Thursday, October 27, 2005

Mimeograph paper

I absolutely love the smell of warm Mimeograph paper. I read lorelia gilmore's post the other day, and it reminded me of getting warm Mimeograph paper when I was a little girl.

I did not know it at the time, but the reason that the paper was usually warm was that my teachers must have been procrastinators. I would be all nestled in my chair, perky and ready to learn (unfortunately, I could probably be classified as a spring-butt). And then the teacher's pet – every class had them, usually some cute girl with shoulder-length nutmeg hair and glasses – would give the first person on each row five or six pieces of paper, one to keep and the rest to pass back.

And I would just enjoy holding the slightly damp, toasty piece of heaven. I would take a deep whiff, and I am sure the teacher would be thinking, "future druggie." The druggie part never came to being, unless the chemical particles from that paper are still bouncing around my system.

Sorry I don't have any more to say today. Guess I feel as if I am spent after a hot fuck. Not even having the energy to dial for Chinese food. You know, you don't want to spend anymore energy, and the guy is putting on another condom. F-ck it, the guy is going to have to do all of the work, and you hope to hell you don't hurt in the morning. Not sure how I turned a sweet thought raunchy, but there you have it.


Samantha said...

Good, I'm glad you liked that book idea. It's a really good book and it just sort of lets you think of...well, it's hard to explain, but I thoroughly enjoyed it, and would definitely recommend it to you. :-)

And, to be perfectly honest, I am jealous of your hot fuck. :-)

Grant said...

I never liked the mimeograph smell, which is probably why I turned to pot and speed and LSD in high school. Maybe there's some sort of inverse relationship. We can begin testing the kiddies for their potential to become dope fiends with the mimeograph test. "So, you want do date my daughter, huh? In that case, you'd better SMELL THESE TEST PAPERS!"

Thomas said...

Do you feel tired enough to just let him have his way with you? Just letting your legs go limp as he enters you from behind, a little scared that he'll accidentally go in your ass... the scared he won't... Feeling your body respond while your mind simply accepts input, barely registering that you're pushing back at him. Hearing the wet slapping noise of his balls against your clit as if it were far, far away as the build-up comes to a peak. Then the moment of wide awake soberness as it hits, cumming hard and feeling his cock begin to throb in you. Oh fuck, did he have a condom on? Then the sensations making you not care, even wanting to feel him spray-paint you on the inside with hot sticky cum. Cumming again at the thought of innocently coming home while your panties are slowly becoming saturated with sticky semen.

That tired?

Doublebogie said...

Funny,,,,, I've never had a problem with doing all the work which is the way it usually turns out anyway.
Oh! and I kinda miss having a sore dick in the morning

kathi said...

Sounds like you're off to a great start for the day. I'm jealous.

Spider Girl said...

Me, I loved the smell of fresh crayons....mmmmm...waxy..... :)

midwest_hick said... least he had a condom huh?....have a super weekend!

The Zombie Lama said...

Actually all of my thoughts of school eventually turn dirty, thanks to my science teacher Mrs. I believe it is from watching her that I truly developed a deep appreciation for the female bottom.