Friday, February 16, 2007

Friday YouTube Gem #7: Get Scriggity and Every Friday

YouTube Star: Get Scriggity
Getscriggity is a really funny VLOG. The host is 20-year-old Shauna (Happy belated B-day, Shauna! Her birthday was on February 7th), and "the other guy" is Drew. Now, I normally am not bothered by piercings, but she has a lip piercing that it took me a while to get used to. It looks like some angler got her with an arrant cast, but, guys, she is hot, so if this bothers you, my guess is that you will overlook it.

The best part is the dialog. Basically, their tagline says it all: "Your news. Our spin." They ask you to send in news, and they read it, full of their own opinions. The stories are sort of funny, but their comments and the editing make it an experience.

They normally post on Wednesday, and I love Wednesday because of it. Really. I lead a sad, small life.

YouTube Non-Star: Every Friday
Every Friday, you would think, posts every Friday. Well, she doesn't. And her last post said she would post more often. I like her videos so I hope she does post more often.

I really like the post I've embedded. I love the music – no real words – tells a story of redecorating a room. Her videos are artistic, and she is gorgeous. She is not from the US; and judging from her going to vacation in Norway (snowboarding), I would say she is from Europe. I am guessing Sweden (sorry, guys, no bikini videos and I don't think she is part of Sweden's Bikini Team). The guys will love her because she is hot; the women will love her because she is hot. No, that is not really what I mean to type.


drew olanoff said...

thanks for the love leesa, we appreciate having you as a viewer. send us some dang news! ;)


Leesa said...

Thanks, Drew!

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