Monday, February 26, 2007

Round 1: Battle of the Blogs

Okay, guys. Nominations have been closed for Battle of the Blogs. When I had this idea, or I should have said "stole this idea," I figured I would have 16 entrants (I think there were 57). That was my hope, at least. I just asked my blogroll and those who competed in an Internet competition. That's it. And the funny thing is that there were relatively few who were nominated from those blogs.

The rules:
1. Vote for one of the two blogs in each bracket. Choose the better blog, your favorite blog, or your friend's blog. Makes no difference to me. You can only vote once, and once your vote is cast, you cannot "change votes." I have no idea what to do if there is a tie. You can vote for one pairing or all of them. I would hope that you would not be how I was when I was a younger voter – I would vote for a bunch of candidates just because I could. I say this is the test mentality – don't leave any "answers" blank. I would prefer you not randomly vote but cannot prevent anyone from doing so.

2. The winners of each game will enter the second round, similar to the NCAA Basketball Tournament format.

3. You can blog about why you should win, ask others to do so, whatever. For those who would like, there is some code below that point to the different brackets.

Eastern Bracket
<a href="">Eastern Bracket</a>

Western Bracket
<a href="">Western Bracket</a>

Northern Bracket
<a href="">Northern Bracket</a>

Southern Bracket
<a href="">Southern Bracket</a>

I wanted to include more code, but frankly, with all of the other stuff I have done for this competition, I was just too tired.

4. If I have made any errors on your blog description, send email to bloggerbattle(at) or respond to this message and I will fix this ASAP.
5. I have come up with a preliminary picture for this contest. Sorry, I am a words person, not an artist. And if someone else would want to create something, I would be very appreciative.

Update: Shephard Alley did a new picture for this Battle of the Blogs, in hopes, no doubt of garnering favor with me and luring me away from my hubbie, or more importantly, obtaining favor with other voters. Of course he failed, but I am going to use his picture. Thanks!

6. I have not included any blogs that are of an adult nature. Many drop the F-bomb, but none would be considered an adult site. Similarly, I did not include any commercial sites (sites that primarily sell things). Actually, someone with what appeared to be a very professionally-done adult site wrote me a very kind note.

A couple of thoughts:

1. I randomly made the brackets. That being said, I had to adjust a bit (two byes were in the same game, thus a "bye" would have made it into round two. Other than that, I let fate decide the pairings. I know some of the pairings may be a bit unfair, but I did not do this on purpose. If you have ever watched the NCAA tournament, sometimes the selection committee pits two really good teams in round one, so in a way, this randomness is okay.

2. This is a competition but the intent is for you to be exposed to new blogs. I know my circle of blogging buddies is fairly small (see my blogroll). And bloggers quit all the time, and I have not replaced anyone in a while. Hopefully I will find a new gem or two. I suggest you do the same.

3. There are no prizes for this – just a momentary increase in traffic to your blog, I suppose.

4. I am placing this on my blog quickly, so if I have made anything unclear, let me know. This is a lot more work that I suspected. And I may update this post with things I forgot.

Good luck to all of the competitors!


nmj said...

lisa, forgive me if i'm being dim, i am very tired, but i can't see the nominations anywhere . . .

nmj said...

it's okay, i found them! (i don't undertand all the bracket stuff though.)

Reading the Signs said...

Hi Leesa, the link on mine doesn't seem to be going through to my site.

Anonymous said...


Nikhil said...

Can I eat my link too? Who gets to eat the votes?

Who who?

What is their carb and fat content?

Nikhil said...

And, btw, thanks for the growth spurt my traffic seems to have shown.

May I kiss you now?


Bossy said...

i forgot all about this..

i see i am up against noone...does that mean i lost even before it started?...thats the way my luck has been going..

such as life...

Leesa said...

nmj: sorry for the confusion.

nikhil: glad to see that you have had a bit of a growth spurt.

bossy: you get a bye in round one. There was not 64 nominees. People can vote on you in the next round.

Becky, Mom, Mommy, Hey you, said...

ok I did ALOT of reading and thanks for some great new blogs. :D

Reading the Signs said...

thanks Leesa, seems sorted now.

Nikhil said...

Hmm, I need to smack that Poll's tushy. Cheats, I so want to vote more -and this time around not for me- but am very rudely refused.

"Thank you, we have already counted your vote."

Wtf is that about?

Great blogs.

Liz said...

Please help! I have been trying to vote for several blogs I want and it will not allow the vote to go through. A window keeps popping up saying failed connection.

Leesa said...


Most of the competitions have at least 50 votes cast as of now, with one having a surprising 74. Since you left no other information, I am not sure how to help you.

Lindy...The Alien Keeper said...

I'd like to vote but can't seem to get the poll link to work. So, for the record I like 'Lost Here and Beyond'.

~Deb said...

I finally got how this stuff works! I voted for my favorite one! There was an interesting submittion that I thought was great!

Thanks Leesa!

Tomscockwhore said...

So sad I wasn't included. But I understand (insert weeping adult blog site here). Not sure if the sweet mention in number 6 was for me - but if so - thank you!

I'm going to vote for the "normal" people now!!

Great job on the whole event! You have way more energy and ambition than I could ever muster.