Thursday, January 19, 2006

Help - Novelist Wanted

You know me – I write for me. Not that I started writing for me on my blog – some of my earlier posts were somewhat manufactured. "I wonder if they would be interested in this." Now I write for me – and I think it is better. Even if it is not, it is all me.

I normally don't ask a lot of my readers – okay, recently, I have asked you to visit "Still Walking." But that is the exception – agree (~deb) or disagree (prata), love (ddot) or hate, I don't care why most read me. Or for that matter, I don't care if anyone reads me.

Anyway – I am doing two things today. I am posting twice (something I really don't like doing) and asking advice (ditto; I like being thought of as "all together" plus I don't follow most advice, even if it is good advice).

Unlike Grant, I did not participate in National Novel Writing Month. And now I want to participate, but it is January, not November. Ain't life a bitch? So, does anyone participate in the National Novel Writing Year? Is there anything else out there that facilitates novel-writing? Sort of like lighting a fire under my lazy ass?

Is there something else that works? Completely different something.

Also, is there a vanity publishing company that someone has used and recommends – not for what I am writing but for something that was written long ago that has no commercial value? I would like a good hardback binding – leather or no. I know, most of you think I would like the leather.

I am just looking for answers that don't involve atomic chickens.


Grant said...

Novel writing month can motivate some because it is a relatively short-term goal, but I can't imagine being able to stick with novel writing year unless you didn't need the added motivation anyway. If you're looking for consistent word counts, I recommend setting a daily goal and time to write and sticking with that. Consistency and routine do help. Also, a trick I used last year was to make myself a serious promise of a punishment/reward if I didn't/did make my weekly goals. That helped me get over the usual writing excuses until the momentum took control.

And there is no escape from the GAC's. Surrender yourself to the inevitable.

Prata said...

As far as printing..I know someone that does printing that can get you a _really_ good price. If you have a lay out already, and can present that in a hi-res pdf or somethin' similar you're welcome to let me know and I'll pass that information on/put you in contact with this person.

So by all means, drop me an e-mail or somethin' similar and I'll let you know what comes of it.


Video X said...

holy moly! yeah...since i've been reading...there doesnt seem to be two posts! i read the other one earlier and was coming back to comment, and there's a new post! son of a bitch. now i'm late.

anyway...well, i think you should do it! i am not a writer. i know a lot of bloggers are...but that is not at all why i started a blog. i can't do creative writing...technical writing...yes..very good at that..but not creative...i hate myself if i try.

but you on the other hand are a very good writer and funny too. and so i have no advice for you.

Edtime Stories said...

Have a reader/editor. Someone who will ask you for copy to look at. Different people write differently but if you have someone looking to get you to push yourself that will help.
The other thing to do is read read read. Reading is the best schooling for writers.
Good luck.

Lisa said...

I would definitely agree with Grant: you must set your own goals and figure out what works for you. I don't know...I have a friend who has one or two nights a week that are set aside for writing. His wife focuses on her own hobbies those nights and he just writes. I keep meaning to set that up for myself, but I haven't quite gotten into a regular habit yet. Next up, there are tons of places that will publish your book for very reasonable prices. does hardcover as well as paperback, and was good, too.

As far as writing goes, Stephen King says that the two most important things are to read and write, a lot--every day. You're there with the blog on the writing part. Believe it or not, it strengthens your writing skills immensely, just to "journal".

Another thing you could try is starting (or joining) a writer's group--people who share the goal, with a weekly meeting to review each other's material for constructive criticism--gives you a nice deadline as well as feedback. This could be done quite easily on-line, but you could search for local groups, too. Utah has a Writer's League, with monthly meetings of aspiring writers with speakers offering tips, and information sheets about upcoming writing competitions, etc. This kind of place would be good for finding a writer's group to join...

Lisa said...

Oh, fer chrissakes. I just left a giant god damn comment and it got eaten by the system.

The two self-publishing sites I know of are: and

Look for local writer's groups, or try to set one up online, with current bloging friends or from a (creepy) chat room of some sort. :)

This shorter version of my comment is probably better anyway. bleh. hate being deleted.

Lisa said...

heh...there it is...feeling SHEEEEPish....

Leesa said...

grant: thanks for your thoughtful comment. I think you are a serious writer and a stand-up comic rolled into one.

prata: I get visions of going in some darkened alley, and saying, "Psss. I got my PDF file here. (pats coat pocket) When can I get the good stuff back - you know, leather binding, goal leaf pages, the works.

vx: you gave me no useful advice in three paragraphs. I think that counts as creative writing. Anyway, I love reading you, whether you consider yourself a writer or not.

edtime: thanks. I actually read a lot of good literature. Not as much as I would like, but I work full time, too. If I were independently weathly, I think I would read all of the time.

lisa: thanks for your advise. At first, blogging was a good diversion. Now, I blog purely to strengthen my writing now (okay, and I enjoy reading comments from everone). I used to write letters years ago, but I got out of the habit of doing that. Does anyone write letters anymore?

Dell Gines said...

I published under

check it out

Leesa said...

Thanks, dell, I will check it out!