Monday, January 09, 2006


A few days ago, I wrote a blog about writing. And since many of the people who read my drivel are writers or wanna-be writers, it struck a chord.

Okay, I admit it. I read all of my comments, but when I go to others' sites, I don't necessarily read the comments – just the blogs. That is not always true, but it is true some of the time. Just depends how busy I am.

Well, if you are sometimes like me (not the part of me that gives the best BJs in the Savannah area, but the reading of comments part), you do the same thing. So if you missed some of the comments, here they are (editing out some of the paragraphs for brevity):

prata: You know Leesa...(and others) I was just thinking. We should each coordinate a time, and anyone that enjoys writing fiction of some sort, have a little brainstorm event. Somethin' like, we each challenge each other with a form of writing.

What I mean is, each interested individual lay out what they typically write (I am currently writing vampiric fiction) and someone else picks that as their type of short writing to do. Whoever picks that as their category leaves behind the category they normally write about and I am forced to write on that category.

I think that might stimulate some of us into branching out a bit and maybe test our writing skills a bit. Sort of like "organized doodling" lol if that makes any sense.

kyuball: I'm in, or if I fink out, I will take pictures of my penis and post it on my blog. Oh, and Leesa, that Pieces girl is hot.

~deb: What about starting a community blog where each person writes two paragraphs of the 'same story'---creating a fictional outcome. You have writer #1. Who will of course, write the first two paragraphs, then you have writer #2, and so on. ?? Any thoughts of that?

Okay, kyuball didn't type that. But he meant to – I can tell.

Well, prata stepped up to bat and created a site. Now I know what you are thinking: Leesa, why didn't you create the blog because I know you want to see kyuball's erect penis on his site and he is sure to fink out. To that, I answer: stop talking about kyuball's penis – you are making me wet.

But seriously, I think it is a great idea. I don't know how many will participate (I am sort of hoping kyuball will not), but I am game. Visit prata's blog to get more information – and join prata, ~deb, and me!


~Deb said...

Hey Leesa,

I'm still not sure "how it's all done" since our blogs are separated----instead of making it "one" blog- OR is it one blog? I'm so confused!

I'm game, I just need instructions. (ha)

Don't expect great imagination here though...hmmm... I think you may regret me in this one!

Jay said...

i can add pics just not a good writer

Pirate said...

if you want someone that thinks about the box all the time I would love to contribute. If you want someone who thinks outside of the box that would have to be my other brother daryl.

KyuBall said...



"Ma...I made it! I finally made it!"

"Wha? Kyu? Did you jump off the roof again?"

"No, Ma. I made it!"

"What are you talking about?"

"Ma, they're talking about my penis on the internet!"

"Goodbye, Kyu."

Ahem...I accept your challenge, Leesa. The picture you requested in now on my blog. View at your own risk.

KyuBall said...

Oh...and that Pieces girl really is hot...thanks.

Lisa said...

ok, that kicks ass. I'm in.

mal said...

I guess we are not alike, I do not give the best BJ's in the Savannah area. Would it help if I live in Georgia?

I am a solid technical writer if that helps the mix. Sadly, in learning to write clear and concise technical stuff, the gift of Fiction completely fled me

Prata said...


If you want in, shoot me an e-mail and I'll invite ya to it. In case some other people have similar confusion, there will be a header on the blog (in the title area) that explains briefly that it is a collaborative effort and not anyone's main blog. I do not think I made this clear before.

And there's that!

Nova said...

LMAO @ Kyuball

Leesa said...

~deb: this will be one blog with many contributors, the way prata has set it up. We will all be listed as "team members." In high school, I remember playing footsies with team members; not a real contributor in high school for projects (I knew the worse the teachers would give was a B if it sucked or an A if we spent way too much time together).

j: I am a bit unclear on the subject matter exactly, but small pictures may help. I would defer to prata on that one. ~deb always interwinds appropriate images with her work so that it does not detract. I have no talent for that.

pirate: we all have different gifts, and I think each of us has something to contribute, no matter what your point of view.

kyuball: really? Yeah, and we all think Pieces is hot.

lisa: glad to hear it; I thought this might appeal to you.

mallory: my ambition is to be a technical writer, actually. I figure if I ever was able to feed myself with my writing, technical writers actually get paid.

prata: will you be able to get the blog up and running soon? And what will the first general subject be?

nova: I guess you visited kyuball's site.

And all, I meant to post this today, not Friday. Shucks.

mal said...

Leesa, Technical writers get paid? !@#$% I missed my paycheck!! *L* My writing was for industry trade journals, customer position papers and training manuals. It was part of the job

Joe said...

So if I'm correct, I have a choice of joining/adding to prata's blog, or simply posting pictures or positing a picture of my erect penis on my blog?

Decisions, decisions.

Prata said...

Yep. Actually...I sent you an invite like 10 minutes ago I believe for that. soon as any of the people accept that invitation..they can go on to post.

For some reason I feel in charge. I'm not sure I like that idea lol. Seriously though, I think I have an idea to post somethin' so I'm gonna go ahead and delete the test post and post somethin' by 'noon.

I'm going to give a very general first post. Just enough to spart someone to just continue it. We'll see what others come up with.

Personally, I'd prefer ou takin' part. lol Although I know some people that wouldn't mind me directin' them to your site where there are pictures of this to be erect unit of physical pleasure. *boggles*


Please please not write better than me. I'll be forced to perform seppuku. Okay not really, but it did seem like a proper threat! ^_^

Leesa said...

mallory: well, most other writers never get paid anything. At least it is part of your job.

joe: you have no choice - you have to join prata's blog and post pictures of your penis. Just joking. But if you can work on something witty that would point to prata's combined blog, that would be great. Love the "boy scout" pic this week.

For those of you who have not visited joe's blog, he does a "week in pictures" making up captions for pictures he may have seen in the news. But, ladies, don't view it if you have to pee, or you may end up having an unfortunate accident at work (but it may be good for a blog entry).

prata: I did it. I wrote something. This is totally different than what I usually write. I tried to write crappy to keep from brusing your ego.

Giovanna said...


I followed you over from Lisa's blog. I just read through all of this and the other site and I am really interested as well. I work part time and stay home with three kids, and like Lisa am trying to jumpstart a writing career. I you want a good example of my writing e-mail me through my page.


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