Monday, February 19, 2007

Come Play with Me

About once per month, I go out to eat by myself at a fast food restaurant. It is on the weekend, and I bring a book. Not that there is anything bizarre about that. I love the way I feel when I am engrossed in a book in public. It is quite a nice feeling.

My indulgence is that I go to Micky-D's. Yes, McDonalds. And a high class McDonalds at that. This one has Diet Dr. Pepper as a selection for a fountain drink. Anyway, I get a Kid's Meal (I really don't like more than a little of the food, except for their French fries, and let's face it, my ass does not need anymore "firming up with said French fries." You know, I don't know why people get pissed when an adult gets a Kid's Meal. McDonald's gets their money and I get a smaller portion of fat. A win-win situation.

So I go to McDonald's, and I am not really into reading the book (make note: take back-up book next time), so I go to the kid's play area. Heck, I have my Happy Meal, but I am not going to kick off my shoes and crawl through those germ-infested plastic caves. I will, however, watch children do so.

Anyway, I love people-watching, and absolutely love children-watching. I was watching this little girl; she was so charismatic. She had on khaki pants and a green shirt, and her hair was in a pseudo-ponytail. Strands of hair were all around her face, and she had the most infectious smile. Her little brunette head was bopping here and there, and then she went right up to a little boy, probably about 5 and said "Come play with me." Now I don't know too much about 5-year-olds, but I do know most have started thinking that girls have cooties. She was maybe four years old, and she just wanted to play.

She came up to the boy again and said, "Come play with me." It was both a request and a command at the same time, and the little shy boy started playing with the girl. She would chase him, and then he would chase her, her infectious laughter lighting up the entire place.

I had placed my book down and watched for perhaps 20 minutes when I finally pulled myself away from the joyous site. Later, I revised the moments in my mind. I do that quite a lot.

My little "Battle of the Bloggers" contest that I thought of a couple of weeks ago and posted last week seems to not be going particularly well. I posted it with trepidation because I used to be the little girl that would say, "Come play with me." Now that I have been an adult for so many years, that little girl is just a memory, and certain disappointments have shaped me. I guess my reaction to them have really shaped me. I don't take too many chances anymore. The "Battle of the Bloggers" is a chance, I suppose, but there are others in my life. Guess I am asking people to play even though for most of us, myself included, this is just a diversion from our adult lives.

Oh, to be four again, with strands of hair encircling your face, laughing like some small joyous angel in the local McDonalds.


Prata said...

If you never take chances, you never know the things you wanted to know in the first place. There's nothing wrong with a little bit of rejection or failure. You just have to get up and do it. I try that all the time, sometimes I win and sometimes I lose. That's the way it works. If your Battle of the Bloggers doesn't take off, that's okay.

Nina pulled the keys off of her mother's laptop. I had to talk her throug putting them back on over the phone. That was fun. ^_^

~Deb said...

You just totally answered my question of why people go out alone and how they can focus on reading a magazine or a book while eating at a restuarant or sitting at a bar! I just wrote about this! You and I are on the same levels lately!!!

As far as the battle of the blogs, I'm really not competitive as far as 'who's blog is better than who's', and for me, it takes away from the fun of it all. I don't know- just my useless opinion!

Spamela said...

LEESA! I just found this unbelievable book online!


It's this book written by a lesbian who claims she's a Christian!" You gotta check it out.

*pa ha ha*


Leesa said...

prata: thanks for saying it is okay anyway. you are right, you know?

~deb: did you post your thoughts? I did not read them yet.

spamela: wow, wonderful book suggestion!

Prata said...

Holy hell, I'm right? *dances*

Seriously though. If you feel like it's not going to take off, don't get discouraged. Personally, I think it's a fine idea, and I'm looking for blogs (already have one) to nominate. I personally don't view it as a competition, but more of a "hey I like this person this would be awesome if other people read it too" sort of thing. That is the goal right?

Leesa said...

prata: that is the goal. And I want to see some creative blogs. I am looking forward to that.

QUASAR9 said...

Hi Leesa, thanks for the news about your blogger competition.
Can I recomment two blogs here in your comments box, or must I follow the rules of the competition and e-mail them to you.

Glad to see ya still blogging and wearing gi-mail, gotta be more fun that chainmail, lol!
I'm probably the only one that laughs at my jokes, but hey! I don't intend to give up my day job any time soon

Leesa said...

quasar: use the comment box on the post about "Battle of the Bloggers".

~Deb said...

But see Prata, it is a competition, because as Leesa wrote in her past blog:

”…I will accept possible entries from now until February 23. You can either respond to this blog entry, or you can email me at bloggerbattle(at) It is not my personal address; I have created it for this competition. Please only recommend two entries.”

I think it's great that other people are getting exposed and people are viewing various new writers. I'm just not a fan of choosing which writer is better than the other. What if their post isn't as good as the one they wrote a month ago? So it depends on how well they write their story 'that day' or that particular time of the 'competition'.

That's all I'm saying. :)

Ryan said...

I think the blogger wars idea was very good, but just as when you were a little girl - not everyone wants to play.

I probaby could have said that in less words.

Don't give up!

Shadowdog said...

I'm going to play, I've just been really swamped with work lately. >:-P

I loved your Mickey D's story and I eat out alone a lot and always have something to read with me. I do eat out with friends and coworkers a lot too, but I also prefer my own company sometimes.

Leesa said...

~deb: I guess it is a competition, but the point is to see other blogs, not to compete. I see your lucid point, however.

ryan: I won't give up yet.

shadow: I understand. Thanks!

Prata said...

Le sigh...I'm goin' back home. Laters.

~Deb said...

Naw, I think it’s great you’re doing this. I’m just not a huge participator in any ‘blog competition’ or whatever it may be. I seek other blogs by trekking over to and browsing through their stuff.

Hope you weren't offended!


Leesa said...

prata and ~deb: no offence taken.

Gerbera Daisy said...

Hi Leesa~
I just found your blog through Sam at Sams Stories. I just decided to "play with you" and gave you two of my all time favorite blogs to add to your contest. I was always that little girl asking to come play with me too.