Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Extra Entry Today - Joke

I just found this really cute joke I want to share:

Jane was sitting in anatomy class on day when her teacher asked her a question. He inquired, “What grows to 10 times its original size when excited?” Jane blushed and said that she didn't know. Jimmy raised his hand and said, “I know! The pupil of the eye.” The teacher replied, “Yes, very good Jimmy.” The teacher turned to Jane and said, “Jane I have three things to say to you: One -- you have a very dirty mind. Two -- you haven't been studying hard enough. And three -- you're going to be very disappointed!”

I got it from Bad Girl's Hotbox. I have not really poked around the blog, looks like something more professionally done (maybe to drive traffic to paid sites).


kathi said...

Well, there was that one guy in Indianapolis...but other than that...I'd have to say yeah...disappointment. LOL, too funny.

Spexial said...

well i guess i have a dirty mind as well because I damn sure thought the same @ jane..hahahahaha

Mark said...

Wow ... I was thinking my imagination expanded 10 times when excited... ;p