Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Writer's Block

I have been asked recently about my personal literary process - it all depends on the type of writing I am doing at the time.

Blog Writing
But when I do my daily blog, I write one way – it takes about 20 minutes per one-page entry. And I try to limit myself to one page per day (most of us don't have the commitment to read more than that per writer). I take a thought and prattle on for a bit. I don't even read what I have written on most days – hence several people have made comments about things not making sense.

"French Mail" vs. "French Maid", for instance. Now, I don't know about you, but I am sure that it would make not a lick of difference if Ms. Amber wears a French Maid costume verses a #10 Envelope. Well, actually, I think that French envelopes are probably a bit smaller than a #10 Envelope. Viva La France.

I am not sure how my writing is classified – a poor man's (or woman's) Flannery O'Conner. But she wrote with stream of consciousness – beautifully, artfully. I am more of a scatter brain. Again, I don't spend tons of time on it. Sharpening the saw.

Erotic Writing
For the erotic blog writing, I need to break this down into during-affair and post-affair work. And affair was not necessarily the physical affairs, as I was not present before they actually took place. I believe you are unfaithful in your heart before you are unfaithful in the flesh (you can tell the difference because one involves naked bodies, bodily fluids, and friendly lies, "you were the best ever").

For the during-affair writing, I thought about something to write about and then start writing. At some point, my pulse quickened, my breath got more shallow, and sooner or later (usually sooner), I started masterbating to the thoughts. Most of the earlier stories (Josette Letter Part I through The Study) were constructed in this way – and I would think that all, or most of them, involved several masturbation sessions).

Since then, I occasionally write erotica – most of which was to satisfy a few readers (yes, you, GP). No more masturbation sessions. Not pulse quickening. Most like my current blog writing.

Novel Writing
When I write novels. Crap. I don't write novels.

Still in writer's block. It was my turn at the plate for Just Walking. My little piece was a bit crappy. But we all go through these dry spells. I have read half a dozen people who are going through this right now. Darned Writer's Flu!


Prata said...

Oh your piece is fine. I mean the writing not..any other piece you can think up.

As for umm..what's it called, damnit (alt-tab). Oh, writing process. I do 25 (or more) writes of a particular section. Except for when I blog, that is all right off the top of my head. Even the stuff for collaboration is off the top of my head as it comes off my fingers (out of my head).

Sakura Dorei though, has to be beyond that for me. I write every scene multiple times...starting with just the room, then just the characters and whatever peice of furniture they are interacting with...then the characters' clothing...then them interacting together..then the non-immediate details (birds outside night or day if the scene doesn't require one to know it in the description of the location)..then the tie in to plot. And this will go on for days. Sometimes weeks as I change the different things before melding them together. And then..it's in draft form. heh

I then spend the next days tweaking it slightly until it is as detailed as I care to make it without boring myself. My problem is that details are very important. So I get caught up on them. For instance..how many here know anything about kenjutsu? Probably not many. Well if I told you that Sakura gripped the katana transversely...waiting for her enemy to strike from the shadows..her body hunched down in a semi-crouch...musculature bunched to spring into action..you'd not have _any_ idea what she was actually doing. You'd need to know the length of the katana...it's sori..what the tsuba is (which has an effect on one's grip in transversal)....where the blade is in relation to her body, so that when she moves..she moves naturally without missing any important element. But that's just me. lol

Shannon said...

We all go thru Writer's Block that's for sure.. it won't last for long, you're much too creative for that to happen. Ideas usually come to you when you aren't thinking so hard about it.. or thru life experiences *This you know already*.. hang in there! I am here to read whatever you have to post.. =)

Video X said...

it's all good! i have actually no problem at all with silly errors on blogs. obviously...i dont even use punctuation most of the time. and it kind of does bother me when corrections are noted that have to do with obvious things...although i know sometimes people are being funny.

i tried that erotic writing thing just recently...well not in the way that you do it...i was just trying to write something down. as i had never done that it was quite difficult. i had to go sit by myself and think about what i would actually do in real life and then just wrote little blurbs. it was hard to do!

i wouldnt know the first thing about writing a novel.

Grant said...

I think writing is an intensely personal thing and the only rule that applies is "What works is what works for you." Similar to any other skill, the way to exercise it is by reading and writing often. As for writer's block, the best thing to do is to sit down and write anything that comes to mind until the matter resolves itself. Some of my best writing came from sessions that began with me thinking "I really don't feel like writing today."

Mike said...

Honey.....hmmmmm...can I call you honey?....(don't let me lose my train of thought here dammit)...like that ever happens huh?

You always write intesting things...and write rather well.

And if you consider yourself a scatterbrain I shudder as to what you think of me...lol

Leesa said...

prata: for most writers, details are so very important. They hold the readers' attention. When I wrote my Just Walking piece, I thought it was complete trash. I actually kept it short, so as not to expose my weaknesses that day.

shannon: thanks for the pep talk, sweetie!

vx: I would say the first thing about writing a novel would be to say to yourself, "I will write a novel" and mean it.

grant: I like the way you write - especially the subject matter and perspective.

mike: if you had a vagina, no mustache and longer hair, you would be me. Our subject matters are very similar (writing about off the wall things).

~Deb said...

Ever notice when you have writer’s block, and you ramble on about nothing (so you think) and it turns out to be one of your best posts ever? Those are the posts that really have an impact. Sometimes the page just stares at you----but just attack it with words from your heart—write anything. I always love your writing and I can’t imagine YOU having writer’s block. Even your comments are well ‘thought out’ … I mean, look at the comment you left on my blog! (haha) I had such a chuckle over that ---I nearly fell off my chair. You have too much of a strong personality to get writer’s block! Too much in ya kiddo! …. Keep it up! And as far as a novel, I think you have a novel in this blog already! I would definitely go out and buy your book if you wrote one! Too interesting.

P.S. MIKE WITH A VIGINA! HA!!!!! Is there something we don't know about him??? I KNEW IT! ... Had that suspicion about him.

Leesa said...

~deb: Okay, I was a bit witty today at your blog. And I did not even think about the name of the guy until after I was about to post.

My post on ~deb's blog (and if you aren't reading her, you should be; but do what you want, I can keep her for myself - except she probably gets 500 looks/day):

~deb: You know I love you, but I would like to point out a few disturbing things that I have noticed recently (see if you can spot a pattern):

1. You frequently talk about cocktails. You go on and on about cocktails.

2. You are a beauty. No denying it. But everytime I visit your site at a fairly high Internet rate of speed (whatever it is called), your image comes up a little slowly, and it appears you are sucking on something. The "v" in your blouse sort of looks like something (see bold above).

3. Grant mentioned the tilde. I actually mentioned it on my blog the other day, too. I love your tilde; I think it is great. But it reminds me of some thing, a little swirmy something we learned about in sex education.

Sweetie, I love you and all, but these three things have one thing in common, and you talked about him today! Richard (and his name would be a number four).

And the part about Mike - he knows show tunes. What other proof do you need?

kathi said...

Yup, even when you have writers block, it's still good. I hate you...in a completely loving way, lol.
mike with a vagina, LOL. Sorry mikey, now I'll picture that everytime I visit ya. How funny is that?? But, then again, how many women do you know that would scratch the inside of their nostrils with their toothbrush? Nope, he doesn't deserve a vagina either. He barely deserves the pink flamingo. :)

Girl Next Door said...

Wow, that is so interesting!


Bruce said...

Before I started blogging about a year ago, I hadn't written anything of substance since grad school in the early 80s. I've always been able to express myself better with the written word than in conversation, and blogging has allowed me to rekindle that. When I do "suffer" from writer's block, it's frustrating, because I know I have something to say, but the words just won't come out. Like I mentioned over at Jenn's yesterday, maybe there's a blogger virus going around.

Night Flier said...

Yeah, when I get writers block I just post a joke or something. It's good to walk away from the computer for a bit sometimes.

Take a break and enjoy! :)

~Deb said...

No such thing as "writer's block" with Leesa. Way too entertaining and she thinks WAY too much! (hehe) That's a good thing though.

Mike ----vaginas and pink flamingos. Awe, poor thing's reputation on blogger is ruined forever. BUT---now that he has a vagina, I may ask him out on a date. He's just gotta get rid of the mustache---and it's a go!

Jenn said...

I left a comment here yesterday and it has vanished! :O It's a conspiracy!

I think I said something about your blogger mojo hanging out with Ambers and mine.

Leesa said...

kathi: thanks, sweetie. And the mike comment was supposed to be a compliment. Darned.

GND: I wonder about your process.

bruce: you said, "Before I started blogging about a year ago, I hadn't written anything of substance since grad school in the early 80s". And I was thinking to myself, I don't think I have written anything of substance ever.

vixon: I am trying to hold my feet to the fire, post something every work day.

~deb: I can see you with Mike actually. You two tease each other enough.

jenn: sweet, jenn. Your comment is on yesterday's post. Sadly, you saw no difference between the days.

~Deb said...

We're like those little kids who tease each other constantly---maybe he's the one that'll turn my world around. *dreams* Hmmmm.... I don't know if I'd jump over the fence for him, but he's sure a cutie---ain't he???

Was that flirting? Oh my. I forgot I was gay.

Time for a cocktail!

~Deb ;)

James said...

What do you know... someone else that thinks like I do regarding unfaithfulness.


Mike said...

Yeah...me and my big mouth....but I just love you girls....you always keep me on my toes....and no...not like a ballerina either....just let that thought go...I already have.

Leesa said...

~deb: today's post was due to your latest thoughts/comments. And I am straight - so can I flirt with a gay friend?

james: nice catch. The most important thing I wrote that day.

mike: you are too funny!