Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Paranoia on a Hot Savannah Afternoon

You know, I am not sure I really want to write about this for a couple of reasons – the biggest being that I don't really want you to think I am paranoid. And I just may be a little paranoid. Oh, well, here it goes.

Okay, if you have read me for any time, you know that for a time, I was Savannah's biggest slut. Well, actually I was Ms. Slut Runner Up, but that's only because I slept with two of the judges and they took those votes away from me.

Well anyway, I met this one guy who came by the shop where I worked. He was going to "take me out to lunch," which was sort of code. He left the shop, went down the street, and drove home. A few minutes later, I went to my car and drove to his house, where his car was already parked and he was inside. Okay, why the cloak-and-dagger. I was a slut, but I did not want to appear to be a slut.

So I get to his house, and he is there. His bedroom is upstairs, and I am a little taken aback by it. There was sort of a medieval theme to the room – huge shield on the wall, lots of other stuff around the room. The room was decorated in a dark brown; it was well-lit, but it did not seem well-lit because of the color scheme. Okay, the guy wants to fuck me and I am being Ms. Martha Stewart (interior decorator). There is an open window overlooking the neighborhood, and he cautions me not to step in front of the window.

I see a few pictures – he has a daughter who is 17 and beautiful. His wife if pretty as well, though she has gained a few pounds. You can tell wife and daughter look very much alike. He is handsome as well – with the beginnings of a small gut. Most people his age have a few extra pounds, though.

I notice a television in the bedroom – and there were several tapes laying in front of the television. Sort of reminded me of when VCRs were new – and you taped every movie you could get your hand on.

We moved to the edge of the bed, and we started kissing. Then we removed our clothes, and I began stroking his penis, then licking it, with him on the edge of the bed.

Then he stood up and turned, and wanted to get a blow jobj while standing up – to make it last, he said. The thing going through my mind was, "Crap, now it will take even longer." When he was getting ready to cum, I could feel him pulling away slightly, and not wanting to get too sticky (remember this is during lunch), I held his penis gently but firmly and caught all of his cum as he came.

He then put a condom on, and started licking my vagina. After a little while, he placed me on his marital bed and fucked me, coming not-so-quickly. It was nice, nothing out of the ordinary.

Afterwards, we were cleaning up – and this is weird, I know, I watched him pee. I like watching men pee. So we are talking, and he looks at his watch.

We talk about what lovers talk about – how incredible "it" was (even if it was not great), how wonderful cuming was, how capable of a lover each was.

Do I need to get back to work? Yes, I do, so I leave.

A week to the day, I find myself in the same spot as before – window open, us by the bed, him touching me before we begin loving.

He wants to give me a pearl necklace this time – which I veto because of work. I am not a fan of the "gift" anyway, and I do need to be clean for work. He wants to fuck my vagina from behind – which actually was my favorite position for new lovers – and he comes quickly. Him in a trusty condom and coming quickly.

Then he starts talking about the blow job I had given him the week before. "You looked like you really wanted to eat me; you really did," he told me. And he went on and on about my facial expressions. Weird.

Then he asks if I want to watch a porno flick – so I wonder if he wants to watch while I am sucking on his lollypop. Not really something I want to do, but there was time. I now realize that those blank tapes were probably copied pornos. The guy said that his brother actually produces pornos. And then I get this creepy feeling.

I am alone in the house with this guy – and I notice that his closet was ajar. During the last "session" he does not talk about my facial expressions when I was sucking his dick. Now he goes on and on about it. Like he replayed the entire affair.

Did he videotape both sessions? Is that why the window was open – is that why he repositioned himself – is that why he warned me about being seen by neighbors?

For a brief moment, I thought about confronting the guy, and I know that is not smart. So I say that I have to be back to the shop a little early. And I get the hell out of there.

Is there a Leesa Porno for sale in Savannah? I don't know – but I am a bit paranoid about the whole thing. This could all be coincidental in nature. I have no way of knowing.

He did come back to the shop, and I lied to him. I told him that I was only working at the shop part time; that on Wednesdays I got off from school to work there. That we had to break it off because I was underage. That I was sorry for the whole misunderstanding.

Okay I was mental, but I may have been caught on tape – my one prayer was that he thought he was taping an under aged woman and he got scared. On second thought, he could have just been having fun.

PS – sorry for the length of this post. Longer than I intended.


Grant said...

If he thought you were underage, that probably shot you to the top of his list. "Slutty Savannah Schoolgirls III." I wouldn't worry about it, but don't be surprised if a group of Japanese tourists approach you for your autograph. Just make sure you're presentable whenever you go out. :p

Joe said...

Who needs "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" when we have this?

Sounds like you had reason to be paranoid - and that you took a wise course of action in getting out of the situation.

Erm...I have to go scour the internet in the hopes of finding those videos now.

Sassy said...

Way to go on figuring that potentially bad situation out early...the guy was obviously a creep.

Girl Next Door said...

Tape or no tape, good move to get out of that.


Monica said...


Hope the sex was good.....but it sounds less than fantastic.

I am so creeped're compleetly understood for being paranoid.

Prata said...

The world may never know......*starts askin' his japanese friends about flicks from Savannah???*


Leesa said...

grant: your words are so, ahem, comforting. Can I sell autographs?

joe: after reading your post, my first thought was, "I hope I brushed my hair first."

sassy: This made me sick at first. Now I can write about it.

girl next door: thanks!

monica: the sex was okay, not great. But how often is a new lover great? It is like catching lightning in a bottle.

prata: yeah, thanks for the support. By the way, great story blog (Still Standing). Do you know who is up next?

~Deb said...

That's why you look so damn familiar!

Shannon said...

Smart Move there... Situations like that make me paronoid myself. If you didn't tell him you were under age, god knows what would have happened. Someone would have recognized you, that would be hard to explain to the hubby.. yikes!! But fast thinking, good for you!

*Note to self* Check closets!!

Georgiapeach said...

"I was a slut, but I did not want to appear to be a slut."
The classic No, the classic move is holding you vagina real tight, so it seems as if you haven't had sex for a while..(does not work on small penises)
Girl, you make the word vagina sound so freaky and sexy. I will adopt that view of the word from now For real.
Girl, I took some explicit photos at this girl's party (I actually took them in a private room and they were for my boyfriend). I got the hardcopies, but it was a digital camera. I haven't spoken to the photographer, I could but I really don't want him to make more copies and lie and tell me he's discarded the photos off his memory. However, just thought of my photos being "out there" is really nerve wrecking. You don't have a sense of closure.

Sergio I. Gajardo Ugás said...

Que buen blog ... un gran saludo desde Chile y visita mi blog

Sergio Gajardo

Ddot the King said...

LOL! Great story and like all the other fellas I'll be looking for a porno online with a medieval shield on the wall. If I can't then I'll just look at a porno and pretend it's you!

Byron said...

right said tape or no tape the guy sounded creepy

Leesa said...

~deb: welcome back, sweetie. Loved your last two blog entries.

shannon: not sure if the underage ploy worked; it kept him away, though. The more I think about it, if he did videotape it, perhaps it was for private viewing. Some people can be real freaky - and they can convince themselves that they are part of the porn industry. Know what I mean?

GP: about tightness - if he goes in without the resistance, I automatically say, "see, you got my juices flowing now, you just slipped right in, sweetie."

sergio said "That good blog... a great greeting from Chile and visit my blog"

sergio: loved the link the Brazillian woman playing a tune.

ddot: thanks, sweetie. The shield was on the wall, and if the action was taped, I am not sure you would be able to see it.

byron: all kidding aside, I actually shook on my way back to the store. I wish I could say that "I learned my lesson" at that moment. But I was an idiot.

Mark said...

Now I know why you look familiar... ;p

kathi said...

I've got a similiar story, but it was with pictures, knew they were being taken and I still wonder where they are. But...that's who I was at the time, not gonna worry about it.

~Deb said...

Kathi, must you always be on top of me?

~Deb said...

Oh and Kath- I have those photos. VERY NICE!

Jay said...

if there is a tape im sorry but I would love to watch it. But I hope there isn't one

kathi said...

deb ~ thank you hon...matted and hung, I hope.

Nova said...

I don't blame you for being paranoid, I think most women would be in that situation. Hopefully there isn't a tape out there somewhere.

KyuBall said...

I don't want to be the one to foster your paranoia, however...blowjob usually means blind. Anytime I'm enjoying a little skin-flute music, my eyes are usually not focused on anything but the back of my eye sockets.

Which explains why I've only allowed one girlfriend attempt that while I was driving. I didn't wreck...but, I didn't get to finish either.

Leesa said...

mark: from the tape, right? You don't have a shield on your bedroom wall, do you? Plus your wife is slimmer than this woman.

kathi: when I was in high school, I found some Polaroids of a nude woman and thought, "what happened to make this picture."

~deb and kathi: y'all make me smile.

j and nova: not certain about the tape, but I normally don't think about it.

kueball: yeah, and when I am playing the flute, my eyes are generally closed as well; sometimes opening them, smiling at the instrument and then returning to playing.

Mark said...

no shield on my bedroom wall! Seriously, I agree with you. Nobody should be photographed or taped in the act without consent or knowledge that it is taking place. Of course, even when it is consensual, tapes have a way of getting out -- how many copies of Pam Anderson's sex tape have been sold?

Girl Next Door said...

You are probably not responding to this post anymore, but I got curious. You state you WERE a slut. Something made you stop. I'm curious. What made you stop?

You can respond by email if you want.


Anonymous said...

You've just stumbled on a new twist to the age-old dilemma Your place or mine? If it's at her place, she is free of the paranoia you describe so well. No hidden camcorders, what have you. If it's at his place, it's much easier to distance yourself from him if he proves to be a creep, by leaving quickly and quietly. But he may be taping the whole session. Life is difficult.