Monday, February 26, 2007

Round 1: Western Bracket

Western Conference Game 1
The Wind Shall Hear My Words
I've always enjoyed writing poetry. On my main-page blogs, I've always included poetry, but never gave the poems their own place. With this blog, I wanted to write "new" poems, and give them their own space. Some of what will appear, as poetry, are very personal glimpses into my mind & life...others, are inspired by what I read, or see in the culture, or the daily new. All, are (I hope) a poetic response to the world within, and the world outside. With Pictures (sometimes), and artwork...or not, this is a spot for those who have an interest in poerty~~so little, discussed these days~~and, would like to read what I have to offer. I usually write a poem a week.

It's a Dog's Life
I am a Labrador-Collie-Cross in Norfolk , England, and my blog is called "It's a Dog's Life". There are other blogs around featuring dogs but mine is different because I do actually write it all myself.I hope it gives all you bipeds out there a dog's-eye view of the world from a wise and attractive canine! My little brother is Oz, a Tibetan Terrier, and I live with grumpy old Mr P. and the lovely Mrs Rine. I'm currently trying to get my petition for better dog food onto Mr Blair's Downing Street Web site but I think he thinks I'm barking.

Western Conference Game 2
Peace of My Mind
I live in Montana surrounded by beautiful wildlife and scenery. When I'm not greeting deer or fighting off bear, I take care of three horses, one dog and a few cats.
With a traveling husband and living under Leesa's Law, you will find that if it's going to happen, it will happen to me. With a passion for photography, I try to share all of this with you.

Boobs, Injuries and Dr. Pepper
I have a girl, Virginia, who is six and a boy, Devon, who is thirteen and baby Harmony is fresh outta the oven. I'm married to Chris. This is not a mommy blog. My kids aren't perfect & I cuss a lot. I think that disqualifies me from the mommy blog club.

Western Conference Game 3
Random thoughts of a forty-something lesbian living the happily ever after, white picket fence life.

Bye in Round 1

Western Conference Game 4
An Inside Look
This is a small glimpse into the drama that makes my life interesting and so worth the ride! I make no apologies for what you'll find here. It's me...all of it. Good, bad,'s me.

Reading the Signs
It’s a blog about how it is to be a writer and creative when you live with a bastard illness like M.E. which is against all things creative, and about process and poetry, which is stronger than the bastard. It is also about a dark and complicated relationship with chocolate and the house who is human and sings. I am a time-rich, single-tasking space-gazer who does not juggle her life and has time to look out of windows.

Western Conference Game 5
Omniscience Inc.
The musings of an Omniscient Entity trapped inside a regular run-of-the-mill chauvinistic pig. The ramblings presented here are a collection of fairly recent thoughts of their collective intellects. Fairly recent because the pig had decided to delete the earlier blog, facing claims of him getting off exclusively to his religion bashing. As they struggle to gain control of the keyboard, both these entities would like to apologize any cheekiness or unpardonable parts of concentration of brutal psychoanalysis, respectively. Furthermore, judging by the lack of self-importance implied in these words, the Omniscient entity would like to make it explicitly clear, you may not approach him for Weather or Stock-market or Derby forecasts.

And From These Ashes
This is a last-minute submission; still waiting for a description.

Western Conference Game 6
Where the Bees Are
my blog is about how retarded my kids and husband are. Its not a mommy blog, cuz I use swear words, good mommies dont swear.My blog is a fun place to drop by if u need a hoot, I am a comedy writer to begin with, so it comes natrally. I seldom spell anything right, and I am to lazy for spell check some days...That about sums it up..good night and thank you for coming.

Bye in Round 1

Western Conference Game 7
The Kept Woman
The Kept Woman was started as a place where I could use poor grammar and swear guiltlessly since my very first site was dedicated to how cute and clever my children were and had to be family-friendly. I talk mainly about life experiences and how I frequently screw things up. I find it extremely frustating to live in Suburbia where everyone is perfect, goes to church and shops at Pottery Barn. I burn and break a lot of things, have a down payment on a condo in hell from doing naughty things and get great satisfaction out of knocking off the Pottery Barn look without paying their outrageous prices. This is my place where I can be me, swear and freely threaten to sell my children without my neighbors calling Child Protective Services on me.

Razor Blade of Life
I started a blog on a whim, never having kept a journal of any kind before, with no preconceptions as to what I would write about. I have found that I prefer to write spontaneously, mostly about daily life because I take pleasure in the behaviour of the people around me, sometimes about social issues when I usually plead for cheerful tolerance, particularly of young people who, I think, receive a rougher deal than I ever did and occasionally about my family history – nothing I’ve researched; tales from my parents’ and grandparents’ lives. I particularly enjoy the comments I receive, especially when I’ve been particularly opinionated and someone quizzes me hard and makes me justify my case, or when I am teased, which happens frequently. I don’t set out to be funny but I do turn to the brighter side of life.

Western Conference Game 8
velo-gubbed legs
My name is NMJ, my blog is velo-gubbed legs, it's about anxiety & love & writing & life with ME/CFS. I hate self-pity and have a sense of absurdity about most things.

Confessions of a Psychotherapist
The problem is I spend a lot of my day listening. And asking questions. And sometimes offering observation or interpretation, but never saying “Hell, you should dump him – he sounds like a real tosser to me.” So one night this blog was born, written by my unreasonable twin who has an opinion on most everything, who likes to rant and rave about trivialities and who generally says and feels things that therapists are supposed to process internally. Occasionally, I get a look in and write about politics, psychotherapy, the politics of psychotherapy and even the psychotherapy of politics. But mostly it contains the thoughts and musings of my unreasonable twin as she accompanies me on my daily business. Oh, and my melancholic twin, too, although that makes triplets and rather spoils the metaphor, doesn’t it? So this blog is an expression of the various ramblings of my multiple selves….and I promise you I really am quite sane.