Thursday, October 06, 2005

Breast Feeding Your Dollie

Yesterday, I was a bit bored so I was looking at other people's blogs. Normally I have a few that I see every day, and I don't venture that far outside of my "neighborhood." Well, I have seen this thing called HNT (half-nekid Thursday), and Video X gave a link to the "rules" on her latest post. [Side note: I predict half the men are now picturing me and Video X in a pillow fight at a sleepover. Men!] Well, I saw the rules (really guidelines), then I ventured to what could be the originator of this bizarre practice (bizarre in a good way, HNT, tags, and other things seem common words to this new blogging thing, all bizarre but good).

Well, she had a link to her flicker site, and I saw the most adorable picture ever. I don't want to post the picture directly on my blog, because it is definitely her picture – and so cute. It is a picture of her breast feeding, and her little girl breast feeding a doll at the same time.

Aside from being cute, it got me to thinking – you know, we pattern ourselves so our children (I am talking about society as a whole) to duplicate the things we want them to do. We give them allowance in hopes they get good at saving and using money thoughtfully. We give them money to put in the Church collection plate – heck, partly because we probably want other families to see how good we are doing as parents. Most of us try and refrain from cursing at cars when we are driving with our little angels in the car. But I don't see a push to pattern our little girls to breast feed (even though it is suppose to be so good for the growing baby).

Just a thought – sorry for the lack of gratuitous sexual chatter today. Guess I was not in the mood.


ken said...

this is the lure to me of blogs....entertaining, diverse and of genuine life experiences....though i do love the lure of other interests as well....great pic , does inspire and warm the little girl is grown, on her own, and as my son is now newly married, will see the children they create one day...but not toooo soon....thanks leesa, you do inspire!

Spexial said...

awwwwwwwwwww i saw the pic and it's simply adorable!

and i couldn't agree with you more...

kathi said...

How precious was that picture?? Never thought about that part of raising girls. I've got 2 guys, but I try to raise by a good example, and chances are it's mad me a MUCH better person than I'd been otherwise.
I think the breastfeeding is a maternal instinct you either have or don't. My mom didn't, but I can't imagine having NOT done it. My kids have always been healthy too. Not saying the studies are all correct, just that mine are healthy.
Thanks for the pic and for the thoughts.

Jade Falcon Elite said...

Pardon me,

Stumbled onto your blog and thought your blog's written articles are nice. I am from Singapore. U r pretty far away but good to have read your blog. Cheers!

Ddot the King said...

It really was a nice pic. It even warmed my cold heart. I have nothing to say other than awwwwwww!! :) Holla at me L-boogie!

Samantha said...

Hm. Interesting point, but I wonder how you would go about letting a little girl know that it was okay to be in public and her holding a little plastic doll up to her nipple with part of her shirt down.

...just a thought. :-) Do you have any kids? I'm asking because I don't and maybe you were a better authority on this.

The Seeker said...

Gratuitous sexual chatter isn't easy to write everyday, but feel free to send people my way. I managed two in a row... lol (Yeah, get your mind out of, into, out of, into the gutter.)

ken said...
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Leesa said...

samantha: No authority on children, but I would think we want to pattern behaviors that we would like to see them repeat. I thought the pic was in a private home, not in public.

ddot: I think you are a softie under your macho image. Either that or you play the softie when you want to score.

jade falcon: You honor me with your comments.

ken: Thanks for the note this am.

Video X said...

yeah...i dont venture very far either.

HAHAHA! pillow fight. you're probably right.

thanks for the correction...i should have put guidelines instead of rules...i meant to change it but i was lazy.

that picture is quite adorable! once again...i love your thoughts on this stuff!

Samantha said...

Oooh, you're right. The picture is in a private home. I was just trying to think about what if your daughter pretended to breast-feed in public (since you condone it in private, she might whip it out in public).

Good topic! :-)

...and any future thoughts on having kids?