Friday, January 20, 2006

Pink Panties

Okay, last week I was walking somewhere – in a local mall, actually. Normally I don't like malls. But I like people-watching, so part of the mall experience is okay with me. I just feel rushed, like people are trampling one another to get to the next store, the next sale.

Anyway, I was deep in thought, and looked up and saw what I thought were pink panties. As you are aware, one of the fashion trends over the last few years are having pants that dip lower so that you can see the woman's (or girl's) underwear. And it is usually a thong of some sort.

Immediately I thought it was a pink thong, and my reaction – quite odd. But then I noticed it was not a woman but a man, and his undies were pink. Now I don't think to myself WTF, but if ever there was a call for that phrase, it was then in that mall at that time.

If I was more forceful, I should have asked the guy, "What is it with pink undies?" But I am not that bold – plus, he would think it was a come-on. And I don't need some 20-year-old hunk wanting to dive into my panties with all of the issues I have been through these last several years. Okay, no incite as to why this guy is wearing pink undies – briefs, not boxers.

But then I have to tell you –I do look at underwear. If you can see undies, I am looking at them. Not because of anything sexy at all, but because I am curious. When I was in school, the choices in underwear were rather tame by today's standards. That is, if you did not go to Frederick's of Hollywood (VS was around, but their undies were fairly tame by today's standards; they have definitely gone towards more racy). And sorry if I misspelled Fredericks – as I recall, it had a funny spelling.

I buy my hubbie colorful underwear. I do. I am not sure he has bought his own underwear (I normally call them undies, and he corrects me – "underwear") in the past ten years. His mother used to buy them, and that just gave me the willies. You know, Oedipus Rex. Just gross!

There is a secretary in our office – who wears midriff-baring tops and undies-exposing pants quite often. No big deal, but she is in her fifties. She has children who wear that type of thing, but she does too. Okay, she has a body that is really good for her age, but it is just a little weird for me. Guess I am more conservative than I once thought.

I have never bought my hubbie pink undies – heck, he might as well wear mine! Hmmmmmmm. We have not done that before.


Dax Montana said...


Shannon said...

Wow you are posting away girl.. glad to see it!!

Something about a man in a thong sends me the shivers.. boxers for men.. pleaseeeeeeee!! lol..

I wear the thong thang too but I don't let them show on purpose..

Children should not be aloud to wear racey undies until they are atleast 18.. ok I am a meanie pants ... what can I say?!

Psssssst I say "Undies" too! lol

moebugge said...

pink anal floss on a man? I guess he likes bending down to pick up the soap.
Oh where did that come from? In europe violence is looked down upon and sex is permitted; in the usa it is unfortunately the reverse. I still have not seen the swedish penis, and i have not been searching either. everyone had ones to lesser or greater degrees.

Anonymous said...

If your hubby ever decides to wear your undies, then you will really have some interesting material for your blog.

My wife always seems to put some of her panties into my underwear drawer. She says that she does it on accident, but your post has me wondering now. Hmmm...;-)

Byron said...

Hiya Leesa

Just started writing my true sex life story.If you like please have a look .I will be proud to dampen your panties



Edtime Stories said...

Undies are a bit of a thing with me. I have struggled to fine ones I like, and as soon as I get comfortable they stop making them. But while I wear lots of colours I have never seen men's in pink.

kathi said...

I'm the exact same way. And I, also, call them undies and get corrected every single time by all 3 guys here.
I buy all the guys UNDIES here and they all wear something different. Both boys (15 & 16) wear boxers, but one wears the stretchy kind and one wears more of a cloth kind. Hubby wears briefs, but I always buy colored ones. I mean, c' much fun can one girl have?

Leesa said...

dax: lurking; and I thought hunters tried remaining hidden.

shannon: yeah, I posted a little early. I thought I would be in late today, and I didn't want to disappoint joe.

moebugge: perhaps after nailing his secretary, they put on the wrong panties.

shhhh: my hubbie is skinny as hell, and he once put mine on by mistake. But there was less, ahem, in a certain area and he noticed immediately.

byron: thanks, byron, I will check it out.

ed: I like colors, too. Panties are no problem for me, but bras, they change the darned design so quickly. Earth to Designers - breasts don't change!

kathi: hubbie wears briefs, and lots of colors, picked by moi.

Grant said...

Unfortunately it's not just the attractive people who dress that way. Congress needs to enact serious thong controls. At my last residence, a house in the country, I nicknamed my neighbor Captain Nekkid. He was a fortyish man who drank an extra ten years onto his face with a bronze, flabby body and a misshapen head who liked to work in the yard wearing nothing but a sparkly purple speedo (basically butt-floss on him) and a pair of flip-flops. People should really consider their appearance before making some of those fashion statements.

On the flip side, I recently gave a lift home to a pair of young (early twenties) beauties who got caught at the store in a thunderstorm. When the one in front (Asian hottie) hopped out, her jeans drooped and she inadvertently flashed her hidden tattoo and purple thong. Which was nice.

Robb said...

Your husband is absolutely right. They are underwear, not "undies". Never, never, never get him pink ones!

Have a great weekend!

Joe said...

Mornings with Leesa. All is right with the world once again.

Interesting idea about the hubby wearing your undies. Sounds like y'all have a fun weekend ahead.

Prata said...

Asian chicks! Mmm...asian hotness. Mmmm...Oh I'm sorr..ramblin' bad.

Leesa said...

grant: I have heard of someone who meets Captain Nekkid's description. Does he curse as you, screeming, "What are you looking at, !@&*#!#(*^!" And then he calls you a pervert.

robb: hubbie does not look good in pink.

joe: if I get them out by 9:00 am (Eastern Time), will that be okay?

prata: Asian chicks? How about hot Italian lesbian writers? Mmmmmmmmmm.

Sheen V said...

I do the same thing - look at what underwear women wear if it is showing. And, well, it looks like I'm definately in the minority here as the only male that wears women's underwear.

mojo k o'yote said...

my mind just travels right on down an attractive thong..... which is what was intended by the wearer, no? like loosely buttoned blouses are intended to excite the imagination,..

it just don't take much to engage the male imagination. heh!

ck_dexter_haven said...

This is by far the most interesting thread I've read today! For me it's both boxers and briefs. Just depends on how I'm feeling. I did wear a thong to my wedding just for kicks but that was not for public viewing. And what's the deal with pink anyway? I've never been homophobic enough to be afraid to wear pink.

PS Asian and Italian are my favorite things to eat. ;)

~Deb said...

I love buying my girlfriend lingerie and other sexy 'undies'. I think the excitement of knowing that your partner/hubbie/wife has on sexy underwear has an appeal to it when you're out at a nice restaurant--your mind drifts off to--~I can't wait to go home! I can't wait to go home~ !!!

I have seen women who were wearing those low rider jeans that SHOULD HAVE NOT been wearing them. It was hideous. Respect your body type and realize that not everyone can get away with their midriff showing. In fact, I've seen potbelly chickies running around with their pants half off their arse. Not a pretty sight.

Very interesting post! :)

Leesa said...

sheen V: a little more info than I needed.

yote: sometimes the only clean blouse in the closet is the one that you need to be careful of (darned button keeps popping open). More often when you are a poor college student, but you get the idea.

ck_dexter_haven: most entertaining thread today. Hmmmmmm. You don't get out much, do you dexter. Just teasing. Glad you found my humble blog.

~deb: yes, being at a restaurant with sexy underwear is a real turn on. Especially something like a teddy, where it feels different and you know exactly what you are wearing.

Bruce said...

Your story reminded me of the sheriff in New Mexico who made his inmates wear pink underwear. Maybe that guy you saw was an escaped prisoner, lol.

Last year, here in Virginia, they tried to push through a law that made it illegal to wear your pants too low. Amazingly, it never made it committee.

Mark said...

pink underwear on a guy is pretty weird -- maybe they were white to begin with and they got thrown in with a new red t-shirt?
OTOH, as much I like peeks, and working as I do on a college campus, the exposed thong rising high above the pajama pants is just tacky.

~Deb said...

I never understood why some people (well mostly women in this case) wear no underwear. I know for obvious reasons it's for easy access----but-----is it sanitary? Hmmm...Just a perverted thought. Sorry.

Now back to my bubble.

Boris Yeltsin said...

Hey, where did hot Italian lesbians come up? I read that, and then I didn't see anything about it, above or below. Sorry, don't mean to sound like Howard Stern or anything!

Mike said...

I'm thinking I'm sticking with boxers...color really doesn't matter

singleguyindfw said...

HI. My name is Ruben and I Live in the Dallas TX area. I found your blog through another. It's great stuff you have here!

I happen to love pink panties on a woman. Next to black, I love pink. Then again, any color of satin panties and lacey bras would look great on a woman.

Keep up the good work. I look forward to reading more of it.

Best Always,

Edge said...

Great minds must thing alike because I had planned an underwear post too. This whole underwear craze is cool and tiring. It's funny how I dated a girl who went commando and that was the sexiest thing even before Rachel went commando for Ross.


The Seeker said...

I so enjoy you. I think we'd be fast friends if I wasn't a writer of a sex blog. lol

Leesa said...

bruce: comforting to know I could have seen an escaped convicts butt crack. Thanks for that.

mark: good idea on how they got pink. When I was in college, I knew lots of guys who learned about washing clothes the hard way. All of their whites were pink.

~deb: A good friend of mine wore no underwear because of frequent yeast infections. Not sure if she was given the best advice.

boris: that reference was what I thought was a thinly veiled reference to a special reader of this blog.

mike: if you wash everything together, color really doesn't matter!

rueben: thanks, sweetie. From your blog name, I sort of picture you hanging out at their airport. Isn't that the airport code?

jef: great minds or disturbed minds? I often wonder about that one. I had no idea that going panty-less was such a turn on. Bra-less I get, but panty-less. I learn more each day.

seeker: does your sex blog spill into other parts of your life? I think several people who write sex blogs would be wonderful friends.

Jodes said...

i love people watching.

Friar Tuck said...

that was the most thought provoking post on underwear I have ever read.


Leesa said...

jodes: thanks sweetie

friar tuck: are you making fun of moi?