Thursday, February 01, 2007

In Want of a Snow Day

A couple of weeks ago, much of the nation was blanketed with snow. Store closed, schools closed, and only the mail carrier was at work. Not Georgia.

Today, the middle of the country is blanketed with snow and schools are closed. Not Georgia.

Okay, I don't like the cold and that sounds inconsistent with wanting snow, but I want snow right now. I really want snow.

I want to call my boss this morning and say, "Can't come to work. I am snowed in."

If I did that in Georgia, you would know that hell hath frozen over. So instead of taking a real snow day, I am going to treat today as a snow day. I am going to stay in my PJs until lunch, and eat Rocky Road Ice Cream for lunch.

I am going to put my hair in a pony tail, and get bundled up. Then I am going to go outside, spend ten minutes in my fake snow, and come in for hot chocolate. A roaring fire would be nice as well. But this is Georgia where we have to pretend when it is snowing.


~Deb said...

It's great when we have a huge snow storm over here and you just can't make it into work...not even with that 4x4! But it gets tired after a while when you're sitting home waiting for the snow to thaw so you can go out safely again. The snow isn't the problem where I's the ice! And the most vehicles that are thrown into ditches are the SUV's because peopel think their God in them.

I'm coming to GA to sit on that nice porch of yours and have some iced tea. Sounds so much better than hot cocoa when you're freezing your buns off!

Shadowdog said...

I'm in that snowed in part of the country. In fact, the schools were closed last night before the snow even fell because we knew we were getting hit. So this morning I walk out with my broom to clear my car of snow and I get hit up by these two kids offering to brush off my car for a dollar apiece.

"Throw in shoveling my walk and you got five bucks coming." I say.

"Shovel your walk! That's too hard!" They snap before running off.

These kids these days. (or maybe I'm just freaking OLD)

Anyway, I love your idea of a snow day. Rocky Road! ROWL! >:-P

Pittchick said...

Texas go an ice storm, I suppose anything is possible!

No snow here in the northeast, just cold-ass temperatures!

mal said...

snow? cold? what other forms of self abuse are you into? hhmmmm?

You are welcome to come here. It is supposed to go sub zero tomorrow night and stay that way until Monday.


Leesa said...

deb: you said, "It's great when we have a huge snow storm over here and you just can't make it into work." and I read: "It's great when we have a huge penis over here and you just can't make it into work." Jeez, I need to get a life.

shadowdog: you are leaning towards crotcheddy (horibly misspelled).

pitt: part of Texas, I have been told, gets ice two, three times per year.

mal: you are crazy! Why not live in the antartic with the penguins and the Russian scientists?