Friday, February 09, 2007

Friday Randomness Part Five

Battle of the YouTube Non-Stars
Okay, the Battle of the YouTube Non-Stars Round 4 is almost over. I initially voted for DieBunnyHater and Subjonno. Then I changed one of my votes to Hugh's News. They are both good, but Hugh's News is cute and has a nice accent. Well, it occurs to me that I am voting not for the best VLOGger, but for the cute guy. Now, I can't tell if he is better than DieBunnyHater because I am freekin' horny (a bad thing). If you want to help me out, please vote for DieBunnyHater if you are a current YouTube user (and I would like you to vote for Subjonno as well - he has not a chance but he is sweet). The link is here. Yes, I feel like such a high school freshman right now. And you can simply cut and paste the following: "I vote for DieBunnyHater and Subjonno because Leesa told me to." Please. Please. Grovel. Grovel.

Bad Names
I think it would suck to have names like "Marijke Wolfe" or "Mr. Habeeb Usman". You see Marijke Wolfe tries each week to sell me Viagra and other penis drugs and Mr. Habeeb Usman has yet to find someone to help him launder money out of Nigeria. Let's say your name is Habeeb Usman. Do you think you would qualify for a mortgage? Hmmmmm. Or Marijke Wolfe? Every time she goes on a date, her date either wants to show her their big boy anatomy (oh, that happens to us all) or they get scared because they don't "measure up."

Weird Dreams
A much nicer dream pic; kissing a blond in the woods (yummy)!Twice this week, I have dreamed of a female co-worker kissing my back. I am not attracted to this woman in any way (okay Freudians, get the heck out of my blog), and the dream has actually been sort of creapy. I can't look at this woman, however, without thinking of the dream. I figure I have two choices: (1) hire a hitman to rid me of my co-worker (very expensive and, well, it sort of gets me in trouble with the Big Man upstairs), or (2) submit to electro-therapy to rid me of this image. Neither option seems optimal. I mean, why the heck can't my dream be me kissing some blond babe in the piney woods, not thinking of the rest of the world?

YouTube Regrets
You all know I have been dabbling in YouTube recently. I don't spend tons of time there, but it seems to be a bit like reality television for the masses. I may blog more on this later (in a daily blog instead of a snippet), but it seems like parts of the environment are spiraling down. Very high school.

Web 2.0
I posted a video about Web 2.0. And I have read a bit about it lately. Makes sense to me, and I think I am going to be dedicating a bit of time on this later. Part of me wants to post a "regular" entry on Web 2.0 once per week. But I mean, I have started doing the YouTube entries on Fridays, now the Web 2.0 entries on another day, pretty soon this is going to be a regular blog, not just a place to put my writings. It ceases to be for myself. And maybe this blog should be for more than me.

Dressing for Work
In the summers, when I dress for work, I always check my appearance three times before I go outside. Why? Because I normally don't put my blouse on until last minute (think wrinkles, not sloppy sex), and I am so afraid I will go to work without a top on. Did I say that out loud?

Leap of Faith
I have been thinking of doing something. And it may be really fun (with the blog). But I can really fall flat on my face with this. It could be really lame and horrible. It could be more work than it is worth. I don't know. I will lay this out and see if you think it is worth the risk. Or maybe I will just figure I could "go for it." In fact, I may just do it anyway. This probably won't be for a few weeks anyway, but it may be a lot of fun (that would be the point). More later.

More Out of Life
Have you ever wanted more out of life than you currently have? I have felt that way at times, but I don't right now. Completely in heaven right now, I am. Not sure why because it is cold outside and I like it warm.

I don't know much about physics or human physiology or whatever, but our internal temperature is about 99 degrees. Why do we sweat when it is the same temperature outside? I thought we are cooling ourselves when we perspire, so do we need to cool ourselves when the inside and outside temperature are about the same?

Layout Changes
I did a few minor layout changes to my blog. Not sure you will be able to tell, but I really like them. Why does something so silly matter to me?

Well, this randomness was not as good as in the past. Maybe random Fridays are not as good as they used to be.


Shadowdog said...

Speaking of horrible names, I once knew someone with the name "Jazz Undy." True story. And, given that he had a name fit for gay porn, he was always in a bad mood.

Glad you cleared that up about your leap of faith! LMAO My new blog idea is I'm going to force myself to watch five TV shows that I've been avoiding like the plague because I know I'll hate them. Then, after watching each one and still filled with brimming rage over how much I don't like them, I'll blog about the experience.

Good question about the temperature. I think it's because heat transfers from hot to cooler. So if something is 60 degrees and is touching something that is 50 degrees, the heat will transer until both objects are 55 degrees. Everything wants to be the same temperature, and when it's not there will be heat transfer. So in your example, if the air is the same temperature as our bodies, we can't transfer heat anywhere to cool off so we remain our hot assed 99. But college was a long time ago and this is not my field so I'm either wrong or making my point in a very bad way.

Boy, that ^ sucked the life out of this reply. I'm outta here.

Edge said...

You have a third option - kiss the coworker and see what happens. ... (pause) ... or not.


Dr. Deborah Serani said...

Youtube is verrrrrry fun to get lost in.

Prata said...

The biggest issue with ambient and core temperature being the same is that the body isn't just sitting at 98.6 degrees or whatever. Your body is constantly producing heat. Typically because the ambient temperature is lower than your core temperature, your body is cooled by simply being at rest or low activity. When you increase your activity the body's heat production skyrockets. Your muscles put off a good amount of heat when in motion.
So, if the ambient temperature is the same as your core temperature, the natural process of heat escape in the body becomes insufficient. As a result, sweat is produced in order to quicken the rate of heat dissipation in the body. Your blood vessels move closer to the surface and the sweat cools your body from the act of evaporation.

Leesa said...

shadowdog: looks like my leap-of-faith was a bit rambling. Oh, well.

edge: I am not attracted to her, and, well, I am married.

~dr deb: I know. I know.

prata: thanks for the clarification.

~Deb said...

A blonde gal in the woods? don't want to get poisen ivy, so I would suggest a plush room all decked out somewhere on a beautiful island. That sounds so much better.

Does she have to be a blonde? Hmm.

Leesa said...

~deb: see, ~deb, I would say, a blonde gal in the woods and a brunette Italian hottie in a plush room all decked out somewhere on a beautiful island.

Ryan said...

I had something very important to add to the entire body cooling/sweat issue - but I lost it somewhere.

Oh yeah - the electroshock therapy doesn't work all that well. It makes the thought process very scattered - and the dreams (and voices) come back.

A friend told me that.

What was I saying..??

Leesa said...

ryan: I did not know they allowed Internet access when you are on one of "those" inpatient rooms.

Kim's Life said...

Look I once had a dream I was getting it on with Danny Devito. I tell you I almost had to have Therapy to get that image out of my head. So dont feel to bad.

Leesa said...

kim: I am so sorry. At least he could make you laugh.