Monday, February 26, 2007

Round 1: Eastern Bracket

Eastern Conference Game 1
An Audience of One
I am a middle school administrator enrolled in a doctoral program and a father of two. My blog is mostly dedicated to issues involving raising children, public schools/education, relationships/love, and culture. I write from the point of view of a twice divorced single parent who is passionate about his kids, his work, and his life. My blog is also a journal of my personal journey, failures, and triumphs.

Bock the Robber
Bock is a disgrace to all decent bloggers everywhere. When he isn't ranting about crooks, he's laughing at fools, though Bock himself is both a crook and a fool, which can be a problem. His language is appalling. He has no respect for authority and no regard for people's feelings. He detests politicians and priests. You wouldn't want your mother to read Bock the Robber.

Eastern Conference Game 2
That's So Pants
My blog is subtitled 'What is wrong with everyone?'. That's so pants is a polite English way of saying 'that sucks'. It would probably more accurately translate as 'that's ever so slightly sucky'. It's a snide poke at politicians, industrial emperors, environmental vandals, celebrities and twats in general. I write about my frequently surreal spats with the rest of the world, ranging from the ubiquitous anonymous call centre drones that feature in every aspect of day to day administration to irritable Argun the stationer whom I have to boldly confront every time I need a new 2B pencil.

Bye in Round 1

Eastern Conference Game 3
Anecdotal Evidence Life Exists On Planet Earth
A humorous blog that recounts the often slap-sticky travels (and travails) of Scott from Oregon, from Aboriginal beer thefts to his Mum's vagina. AELEOPE is full of warmth and self deprecating humor and contains a wonderful trove of life's silly occurences. AELEOPE not only amuses you with Scott's "tales of woohoohoo", it asks you to offer up some of your own . With an archive full of goofy tales and a mind full of way too many more, this blog is as essential as the Sunday Morning Comics, (and way more worldly). It's like a fire-ring story-swap with beer and mosquitoes. Check it out.

Driffling Witt
No description sent.

Eastern Conference Game 4
Shephard's Alley
You round the corner and turn down an alleyway you've never seen before.
Admist the red brick and lamplight, you read of adventures in Southern California and beyond, as the alley's resident writer shares thoughtful perspectives, uplifting reminders and humor (and often photos of the quirky and lovable alley-cats). Graffiti is encouraged.

Random Thoughts from NYC
Last minute entry; no description yet.

Eastern Conference Game 5
The Hitch
I am a far right of centre political commentator. I despise "Greens," illegal immigrants, most politicians and rather than "hug a hoody" Id much prefer to birch them in public.

The Yellow Duck Pond
Lighthearted musings from a migrant duck resident somewhere in Central Europe on all things that take his fancy: some culture, some politics, some philosophy and some photography. The Pond is an open and friendly place with lots of quacking and banter thanks to a lovely band of regular commenters and there is always room for one more.

Eastern Conference Game 6
Shadowscope is a daily journey of whatever is floating around my sick little mind at the time. Posting several times a day I offer completely useless drivel interrupted occasionally by something poignant and witty, just not too often. Wouldn't want to fool anyone. Shadowscope is not generally considered safe for work, as I tend to drop the "F" bomb quite a bit, and there is no telling what you might find in the pictures.

Scaramouche Jones
A place for my take on items that catch my eye, my opinions on anything that crosses my mind, and my interpretation of topics suggested to me by my readers for discussion.

Eastern Conference Game 7
Ah, Yes, Medical School
Join me as I half-ass my way through medical school, encountering all sorts of freaks (patients, classmates, myself, etc.) along the way.

Bye in Round 1

Eastern Conference Game 8
Heidi Flash
The random musings of a 50 something year old woman just hitting her stride.

In Search of Adam
My /In Search of Adam/ blog started in August 2006 and the posts were
about how to approach literary agents with a finished manuscript. Three
weeks later, a publisher stumbled on my blog and requested the
manuscript. I was offered a publishing deal. The blog has since
developed to combine my journey from unpublished to published, along
with the hassles and tassels of my life. It is largely tongue in cheek,
with a few fancy fonts and melancholic moments thrown in.