Friday, February 23, 2007

Random Friday Again

Year of the Golden Pig
I posted the following response to a video talking about the Year of the Pig: "Did you mention the Golden Pig! (once every 60 years, right?)" Someone replied: "Golden pig year is fake! Invented to sell more baby products (folks have more kids in years they think are lucky). Refer to any learned person in Chinese/Vietnamese astrology."

I replied, thanking the person for calling me an idiot. And then I re-read the message. Okay, Golden Pig is fake, but a "learned person in astrology", that is who we should be trusting. Sort of bizarre.

On Monday, I was going to write about Florida loosing in basketball. The SEC is normally a football powerhouse, and you know Florida also won the national championship in basketball last year. Well, they lost to Vanderbilt, and I was going to write a story about how relatively the SEC is in basketball because Florida, an SEC team, lost to Vanderbilt. Well, to do a little bit of research (a rarity for me), I googled Vanderbilt, and you know, they are also an SEC team. Who would have known? So with my premise shot, I could not write the Florida post.

I am in the minority in Georgia. I root for Georgia Tech. Okay, the fight song has engineer in it (I'm a Ramblin' Wreck from Georgia Tech, and a hell of an Engineer. A Helluva, helluva, helluva, helluva, helluva Engineer ), and even I know, if you have engineer in the song, people will make fun of you. I don't really keep up with the Georgia Bulldogs, though the bulldog is actually bred in Savannah. So I don't follow the SEC – other than what co-workers force down my throat.

U.S. Energy Policy Act of 2005
You probably don't know exactly what this is, but the U.S. Energy Policy Act of 2005, signed by President Bush in August 2005, extended Daylight Saving Time (DST) in the U.S. As a result, beginning this spring, the new DST period will be four weeks longer than previously observed. Here is what I don't understand: why change Daylight Savings Time? Now we have this Microsoft patch, a couple of them, because this change sort of screwed up both the Microsoft OS and MS Outlook. I am assuming other programs had to be patched as well. So all of this energy we are saving we are probably spending to accommodate this. And if we want to save more energy, make people work at night and sleep in the day (DST to the extreme). But what is the point in that? Sometimes saving a few bucks on energy is not worth the inconvenience.

Featured Video Pulled
The following video "Lezberado: L Word S" posted from CBS was removed because of terms of use violations. How can a featured video (one that YouTube promotes) get removed because of "terms of use violations" (again, decided on by YouTube)? My screenshot is here (I am such a geek).

Posting Comments
Over the last few days, I have posted more comments on other blogs than I thought I could post. Oh, and I felt dirty about leaving so many messages pimping this thing. I actually spammed my blogroll (I spam those I love to read). As well as those who were part of that other competition I discussed recently. Just think "pink that hurts" and you probably will remember the site if you voted. No, I did not win.

Anyway, I have been exposed to so many different ways of leaving comments (none of them involved peeing in a small cup, but if one did, it would not have surprised me. The worst was Journalspace. It took forever to get to the comments (slow load) and forever to post. Now the blogger may have hacked some code, so I don't want to besmirch the name of the site. Now I sort of know why I read many more blogs than I comment on. Yuck on comments.

Diet Dr. Pepper
I need a Diet Dr. Pepper right now. I feel like a junkie. I hate wanting one, but I do. Do you think I will get the shakes? And they have these drug dispensing machines in schools, in malls and in offices. Part of me wants to add a label called, "Diet Dr. Pepper," but unfortunately I think all of my posts may be labeled with this tag.

Battle of the Blogs
Looks like I will have enough blogs to make this a reality. Thanks for all that have helped. Problem is, this is looking like a little more work than I first thought. I want to get this posted Monday, but we will see (Tuesday is probably better).

YouTube Feet
Thursday, I was working and watching YouTube. Hey, I am a multi-tasker. Well, I was watching this one video when a co-worker came by. Well, she is a smart-ass, and has since made loads of jokes about me having a foot fetish. I started to tell her that I subscribed to this person, but thought better of it. All I could think is that she would think this person makes foot videos, and I am sure glad I did not say she was 16. Maybe she is 17; I can't remember. Some high school girl. She did that football official video I wrote and had posted a while back. I have not been as embarrassed at looking at things online as when I happened upon ~Deb's site and she was talking about breast exams and had some woman touching her breast (one of those moving GIFs, as I recall). I am the office perv, I am afraid.

Memphis Steve Meme
Someone who I now dislike wrote: "OK, I've tagged you with a meme: 6 things about you that are weird, and a seventh that is a total fake. You put them in any order and then challenge your readers to find the fake."

My answers:
1. I think Wayne's World may be the most underrated intellectual video ever produced. I privately called myself Cassandra for a month.
2. I have never dyed my hair.
3. We have one television in the house and we don't turn it on every day.
4. I hate memes. I secretly hope those who perpetuate memes on me will have diarrhea and sit on the potty, eventually having someone take a picture of them on it.
5. I have never tried nor have wanted to try pot. And when I was in college, I lied about it, once saying I was allergic to the smoke (I am not sure my friends bought it).
6. I voted three times for American Idol and I am over thirty.
7. Cats scare me.

Diet Dr. Pepper Part II
Last night, I asked God if I could trade Lent sacrifices from not consuming Diet Dr. Pepper, so something so much easier, like (1) not having sex, (2) not eating desert, (3) not making fun of my boss, and (4) not eating chocolate. God laughed at me. Well, it was my hubbie, but because I am now hallucinating, his maniacal laugh sounded like a vengeful God (see the Old Testament).


Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Hi. My name is The Peanut Queen. Skittles is my crack.

I get the shakes if I don't eat a little bag of Skittles every day. The damn things are going STRAIGHT to my ass. At least Diet Dr. P. has no calories!

And I think #3 is fake...ESPECIALLY if #6 is true! ;)

Or maybe #6 is fake...because #3 is true???

~Deb said...

Ketel One is my crack... Can't give it up. I won't.

But, as far as that post with the girl rubbing her breasts ---it was a GIF actually, and I was speaking about some girl (I THINK) who took off her clothes right on the first date with me! I was like, "WHOAAA!" But it was the very first time I ever put something risque on my blog. Poor you, had to open it up at your desk in front of co-workers thinking my blog was 'so tame' and innocent!

Ha!!! Nice Christian gal fer ya! ;)

~Deb said...

Now that I think about it - was I talking about a breast exam???????

Leesa said...

stacey: I wrote about Skittles last week, I think. First time I ever wrote the word, too.

~deb: It may have been the post about some woman taking her shirt off (I am not sure). I had to close the post immediately. I eventually read it, but the GIF was some woman doing a breast exam.

Leesa said...

I'm going to go with #2 as the fake.

And I could have never given up diet coke for that long.
I get headaches, and I'm sure I'd have the shakes.

Prata said...

You know...what exactly was the lent thing? Because if you're that unhappy..why don't you just drink some other diet soda? They have different chemical properties and thus, are not the same thing. Also, that means you stay within the bounds of that stupid lent thing by obeying the letter _and_ intent of your lent promise. Whatever that thing is called. I never remember so I just go with..that lent idiocy.

Shephard said...

I think I see a loophole here.
You gave up diet dr. pepper.
But you didn't give up diet caffeine-free dr. pepper. A significant difference, and you could think of it as an experiement to see if it's the caffeine you're missing or the carbonation. ;)

~Deb said...

No- it definitely wasn't a 'breast exam'... haha!!! Believe me! I was even surprised to have put that gif. up there!

~Deb said...

"Leesa said...
~deb: love your writing sweetie. When I was reading this post, however, co-worker saw me reading it, and you guessed it, on the part where you have the woman rubbing her fake boobies. I am so busted.

All I could stammer was, "Damn Google." And we both know, I am boycotting Google today.

February 22, 2006

And THIS is the post! They deleted the gif. in photobucket and it's no longer there!


Anonymous said...

regular reader of another now I'll be a lurker over here....

#2 is the fake

Oh and Abercorn goes on forever there....but I have a new found love in Carey Hilliard's

kathi said...

#1 is the fake. :)

GW Mush said...

Hi Leesa,

I didnt read a word of your post, I just stopped by to say hi.

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

Happy weekend.

Cain said...

Are you sure that was hubbie laughing??

(it just may be God, laughing through him. Umm...strange, and provocative thought, that!)

~~I need some coffee. (excuse me.)


Leesa said...

leesa: Number 6 is the fake.

prata: more than just the letter of the law. It is getting easier.

~deb: thanks for re-hashing such a painful blogging event!

kathi: sorry to say #6 is the fake.

gw: thanks, sweetie!

cain: coffee; I never touch the stuff.