Monday, January 30, 2006

Blogging Randomness

Like my friend, ddot, occasionally says, "I am not feeling it." Meaning I don't want to write today. So instead I will prattle on about a few things I have been thinking about concerning blogging. You know when I talk about blogging, I am reaching. For all of you disappointed, I will cheerfully refund your month's subscription.

I am consistently fascinating by the numbers of comments that certain blogs garner. In my opinion, the most comments I have ever seen are on ddot's blog. Case in point: last week, he posted a picture of a tennis shoe, and that entry collected more than 200 responses. I think my response was around 200.

~Deb is another blogger who gathers comments. Now, if you filter out the comments from women who want to date ~deb, there are still lots of comments. Someone the other day was amazed at 60 comments, and if I had not seen ddot's counts, I would have been amazed as well.

One of the first names that I really liked was ~deb's name. It is the tilde (~) in the front of her name. At first, I just thought it looked cool. Among other things, the tilde (~) sometimes signifies an individual user's Web site when housed on a server. I thought it was a clever reminder to us that this blog is ~deb's home. But the more I saw Ms. ~deb, the more I thought it sort of looked like the tale of a sperm, which is a little funny considering ~deb's decision to avoid sperm. Sort of makes me chuckle.

I have seen lots of people with part of the name muse. I so adore the word "muse." So fanciful and Greek to me.

Blogs to avoid
You know, there are some blogs I avoid simply because of the name of the individual. I do not have any blogs that I visit who are written by anyone with the name Leesa. It would be too confusing if I posted a comment. Whose comment is that, the author's or this chick named Leesa. I also avoid blogs where they aleady have a Leesa groupie. Identity confusion, I guess.

I get mail from people who read my drivel. Someone who somewhat scares me wrote me and told me some searches that come up with my blog. He said that others have accessed my blog from these real-life queries:

Google Search: tookus yiddish definition (to the blog entry: Cursing 101)

MSN Search: eating used panties (to the blog entry: Yummy Amber, Cheetos and Mr. President

Google Search: leesas stories (someone doesn't bookmark me, but looks me up on Google each and every day)

Google Search: mimeograph smell (to the blog entry: Mimeograph paper

Yahoo Search: swallow penis (to the blog entry: Penis is too much for Swedish sex exhibition

And he also informs me that by googling Leesa, my blog comes up with either the third or forth entry. Wow. And to think that someone nearly every day searches using "Leesa's stories" to reach my site.

I just scratch my head sometimes at the number of different types of searches that are used to get my site. And then I also wonder how this person knows how people get my site. And sometimes I just don't want to know.

I was pleased with my last Friday's post; sort of embarrassed by this one. Pardon my while I go pee. I have had two cups of coffee this morning.


Mike said...

lol....I've had some interesting words/phrases used that people have found my blog with...could make a good post some day.

Amber said...

I also have a lot of weird paths to my blog. I get a lot of hits from Google searches for "absolutely amber" -- which is a porny site. And I too have someone who doesn't bookmark me, but searches Blogspot for me pretty much every day. Weird.

Hope you had a great weekend!!

Prata said...

More particularly, ~username is used only when housing a home directory (typically on a unix/linux server) which has public_html within it, or whatever the apache server has been told is the "home web folder" for users.

By default that is "~username" to the webserver. To the server itself it's either /home/username/public_html or some variant. On occasion /var/www/webuser/public_html or somethin' like that.

Grant said...

Google used to point to my blog if you searched for "Ninja Bunny Dentist" which I'm lead to believe is a household term.

Prata said...

Ninja Bunny Dentist? *cracks up* Oh that's great....lolool

Leesa said...

mike: you use some interesting words/phrases as well. Especially when it comes to weird body parts (e.g., nose hair).

amber: yeah, every third teen-aged porn star is named Amber. Or so I have heard.

prata: I knew my definition was not correct, but was sure you would make it more accurate. Thanks.

grant: it is fairly easy to find a Ninja Bunny Dentist in my part of the country. It is the Ninja Bunny Chiropractor that is a bit more difficult to locate.

Bruce said...

I get hits from people who are searching for Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell stuff a lot, mainly because I've ripped both of them new assholes on more than one occasion. Also, since I put videos on my blog, I'm constantly getting hits from people looking up bands. Oh yeah, now I'm getting hits for "sex", because I posted about being sold for $12 million. It's amazing how just one word in a search engine can lead people to someone's blog.

KyuBall said...

I wonder how many people will immediately start trying to google their blog after reading this post?

Giovanna said...

My friend Jamie just posted about how amused she was that someone in Israel read her blog after googling "sat on me". LOL I have had "desperate teen porn" bring me up and several searches that look like someone who knows me and my topics and is just trying to get my url and then at the same time I am not so sure. Heh.

And yes kyuball I may just goof around with that. :p

Hi Leesa!

Leesa said...

bruce: Perhaps Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell are reading your blog as well.

kueball: a post that drives action; I hope so.

g: I get no hits with "sat on me", but I get 6 hits with "kissed me".

ProfessorGQ said...

That avoiding sections does make sense...make you wonder who is who

Rob said...

Well Leesa, I hope everything came out OK this morning -- or you're probably in a LOT of pain right now! ;-)

I forget how I found your blog but I THINK I read one of your comments on another blog and thought, "this is someone who has important things to say" (notwithstanding telling us about the fullness of your bladder after two cups of coffee!!! lol) -- and proceeded to "follow you home" like a lost puppy. I'm glad I did! :-D

Video X said...

i dont know that it's that much of a reach to write about blogging. i actually find blogging to be weird. i tried to quit...twice now..the last time i had to do it again because i thought...hey wait! how am i going to keep up with what's going on with people! it made me feel too weird to just be a commenter without a blog. dunno.

Jenn said...

Weird paths to blogs are fun! And I guess your blogging mojo's kicking back with mine and Ambers.

Shannon said...

Leesa~ It is hysterical how people find you thru google.. if you only knew what comes up on mine.. I asked for it, with my title "Do blondes really have more fun?"..I could just smack myself now lol.. Hope you had a great weekend!

Pieces said...

Hey girl! I also think it is funny but strange about some of the google searches..And I dont get the comment whore thing...I mean really I ask myself why do we blog? What is the point? Is getting a comment from a stranger important? Anyways I enjoy your posts cause they seem real...because they seem like you speak your mind and I appreciate that!! Anyways, I will talk to you later..hope you are having a great week!

Joe said...

There seems to be a lot of that "don't know what to post" thing going around. That said, you never fail to say something interesting...whereas the best I can gennerally come up with on those days is something vaguely distrubing.

Leesa said...

professor: thanks, the only clear part of the post.

rob: thanks for being my lost puppy. I take it you are house-trained. Nothing important to say again today.

VX: wow, tried to quit twice; glad you didn't.

jenn: yeah, you, me and Amber. I just don't want to go over a cliff, if you know what I mean (vague reference to Thelma and Loise, and if you (you – in the general sense of the word) don't know the movie, it was a pivotal piece of cellophane in the 1980s)

shannon: I started reading you because of your topless pics. Oh, that must be another blond.

pieces: My comments seem real? This is quite an accomplishment since this blog is being run by an Elisa program.

joe: Yeah, at least I am not making rabbit stew out of the neighbor's pet, huh? Not today.