Thursday, July 16, 2009

Megan Fox

I just don't get the deal about Megan Fox. I first heard about her (and wrote about her, too) when there was some discussion concerning the new Wonder Woman. She is in consideration for the role. Then I was looking at YouTube this morning (I have not really seen YouTube, other blogs, etc., recently), and saw an original song about Megan Fox. It just seems that the world is focusing on her, and I can't seem to understand why.

I looked her up on IMDB to get the name of the movie everyone has seen her in – The Transformers. I also saw that she was friends with Amanda Seyfried (who was great in Momma Mia). When I think of Amanda Seyfried, I can't help but hearing the Billy Joel song Allentown in my head. I heard she was from there and have since associated her with the Billy Joel song. Talk about neurons that have been misfiring lately.

I like trivia, and as far as Megan goes, this is what I got from IMDB :

Ranked #2 on the Maxim magazine Hot 100 of 2009 list. (she was #16 the previous year)

She has a quote from William Shakespeare's 'King Lear' tattooed on her right shoulder that reads: "We will all laugh at gilded butterflies."

And I saw some other random facts, none of which explains why people really think Megan Fox is all of that. I even watched an interview, and even after watching that, I still don't get it.

This makes me think about Farrah Fawcett, and because of the fractured media we now have, I don't think we will see someone as iconic as Farrah. I mean, everybody, from four to ninety-four probably had heard of Farrah, and a bunch of them talked about what she was doing. I mean, when she was divorcing Lee Majors, it was not like people think, "Do you remember where you were when you found out that Farrah and Lee Majors were divorcing." But it was big. Right now, if I met Megan Fox on the street, I would not know it was her. Even if she said she was an actress, my response might be, "Oh, you are that girl on Friends, right? The one that married one of the Arquette men."

I just hope Megan Fox's car doesn't turn into some demon robot thing that tries to kill me.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The J-Bunny Addition

Not the typical J-bunny picture.Okay, I will admit it, I have not posted . . . this month. Not a single post. And then I thought I should go back to something that Grant, sort of a Zen Master of the blog world once said. "When you don't have an idea, post pictures of J-bunnies." Well, the first time I read it, I had to figure out what a J-bunny is. I am still not entirely sure. I thought it was a Japanese woman, fairly scantily dressed, but you know, most of the images from Grant are not of Japanese women. There are Chinese, Korean, and other nationalities as well. So I am not entirely sure what the "J" depicts.

I have blamed my absence on writer's block, but that is not entirely truthful. If I was writing a novel, I might develop writer's block. Either that, or I would write a hundred pages that would have to be cut out later, as it is distracting from the core features of the book. My problem is not that I don't have anything to say. My problem is that I read what I am writing, and I think, "Eh, that's not really that important." Sure, I can put it in a blog – no trees are being cut down, unless there is some executive that asks his secretary to print and coordinate web sites he is interested in. I know, it sounds farfetched, but I knew someone who sort of did this. Granted, it was more than 5 years ago, but it was very satisfying (until I realized the executive makes 10 times what I do).

Getting back to J-bunnies, I thought I would try and duplicate what Grant has: blog entries entirely devoted to J-bunnies. And it is harder work than you might think. The first thing I wonder is, "what do guys really want to see with J-bunnies?" I have not a clue. So I decided to let Google help me out. Google ranks pictures, web sites and news articles by popularity. The article may not be factually correct, but it is what people want to read. I can get behind that. Anyway, I have found my first J-bunny pic and will paste it somewhere in this blog entry. Who knows, maybe people will read this because of the picture. I know that thought is furthest from Grant's mind.

I have actually had some personal issues that have taken some time – two separate health-related issues, extra time needed at work, some projects at home. All of the things going on in my life have one thing in common: they require me to spend time on them. So I have not gotten around to blogging. Anyway, I thought today, the day that people are seeing Harry Potter and all, I would make a non-Harry Potter-related post. Oh, if I mention Harry Potter, did I just screw up? Yikes.

Anyway, enjoy the J-bunny. I am just now getting the hang of finding these sorts of pics. I may not be up to Grant standards yet.