Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Today is my 100th Post – I noticed that I was on 99 yesterday. A milestone. I have looked at others blogs, and many don't seem to get past 5 or 10; of course, this is not the case for the active bloggers who post comments on my site.

Instead of talking about the milestone in particular, I started thinking about other milestones – 25/30/40/50/60 years of marriage, certain birthdays (21, 30, 35, 40 and so forth), certain years on the job (after the probational period, for instance, when they can't fire you "just because the boss didn't get laid last night").

Our minds look for order in a chaotic world, and these milestones make order out of chaos. What is the difference between post 78 and 100 (I have no idea), or between 23 and 25 years of marriage (two less orgasms? two more orgasms?), now really. Why do we strive to lose five or ten pounds, not 8.2? Because we like order.

Now, I am very qualified about order. Part of the reason I busted my bum writing all the erotica before Christmas was because I wanted an entry on each and every work day. Why does that really matter?

There is even order in meeting at a bar – staring across the room, eyes meeting for a few seconds longer than comfortable, guy always approaching girl (unless the girl wants to gets screwed in the bathroom that very instant), yelling over music about trivial stuff, buying a drink or asking to dance, and so it goes. Is this a bit over-the-top? Only a little.

And girls have milestones for dates. Unless it is extraordinary, sex on the third date (or whatever the milestone happens to be). For me, it started out as months, then certain number of dates, then fewer dates, and after married and I was screwing around, it was hours and then as soon as I could close the freaking door. A little over the top, yes.

Recently, Lisa had her three year blogging anniversary. Wow. And I am sure I have missed others' one year anniversaries (significant as well).

Car mileage? 100,000 or 150,000 or whatever. Point is, we all look for patterns, and some of the patterns we call milestones. Even at work, every day (how about quitting time, or each Friday for some). We of limited time to concentrate, we have sometimes very short milestones. That's okay, too.

I think calendars were invented, in part, to celebrate milestones. If hubbie ever forgot our anniversary (another milestone), I would staple his testicles to the wall. Hey, I am a sweet Catholic girl, but don't forget the anniversary, hun. Know what I mean?

I have heard that calendars are our biggest downfall – they categorize us into "young", "middle-aged", and "old." I am not sure about that. Just look at Muse. She is probably over 30 – and fucking gorgeous. Please note, I do not use the turn "fucking" much at all, so you know she is hot, hot, hot. She is the Bloggin' Hottie of December. I received this in my mail the other day (I nominated someone for Bloggin' Hottie, and she just needs to place a few more pics on her blog before they list her for the day (wink at GP); now I am on their monthly email – and I am just not a breast kinda gal!):

1. Bloggin Hottie Of December

Muse was voted as the Bloggin Hottie of December so make sure you check her out. She is a killer gal and I am glad to see all of you that voted made a great choice!

2. *NEW* Bloggin Hottie Of 2005!

There is a new poll starting on January 4th, 2006 that will take the past BHOTM's and give them a chance to be crowned as the Bloggin Hottie of 2005. Voting will last for 3 weeks and will end on January 25th, 2006. So make sure you vote! The winner will recieve a special custom button that she will be asked to put on her blog. Congrats to all the BHOTM's!

The site does not have the voting set up yet, but try later in the day. Let's stuff the ballot box for Musey – even though there is another box of hers that is currently, ahem, getting stuffed. Sorry – couldn't resist.

Back to milestones. So here is to our brains, making the number 100 seem much more significant than 99, or 69 for that matter. And why is 69 often forgotten? I wonder.


Edtime Stories said...

you write well too and I like both of your blogs.......keep it up.

Joe said...

For me, milestones are less about numbers and dates than they are about specific experiences. The first time I saw Rome; the first time I had sex; etc.

My most significant milestone of 2005? Finding your blog and getting to know the beautiful woman and amazing person that writes it.

By the way, if it's done right, 69 is never forgotten.

Prata said...

Who could forget 69? *blinkles* Not I. Wait...perhaps I've said too much. *books*


mal said...

of late I have been wondering about milestones also. Having passed a few (well, more than a few) I am inclined to think they are willful, arbitrary and least I hope so..*G*

Goddess said...

I think we go to milestones to remember things. You always remember things in a certain way. Just today, a friend and myself were doing the "5 years ago today, 6 years ago today..." all the way up 12 years ago TODAY. Funny thing was, we both remembered basic things of what we were doing on this day 12 years ago. Not particulars, but basic life things.
Calendars, to me, were invented so that we do not go crazy with time. It is nice to know that in 52 weekends, Penisman will be back, or anything else in that nature.

Leesa said...

edtime: thanks. But I can't take credit for the other site.

joe: I sure hope some wonderful lady finds you! I hope not all of your charm is wasted on us.

prata: welcome back, sweetie!

mallory: you and me both!

goddess: truly amazing.

Cool AC said...

Well this is my first time commenting on your blog. So, I guess that is special. ;) I agree that milestones just help us remember. Since we are all getting old. LOL! But I also agree that you should not down play your 27th b-day just becasue it is not your 30th. Without your 27th you wouldn't make it 30th. So, each on should be special. :)

Prata said...



Well, time is wholly a human creation. As humans we have an innate need to measure all things. We must quantify and qualify all things in our presence. It's a natural tendency that some people subconsciously take to the extreme. Others do not. No one knows why this is, it simply is the way we are.

I liken this to my quest to understand religions, since apparently mine doesn't always qualify to some others as an actual religion. I have a need...a basic necessity to know. Not just religions or anything like that but all things. I am not satisfied with having learned what basically amounts to a fragment of something. I must know all that is involved with it. There is a limit I will set for myself though or I become so mentally absorbed in something that it consumes me.

Take the programming languages I've learned. I taught myself C/C++ C#, Perl, Bash, Ruby, started on Eiffel, some Java. Why? Because I have to know them. I want to know why. Why is this the way it is. Perhaps that's abnormal, but I wanted to know these things because of this splinter in my brain. It never ever ever goes away.

So I think really the problem (as it were) is that human condition necessitates our placing significance on particular numbers based upon our understanding of beginning and ending of human life.

Trivia: What is one of the reasons that telephone numbers are 7 digits or 10 if you include area code?

Answer: Aside from the iteration of number combinations you get from this, 7 digits is the easiest amount of numbers for the human brain to memorize in a given order which also provides a useful iteration of number combinations.


Video X said...

i agree with the milestones. but i just must be off. i could care less about some of the even numbers. i loved turning 31, 26, and 19. would have preferred to celebrate those more than any other year. i did nothing for my 30th birthday.

i've definitely tried to lose 7 or 8 pounds and no more or less before.

i set my alarm at 6:23am sometimes...and sometimes it's 6:12. i dont really care.

i guess maybe everything seems to turn out to be some sort of estimate. "we've been married 20 years" when really it's 18 or 19. maybe the rounded off number has more of an affect or something. or maybe something is just wrong with me.

halo said...

lmao @ getting stuffed. Can I get an amen? ;-)

Ya know, I have no idea how many posts Ive written. I have a hard time believing your only at 100, it feels like longer to me. Congrats sweetie.

Thanks for the link and the mention. :)

Shannon said...

I always think about milestones and where my life has gone, where it is going and so on. Everyday I learn something new and that to me is a milestone!=) And congrats to the hottie chicas of the past present and future!

~Deb said...

I think the same holds true for January 1rst—the New Year. I mean, why do we have to make resolutions to ‘lose weight’ or to ‘save more money’---etc..? It baffles me that these new ‘rules’ and strives are started on one particular date.

This was a fantastic blog. I loved it! I always read your posts word for word. You seem to have this ability to keep your reader’s attention---well at least mine for that matter. I’m certain it’s with others as well.

Congratulations on your 100th post. I’m so happy that you didn’t get discouraged, as sadly enough, some people do and cancel their blogs---just close them out as if they had no thought put into it whatsoever. Most people who cancel their blogs are the talented ones. Please, never delete this blog. You’re truly gifted!

Oh—wait---can I nominate you for ‘blogger hottie’?

Grant said...

Comment #13. Yes! I rule.

The Seeker said...

Personally, I like Eleventy-one. 111 What a great #.

Glad you are back. Loved the Christmas wish if I haven't told you that yet.

Jay said...

Hey thanks for stopping by my blog I couldn’t email you so I will post this here. Are you volunteering to give a moister rating since I can’t and my wife won’t read blogs? Also your blogs look interesting and I look forward to reading them.

Pieces of Me said...

Hey!! Great post I agree...everything is run on numbers...Congrats on your 100th post..I dont think I will ever know mine because I started a new blog and deleted a lot of posts!! Congrats to muse I lost to her but she definitely was deserving!! TTYL

Jay said...

milestones reminds us of things I belive certainly aniversaries do weather its work, marrage or whatever. others we see as reaching something all though why does it matter. 100 post is great, but a person who has nothing to say would be happy to make fifty or 20. you are right longivity in the blog would is rare. I look forward to your next 100. to answer your questions I dont know I guess it depends on person. for me the only milestone i care about is the fact that Ive been married 23 years. every new year added to that number is a milestone for me because no body i know thought i would even make one year.

Leesa said...

cool ac: wow, another milestone! just kidding!

prata: I knew the phone thing!

VX: you are a strange bird, sweetie. My goal is to lose 10 pounds, maybe I should go for 8!

~deb: I can't be nominated for "bloggin' hottie" because I only have one image on my blog (and I have since photoshopped it). Well, I used a cheaper software to somewhat hide myself. Lots of clues, though, still exist, and I don't want to give anymore. Know what I mean?

grant: yeah, you rule.

seeker: yeah Tolkien had a way with words.

j: sort of a strange request: I will have to sleep on it.

pieces: knowing my hubbie, you would be his wet dream; really! So stay away from Savannah, please. And you are a hottie, sweetie! Darned you!

Jay said...

let me know and i will send invite to contribute to blog as for your the more I read the more I like

Georgiapeach said...

Leesa, I read you so early in the morning that just a moment ago, I truly believed I read this post Girl, your my cup of coffee. After I check you and Ddot's. I can start working. I've had my blog What was I going to say? Oh yeah, I wrote my 78th post yesterday. and you said something about what is the difference between the 78th and 100th. I just thought it was a funny Oh and believe me, Muse is definitely getting my vote for BHOTY. I voted for her for December too.

kathi said...

1st, if you used photoshop to do your pic, I want you to teach me, cause I always come on here thinking how gorgeous you are.
I love reading you too, I'm just one of your many fans. I'm like deb (hush), I hope you never delete or quit. There are several I check a few times a day to see if there is anything new, and you're one of them. Stimulate the mind, the heart, and sometimes, other unmentionable areas as well.
Hugs, hon. Congrats on the milestone.

KyuBall said...

In a slightly related, but not quite, subject...why is it that we can count by even numbers so much easier than counting by odd?


Congrats and here's to another 123.5 posts from you!

Nova said...

Congrats on your 100th post Leesa! (raises a glass of rum to toast) Here's to 100 more.

Leesa said...

GP: We started blogging at about the same time, within a few weeks of one another. But, hey, you deleted many of your entries.

kathi: I blurred the image - if you look at it closely, you will see that. I did that after someone was killed after meeting someone who she met on a blog (not like blogger, it was myspace).

kyuball: I tend to count by prime numbers - just kidding.

nova: 100 more?