Thursday, February 15, 2007

Battle of the Blogs

March Madness: Battle of the Blogs

This is so 1970s!Okay, as many of my loyal readers (thanks, you two) know, I have been watching Battle of the YouTube Non-Stars recently. JenLuv has done a really good job of copying DiGiTiLsOuL's idea of "Battle of the YouTube Stars." And copying in a good way. She has really done a fine job with it, and by the time I post this, she will have the fifth and final round of the fine competition.

This of course, seems to be like something I remember in the late 1970s – Battle of the Network Stars. I didn't watch any of DiGiTiLsOuL's videos on his competition, but I assume he attributed his competition to what I remember as a child. The three networks (oh my, only three networks!) had a competition that was really a copying of the Olympics.1 The first Battle was broadcast on ABC starting in November 19762, and the format for the almost ten years it was on consisted of a two-hour sequence of physical challenges, which were real and sometimes even aggressively competitive, hosted by Howard Cosell (usually). Focus. Back to "Battle of the Blogs".

I have noticed that blogs seem to be so 2005; maybe it's because most of the people I have been viewing are no longer blogging, and I have not added too many new blogs (my bad). Someone had a competition recently for bloggers, and it seemed sad that there were only a few people who voted (less than 60 last time I checked). That seems like only a few people to me.

Well, I wanted to do a competition, and I want it to be like "Battle of the YouTube Stars." Here is how I would like it to work:

1. I will accept possible entries from now until February 23. You can either respond to this blog entry, or you can email me at bloggerbattle(at) It is not my personal address; I have created it for this competition. Please only recommend two entries.

2. Then I will look to see at the number of entries (I sure hope there are lots of them). I will post the list on Monday, February 26, and then have everybody vote for the one blog they think is the best. From that voting, I will take the best 16, 8 or whatever makes sense, and we will start pairing blogs up. I will ask the owner of the blog to write a short summery of their blog, and we will place that up. Then you vote on which of the two is best, and so on. Think "March Madness" as it relates to basketball but without the betting.

3. Eventually one blog will reign supreme. Yeah. But that is not the point. The point will be that several blogs will be exposed to lots of eyeballs, and maybe you can find another gem or two for your blogroll. That is the real point of this.

Here is what I need from you:

1. Advertisement. You need to post something to advertise this competition.

You can cut and paste the below message if you like:

This is not spam. Well, this is not bad spam. Leesa 
is having a little contest called
"Battle of the Bloggers." Please visit her
<a href="
battle-of-blogs.html">blog</a> to see the details.
So if you want to nominate a blog for
this competition, please do so.

2. Feedback. Oh, and if you think this whole thing is crap, let me know that too. Maybe this is not a good idea. Really. No hurt feelings. And I won't get a friend to launch a denial of service (DoS) attack on your blog.

3. Patience. I will clutter up my blog with this thing, and if you just want to read my normal stuff, I will still post. I figure I will probably lose one day's worth of posts for the duration of the tournament.

A couple of things I forgot to mention:

1. Exclusion. Since I will be, for lack of a better word, sponsoring this, I am of course excluded from the competition. It seems obvious but I did want to state it.

2. Limiting Nominations. The whole point of limiting nominations is so people don't submit their blogrolls to me. If you must nominate three or four, I may let that slide. I just don't want people nominating tons of different blogs.

3. Poll Question. If you would like to vote on my newly created poll, it is hidden on the right (--->).

4. Furture Addendums. I know I have forgotten things. Sorry. I am not omniscient. Heck, I don't even plan well.

1 The Olympics seemed so much more important when only true amateurs competed (and it seemed to be us against the Russians).

2From Wikipedia: Each team had a captain; they and their fellow teammates were interviewed during the contest, engaging in sometimes earnest and campy discussions about the competition. It was hosted by Howard Cosell, and I think he took the competition more seriously than some. Some took the competition very seriously.


Shadowdog said...

Sounds fun, you little spammer you.

So let me get this straight. We can only nominate two blogs for this competition? I know far more worthy blogs than that. :-(

Anyway, this is a lot more interesting than Valentine's Day talk so I'm all over it. >;-P Good idea!

Leesa said...

shadowdog: this is a work in progress. What I did not want was people to just submit their blogroll. We all have are favorites.

Ryan said...

I like the "we" vote format. It seems a lot of blogs get rated by an idividual, or panel, or whatever.

I don't want my blog in the competition, for numerous reasons. Probably the largest reason being, I don't really care what anyone thinks about it - I write it for me. But I would like to check out the other entries. I'm always looking for interesting stuff... like your blog.

Ryan said...

My addenbum - I'll point a link to this post.

Shadowdog said...

Leesa, that makes sense. Count me still in. >:-P

Ryan, I'm sincerely curious so please don't take this the wrong way. If you honestly don't care what anyone thinks, and you only write your blog for you, why post it online? Why not just write in a journal? Again, this sounds snarky as hell but I'm honestly curious and intend it only that way.

Leesa said...

ryan: thanks!

shadowdog: I can see writing for oneself on a blog. I have done it before, but if that is the case, I would turn off comments. Comments tend to creap into their writing, and I know I sometimes "write to the crowd."

Ryan said...

shadowdog -

I write it for myself, but deep down inside I'm pretty much an attention whore.

If you have ever read my blog - it's partly for me, but like leesa said - sometimes I write it for the people who are reading.

I was starved for attention as a youngster, or something like that. Whatever.

It was a good question and not snarky - I would have asked it to.

sorry for using your comments section to post on!

Heidi said...

I agree with Ryan on all points - read my blog too!
I just read yours for the first time from VX. I would probably vote for hers because she is consistant (i.e. doesn't take extended breaks in her writing)

The Kept Woman said...

OK, OK...I've got one for you...

She's totally hilarious and very relatable...for those people who tell it like it is and don't pretend that life is a really a freakin' bowl of cherries all the time.

Daniel, the Guy in the Desert said...

Hi Leesa,
Maybe this was in the subtext somewhere, but what sort of blogs are we looking at? I ask this because most of these sort of polls and/or competitions go to the glittery or snarky blogs. Is this to be directed to blogs that feature seriously good writing, of whatever genre? If that's the case, I'll participate, and put up a link.

Mr. Fabulous said...

I don't know if I will remember to submit anything, but while I still have it in my head, I will pimp the contest in a post tomorrow. I better write it now, so I remember. I had to fire my assistant because she wasn't getting the job done. Also, she was fictional.

I used to love Battle of the Network Stars. I feel very old now. Thanks. I am now obligated to hate you.

Anne said...

I think its a good idea..Im interested anyway. I will have to think about who I will nominate..and I will post something about it on my blog.


JD's Rose said...

Sounds fun.
I nominate...
Memphis Steve

& Sassy

Jenni said...

Great idea! Here are my two nominations:

The Kept Woman

Random and Odd

Nikhil said...

mmm, delicious. A battle that befits celluloid.

Do carry on. Me being the narcissist, I pick me and only:

Kat said...

This sounds like fun! And I'm sure you'll be permitting entrants to shamelessly promote themselves?

Nikhil said...

Why won't we all indulge ourselves in shameless self promotion?

We do it all the time, why not here too?

However, I return to nominate her:

Yes, very selfless.

Cain said...

What a great idea!

I'll be sending you 2 of my favorites!

(And, posting your advert!)


Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Hey Leesa...I think this is a great idea!

I've got a couple....

Lightning Bugg's Butt at:


The Kept Woman at:


Hello. I saw you advertising this competition over at and thought I'd come and have a look. I'd only been at Rachel's blog, in fact, because I'd seen a link for it at And I really like that blog.

Sometimes, though, rather shamefully, I spend whole evenings over at or It is a dirty habit, to be sure, but not to worry. And it pales when set against the sheer scale of my loitering at I need to get out more.

Anyway - you asked for a couple of nominations, so here are mine: (consistently outstanding) and..... (also, in a different way, consistently outstanding)

You're accepting British entries, right?

Good luck (and a good idea, too - nice one)

Kind regards etc....

Scott from Oregon said...

This week, my blog has been taken over by a succubus called "Night Blogger", but next week it will once again be AELEOPE...
Anecdotal Evidence Life Exists On Planet Earth...

OK, so I entered me...

Can I still win?

used*to*be*me* said...

This sounds fun. I'll write a post right now. I would like to nominate the following two blogs for no particular reason other than they are on my daily read list:



Anonymous said...


Why not make you Blog of the Day?

I see nothing here that makes your blog any less worthy of an award than any of the other recent winners.

I will put you in the judges queue and see how it goes.

Craig said...

Please DONT enter my blog. My blog can NOT be found here

thanks ! ;-)

Nikki said...

Great blogs


Cain said...

Okay! I decided to post my 2 nominations here:

1) "The Garden of Hella" @


2) "Little Bits of Lil Bit" @

Both, are quite wonderful, and a daily read. Good Luck, to all the fine bloggers out there!


Tomscockwhore said...

Leesa -

What kind of works are you looking for? I often get left out of the fun because I write and post sex(y) pictures. And have been known to even be crude at times. (insert weeping woman here).

Are you accepting any blogs or only the nice ones?

Where the Bees Are
http://wherethebeesare.blogspot. com


The Kept Woman

Are both good girl blogs. Or I should say.... they don't talk all about sex like I do!!!

Have fun!

Pittchick said...

A friend has a great blog, but it's private, so I will see if he minds if I nominate him.

Richard said...

I would like to nominate two blogs.

The first is a great guy and an outstanding writer. He's at

and the other (most selfishly) is myself at

BlogWhore said...

Sure, add me.

Here is my lil bio:

I am a twenty-something, new mother to an exuberant daughter, Maizie, and happily married to Joe. We live in rural Wisconsin in our new home that is more work than its worth. I work semi-part-time in government administration (licking stamps and collating); a gigantic step-down after five ambitious years in sales and marketing management. My hobbies include showering, going to the bathroom alone with the door shut and sleeping more than eight hours. No really, I enjoy the basics; tasty food, cheap wine, a book to escape and something inspiring to listen to.

smileymamaT said...

Gotta nominate Kat at's fun to read, all the time.

istanbultory said...

I would deign to nominate the following blog for its delicate portrayal of a society in crisis. A blog of rare insight and seething rage laced with a somewhat indefinable "nostalgie pour du temps passé". Unmissable.

Chris said...

Ummm, I nominate me because maybe then someone will actually read my blog :)


Kelly said...

I have a question, or a thought to add to the development of this thing. Are these blogs going to "battle" against each other like say post on the same topic one day, then we vote? Or is it strictly a popularity thing? (and I'm trying not using the term "popularity" in a negative way.)

If you are going to do a true "March Madness" type bracket thing, I think it would be really interesting to vote on blogs based on their posting about the same topic. Really test their creativity and writing skills!

All of my faves have been nominated, by the way. Great idea!

badgerdaddy said...

Here's my current favourites:
(She's bloody marvellous)

(when he's serious, he can be devastating; when he's not, he's really funny)

Both are Irish, but that's a coincidence.

And one more, just because I can...
(just a lovely pace to it, nice writing and she's lovely. Great.)


Anonymous said...

my nominations:

phil (private blogger)

Jay said...

I would like to nominate Kat

Anonymous said...

i nominate iGoddess:

Anonymous said...

i nominate iGoddess:

Vickie said...

I would like to nominate Walker of Lost here and Beyond. At Walker's blog you will find what life is about----some post are humorous, some are sad, some are erotic, but all are about his life and his experiences. You will find one who cares for his family and his friends.
I think Walker deserves to win an award and would love to see it happen. So I nominate a blog I must read....Lost Here and Beyond which can be found at

Wanderlusting said...

I just voted that this idea was crappy, but I think I have to revoke that ballot.

I think it will be a good way for bloggers to see and notice blogs they normally wouldn't.

Ever notice how on blogs you have your own little community and you tend to see the same people on all the blogs you go to?

Nothing wrong with that, but it is nice to expand your horizons as well.

Excited to see whay happens!

Anonymous said...

i also would like to nominate...!!!!!

Anonymous said...

yay for...

Anonymous said...

Dizzy says "You go girl!!" I nominate

Mr. Fabulous said...

I would like to nominate a couple of fabulous broads:

Mr. Fabulous said...

I would like to nominate a couple of fabulous broads:

Gerbera Daisy said...

I nominate Shephard at


Terri at

Anonymous said...

I nominate

Z said...

I think it's a good idea, to point us in the direction of good blogs we might not otherwise find.

I'd like to nominate
Pat is lovely and has wonderful stories to tell, but she is modest and might not agree to join in.

Murph is a Labrador/Collie cross with a very English sense of humour. I have no idea how he will go down on the other side of the Atlantic!

Wendz said...

Super idea!

I'm nominating:

Razorblade of life

such a lovely friendly, well-written and interesting blog...


Past Imperfect

Great stories there.

smileymamaT said...

I've been nominated? Cool. Sure, I'm fine with that. A short description of my blog? Um...daily ramblings of a 30-something disorganized crazy minivan-driving coffee-addicted, technically-challenged, artist-wannabe holey-sock mending mom.
How's that?

Leesa said...

I definitely agree with The Kept Woman nomination and would like to add Stacy the Peanut Queen :)

Pittchick said...

I'd like to nominate:


Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Aha!!! (Montana) Leesa, it was YOU!!!

Well, thanks for the nomination...that was very sweet of you to do (although competition makes me break out in hives...and then I have to take Benadryl to get rid of them...and then Benadryl makes me as high as a kite...and then I post some pretty f*cked up blog posts)...;)

Anyway, thanks....and yes, Leesa, I accept. For my little bio?

Dubbed "Queen of the Peanut Gallery" at work, I share with my loyal subjects life as I know it...both whilst I toil away at work and the chaos that sometimes ensues at The Peanut Palace. I reside with The Peanut King, three furry royal brats and one short little chain-smoking Peanut Mother. You never know what kind of crap us royalty will get into next....there's always something going on."

If it's too long, let me know...I suck at this kind of thing...;)

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Oops...sorry! I also suck a directions.

I'll e-mal you the info like you requested in your comment! :)

Anonymous said...

If it's not too late, I'd like to nominate NMJ at and

Nikhil said...

Hmm, look at what blogs the cat dragged in.

Interesting collection.

Timeless Boulevard said...

The Story of Healing

Anonymous said...

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