Saturday, September 15, 2012

A really quick update.

In the past, I have been accused of being a tease. And you know what, I can’t dispute that fact. I have found that being a tease gets results. What else can I say? If one never gets whatever.

I am conquering the world, I suppose. I have gotten divorced from the love of my life, I have moved half way across the country, and I have a new job. I have made lots of friends . . . which I was really not sure I could do . . . and I have dated a bit.

I have been writing, but really just for friends.

And next week, I will have a major surgical operation. It has taken me quite some time to arrive at the decision to have the operation. It is dangerous but necessary. I know there are a few people who still monitor my blog . . . a blog that has been really dormant for a couple of years.

Once I get home from the hospital, I may write. I am not sure how I will feel or if my writing will be any good. I will be on painkillers for more that a week, so I might just describe the colors in my convalescence room.

And what is sort of funny to me is that even though it is major surgery, I am as concerned . . . or more concerned with what scar my neurosurgeon will leave.