Sunday, February 04, 2007

Superbowl Sunday

Okay, I forgot to make a prediction on Friday. I almost forgot the Superbowl was Sunday (light traffic and a run on "cheese in a can" and chips sort of brought this into light). Well, you will have to trust that I thought the score would be 38-13 in favor of the Baltimore Colts. I mean Indianapolis Colts. I think either Indy will win by a bunch or Chicago will win outright. I am pulling for Chicago.

Not to self – once the Superbowl has been played, insert the real score into the paragraph above. The Superbowl is a game that really a letdown from the regular season. I don't remember too many of the Superbowls. The only one that I recall actually is a Bears' team (85 Bears?) that had Refrigerator Perry. I have been told this may have been the best "Suberbowl Team" ever. I guess there were more dominant teams in the 1950s and 1960s, but not many people were watching. I have even heard that regular people would sometimes get tickets to the Superbowl.

I guess this will be a short post; just to give you my picks. I have been told that there is a good opportunity to be on all sors of things for the Superbowl – you can bet on the coin toss, the over/under, the total points, of course the winner, and a number of other quantifiable statistics (number of catches, number of total yards, number of turnovers, etc, for each team).

Have a great Sunday. I will be watching the commercials!


Ian Lidster said...

Not being a huge football fan, I think it is only the commercials that make the SB worthwhile. That, and Janet Jackson, but she won't be around this year.
Have a good game.

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

I'll be watching the commercials and going to the Animal Planet for their third annual Puppy Bowl.

kathi said...

dr deborah ~ those puppy bowls are adorable! We've watched those too, lol.
I'll be watching, mostly for the commercials too. I've not watched that first game all year, but I'll be happy with whomever wins. I'm from Indy, and I am a Colts fan. But, I've always loved the Bears too.
Yeah, The Fridge, Ditka and that good lookin' Jim that was football worth watching. :)

Shadowdog said...

I'm a monster Colts fan so I was quite pleased last night. Especially considering the fact that they haven't won a title in my lifetime. WOO HOO!!

A lot of the commericals were stupid, especially the fan ones. Which sucks because I thought it was an awesome idea to have regular people come up with commercial ideas.

The commercials I liked the most were the slapping one and the one with the hitchhikers. Oh and the ones with the office workers in the jungle were really really retarded.

Pyth0s said...

Grats at the Colts.

Chicago played horrible (Well Grossman sure the heck played crappy anyhow)

kathi said...

It was a good game, and a couple of good commercials.

Leesa said...

ian: the commercials were not great, though I liked some of the Coke commercials.

dr. ~deb: I did not figure you for a Maxim praty kinda girl. The party sounds great.

kathi: I remember those Bears teams as well.

shadow: I am still holding out for Georgia Tech to win a National Championship.

pyth0s: there was a heck of a lot of rain on the field. I wonder how those raindrops looked in HD.

kathi: yeah, entertaining game.