pussy' because she also felt it sounded cuddly and not profane.

Leesa, I have to say that I am crazy about your blog. I find you thoughtful, but most of all very, very funny. I especially like your multi-topic ramblings and your insights. You have a candor and a frankness that appeals and is very similar to my sense-of-humor. So, I always check you out.
Keep 'em coming.

In friendship,

Leesa said...

tony: I was thinking of mentioning the Beastie Boys, but I did not want to be crude.

prata: I think people click on prata because they have no idea what a "prata" is.

shadowdog: Beastieology may be misspelled. I could not find it in my dictionary.

ian: yeah, I wrote about the word 'pussy' a long time ago. I was thinking about writing about it again.

Prata said...

Yah. Possibly! I always thought I was boring. lol. Maybe I'm angry and everyone clicks to see if I'm angry everywhere *snickers*.

Oh..and photoshop isn't for me. It's for an install on someone else's computer. They can't figure out GIMP. lol

jsull28fl@yaho said...

i thought prata was my brides catrillion fucking purses?????
and at least Britney cleaned her lil stuff up befoire she showed it to us, thanks Brit it would have been shoking had it been chewbacca like. As for the PC only Dems GAF about being PC and who ever listens to them, but you surely are correct that taxes are a prob and yes dear dems drive that!

Leesa said...

prata: I think people wants to know what prata is. And they click.

js: prada, not prata.

Anonymous said...

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