Monday, February 26, 2007

Round 1: Northern Bracket

Northern Conference Game 1
The Dutch Files
DutchyFul * DutchyLicious * DutchyMazing * DutchyBitchious
The personal diary of the DutchBitch, a 37 year old, single full time working chick and Mom of The Kid (9 years old) whose signature footwear are the red latex thigh high stiletto heeled boots. Polluting the airways of the blogosphere with anything and everything that occupies her mind, from internet dating, to NyQuil, to pimping up her bathroom, to fucktards, to parenting, to being the greatest management-assistant ever recorded, to PFKAF (people formerly known as friends), to snale porn, to life in Dutchyland, to ... everyday bitching! Leave your brains at the door and hear me roar!

Bye in Round 1

Northern Conference Game 2
My Reality, My Check, My Bounce
There's nothing more heart stopping than watching your reality check bounce. A numbing sensation followed by denial is common. Sometimes you need a co-sign on that check to prevent the bounce. The reality is I'm in denial and these are my medicated mumblings.

Writing Away on a Cedar Key
Musings on the writing life and relocating to a small island off the west coast of Florida.

Northern Conference Game 3
Baroque in Hackney
Baroque in Hackney ("hilarious and erudite and stylish and humane") is a blog on poetry, culture, current events and the madcap daily life of its author, a struggling poet, critic, copywriter, editor and housemaid to the gods (at least they think they're gods).

Quilly's Quips
I believe in approaching life with humor. I mean, there's no point in taking it too seriously, it's not like we're going to get out alive. So step inside and prepare to laugh...

Northern Conference Game 4
Memphis Steve
Steve lives in Memphis. And he's not happy about it. Neither is his wife, who constantly reminds him that he is the one who brought them there and thus he should be the one who gets them out. Daily blogs from Mr Memphis Steve involve really stupid drivers and their cell phones and/or SUVs, battles with fat "all about me" women in parking lots and shopping centers, chocolate politics and the ever-busy FBI, drug dealer neighbors, and a lot of ranting about the world in general. If you like sunshine and daisies then Nude Memphis will probably piss on your garden, but if you like to laugh at other people's miserable lives then this is the blog for you.

Sell Your Girlfriend
This is a last-minute submission; still waiting for a description.

Northern Conference Game 5
The Peanut Queen
Dubbed "Queen of the Peanut Gallery" at work, I share with my loyal subjects life as I know it...both whilst I toil away at work and the chaos that sometimes ensues at The Peanut Palace. I reside with The Peanut King, three furry royal brats and one short little chain-smoking Peanut Mother. You never know what kind of crap us royalty will get into next....there's always something going on."

Arse End of Ireland
No description to date.

Northern Conference Game 6
Timeless Boulevard
Let me take you to a journey... Free the mind... Free the heart... Free the soul... For there is this place... One you have never even imagined... Live the journey. This is basically a photoblog site. Mostly I treat as abstract photographs. Like a painting, I live it up to the "reader"/"viewer" how the blog of the day speaks to him/her. Sometimes, I may include more words than usual. This blog is about life and living life to the fullest, just like a good journey.

Kevin, MD: Medical Weblog
No description sent yet.

Northern Conference Game 7
Lightning Bugg's Butt
Flashes of insight from the Everyman. Daily observational posts. Part comedy, part philosophy, part temper tantrum, Lightning Bug's Butt is always good for a laugh and/or a place to send your hate mail. Thanks for visiting. All rights reserved. Comments welcome.

The Word Of Zhisou
The random meanderings of someone who doesn't have enough time to blog properly.
Haphazard commentry on books, music and movies as well as a shambolic approach to daily life and the challenges of ex-pat life in Spain. Sometimes ill-informed political comment, sometimes witterings about science or tennis or other things that may or may not pop into the mind of the author. Oh, and no widgets.

Northern Conference Game 8
Kat's Random Thoughts
The daily posts of a middle aged woman documenting life as she struggles through the last year of her day job, the first year of her publishing company, the trials of getting her book published around five kids, two cats and a dog. Sometimes its funny, sometimes its sad, mostly its random.

The Further Adventures of Blogger Girl
Good Heavens, it's difficult to write something brilliant that will entice the blogging world to fall at my feet or, you know, even stop by The Further Adventures of Blogger Girl. What can I say? Normal girl, normal blog. Well mostly. My blog follows the minutia and minor adventures of me, BethanyC, a 30-something accidental librarian. In the course of things I take an insane number of photos and a few of these find their way to my small little corner of the blogosphere. If you stop by, you'll find a diverse tangle of thoughts and anecdotes that are in turn serious, silly, or painfully mundane.

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Jay said...

I just wanted to say - great idea, thanks for taking the initiative. It's probably a lot of work, but it gives me great satisfaction to vote and actually know many of these great blogs, plus get to know some new ones!