Friday, February 09, 2007

Friday YouTube Gem #6: valsartdiary and 21stCenturyCat

Val's Art Diary is a wonderful VLOG. It is so well-done and so beautiful. Val lives in Italy (I think) and she basically shows you how she paints. She has other videos, and it seems like it is art plus philosophy. Does that make any sense?

Anyway, I love her accent, and I really appreciate her careful way of editing the videos. She even has a video that shows how she produced (made?) the trailer for all of her videos. Very clever, and extremely time-consuming.

Val makes me want to paint. She makes me want to sculpt. She makes me want to buy paintings. And I guess that's part of what she needs to do, sell her paintings.

This embedded clip is not my favorite, but it is a Valentine's clip. And you know, all of her shorts are wonderful. She ends each episode with, "Eat your cookies." What a wonderful suggestion!

For a less popular YouTuber, I am going to recommend 21stCenturyCat. I say he is less popular, because most of his videos only have 200 or so viewers. I am going to embed "The Love Doctor" because it is near St. Valentine's Day.

Basically, if you want to ask a sexual question, Dr. Love will answer your comment, private message or video response. I tripped upon when watching Randy Buffalo: The Movie. Again, not a lot of views, but a nice short film. 21stCenturyCat also did a piece entitled Blogging for Dummies (aka My 1st Blog). It is really about VLOGs; a bit disappointing. Actually the blog is not super-duper great, but since there was so few subscribers and the editing seemed good, I thought I would mention it.

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