Thursday, January 19, 2006

Stormie Days

A couple of weeks ago (has it been that long?), I noticed that a certain blog, Bitterest Pill, was unavailable. [You can click on the link and get the "blog not found" message I received.] I figured blogspot was spotty, sort of like me on day 6 – not a new thing. Sure, in December, Stormie, the author of the blog, said that she was probably going to cut back on her blogging, devoting time to other things. She and hubbie went to Key West to renew vows (I think, perhaps it was a second honeymoon). Next thing I know, she is gone.

Then I read someone else – sorry, not a regular blog I read, and I can't find it again – has a blog about "is blogging dead?" and talks about all of the people who have blown up blogs recently. Now, I am not sure that I want to re-hash this issue. I just thought that I did not have a chance to say goodbye to Stormie. Yeah, I know she is not dead, but for those of us who are accustomed to reading her, her blog is dead. And that's all we knew.

Then I saw a comment, two actually, on Just Walking, that said basically, "I think I am not going to contribute to your writing blog because either your writing is too good or your are just too damn sexy." Okay, you know I don't curse, but I wanted to give you the flavor of the comments. The writing bit – it was not directed at me, but at other writers. And the sexy part was well-masked but we know who they were discussing as well (I am guessing it is one of the cute guys). The only concern I have is that the other writers are a bit too good – and it is scaring me and others away. I hope I am wrong about this one.

There is this site called You're the Man Now, Dog – and I think it is from the Finding Forester movie. I have no idea what this site is supposed to be. It just confuses me. But they have something on Paris Hilton, and it is strange. Sort of fascinating. It flashes through a bunch of Hilton photos – none of the naughty ones on her video – and her face fails to change. I don't know if these are cleverly photoshopped – Kathi may have done it herself, but it is something to consider. Is Paris Hilton real.

Sorry guys – not in the blogging mood today! Guess it is a Stormie Day here. Have a wonderful Thursday!


kathi said...

Yeah, I've wondered about Stormie too. Just says blog not found. Wierd...there's alot of that going on. Some go on and on and on about going to quit...then some just up and disappear.

Oh, by the way...not nice pointing out the slow kid in the back of the class.

Leesa said...

I am not sure what you meant by "Oh, by the way...not nice pointing out the slow kid in the back of the class."

Prata said...

Well you know, "good" is subjective. ^_^

instead of being intimidated, others should just attempt to emulate and then develop their own progressive style. That's what I've always done.

Anyone that has read drafts from Sakura Dorei (my manga that's WIP right now) can see that my style changes through out. It's not going to be a full blown text story though, I write the draft scenes to be converted by me into art notes and then given to my artist. If anyone just doesn't like manga, well you're welcome to simply enjoy the drafts (which will be moved to a production state) after panels and prelims are done for characters and all that good junk. Yay..or...somethin'. And yes I will be blogging about Sakura Dorei at some point in the future. Or somethin'.

Mike said...

I've lost 3 people in the last month that I've had linked, including Storm. I finally deleted those links a couple of days ago but I sure miss them.

Joe said...

I think blogging is, indeed, dying out, but I'm still enjoying it. Like many things, I think there will always be a core of people that stick with it, and others that drift in and out. I'm not sure that's a bad thing, though, as new ideas will keep it fresh and interesting.

Byron said...

i think if someone decides to go should at least announce it so we can at least say Goodbyes

Dont you dare go Leesa...we love you..

Robb said...

I hated to see her go too. I don't ever worry about how good someone's writing is. I use my blog mostly as an expression of my own thoughts however random and stupid thay may be. I'm not sure I could do it if I took it very seriously. If I ever decide to stop, I'll leave a goodbye post up for a couple of weeks though.

Giovanna said...

Gee, I thought blogging was just taking off. Why am I always jumping on at the end of a trend? :p

instead of being intimidated, others should just attempt to emulate and then develop their own progressive style. That's what I've always done

It's easy to be intimidated, but I completely agree with you prata, I have learned so much by being involved with other groups of writers. That's why I was so eager to find Lisa's blog, and then to subsequently join up with this. I don't have the time to consistently take workshops, and most of the message boards for writers I was a member of have fallen apart.

I feel weird saying this but I know I was dismayed to read a compliment and a withdrawal within the same reply at "Just Waking." We all lift each other up to higher ground. I hope everyone who was originally set to contribute to that story would.

~Deb said...

You know, when a blog says, 'blog not found', or something to that nature, it can also mean that your ip was blocked. (Not to make you paranoid) but there is an option to block out certain people from reading your blog.

The saddest thing to me is, when people delete their blog---after all the hard work that went into it. All the stories and funny things- all the emotions that went into creating that blog. Hopefully they printed it out or saved their work- but I find it odd when they just simply delete it for whatever reason.

Georgiapeach said...

Gosh, that was hillarious.

mg said...

It is a double-edged sword. I've moved my blog a couple of times, just to escape a stalker. The people that read me before lost out, and my stalker still found a way to my new addy.

So when I've got to bail for a while, I try to post a little heads-up (courtesy, you know) Even then, I was accused of being a drama-queen for noting the time away. *shrug* whatever.

Blogfans can be extremely territorial and demanding.

I hope you aren't going anywhere, I've just started reading your blog and I truly enjoy it :)


Edge said...

I'm coming up on a year of blogging and I find some people just get tired and stop and MOST of the blogs I read a year ago are gone or just not interesting. I think it moves. I want to keep blogging. I havea whole list of stacked in my aggregator marked as "Inactive" which means they either moved or don't post anymore. I'll get tired or take a break now and then, but for the most part, it's going to come and go.


Monica said...

Wow....Paris Hilton is scary...

Shannon said...

Leesa~ We all get in blogger funks or just in funks in general.. I feel you should blog when you want to and that's that!

We adore you.. just take the day off and re-charge... I hope if anyone decides to bail that they inform us first.. *Sniff, Sniff*

Happy Thursday!

Leesa said...

prata: actually I think it is going pretty well, just did not like to see several bow out so quickly.

mike: 3 in the last month, wow.

joe: maybe there will be only two bloggers left by the end of the year, me and you. 100K people reading us two.

byron: thanks, and I agree with saying goodbye

robb: sometimes I go for content, sometimes for writing, sometimes for both.

g: I don't think I have ever seen an active writers' support group.

~deb: Storm's restraining order just said I should not be 1,000 yards from her. It made no mention of my visiting her blog.

GP: really? Funny. Probably the Paris thing. I thought ddot's blog today was great.

mean-girl: I just tell Grant about my stalkers. And they disappear. Weird how that works.

jef: thanks for your perspective. Interesting, really.

monica: Paris was scary before seeing the webpage.

shannon: you are always a breath of fresh air, sweetie.

Prata said...


Yes that's true. I was dismayed as well, but like I tend to do. Writing, and the desire to write, picks up and then tapers off on occasion. So it may just be part of the cycle that or my constant nagging will get to 'em. ^_^