Monday, October 03, 2005

Striking People

Today I would like to talk about striking people – not hitting the crap out of anyone, but looking at someone and not being able to take your eyes off of them. Georgia is in a warm climate, and this climate has its advantages. For instance, there are a group of guys who jog at the same time each day. I am sure they are into some type of collegiate sports, and frankly, I don’t care which sport. All I know is that I see them jogging every day, and they are beefcakes. I hunger for them, I lust for them, I . . . am getting off track. But these young men are not necessarily striking.

I really think there are a few men and women who are incredibly beautiful, that you can’t help buy drink their images into your brain. And, I am not sure, but I think the experience is different for different people. I was on a square the other day, eating lunch, and I saw this one woman. As you know, I am no lesbo, but I do enjoy the female form. This woman sat on a bench near me – she had luscious red hair to her mid-back, crystal blue eyes and a complexion that was so clear, except for her light freckles. She was simply stunning. Now, I was not thinking, “I want to jump this woman.” I sat there silently eating my lunch and admiring her deeply.

It took me by surprise because I normally find men striking, but every once in a while, some woman comes along that is thrilling. I can remember once riding a bus in Chicago, and I sat across from this one man who looked absolutely perfect to me. Not a hair out of place, impeccably dressed, the kind of man you want to enter a room clinging on to his developed bicep.

I see what I consider a truly striking person perhaps, once every three or four years. It is like all of the stars are in alignment or something. I have never approached any of these people (men or women), almost as if talking to them would break some kind of spell. And it is not really sexual in the normal sense of the word. I don’t want to have sex with these people; never.

And even writing this entry, I cannot make some sexual quip; it would just cheapen the experience.


Spexial said...

woooooohoooooooo!!!!! i really enjoyed this post...because I too feel the same way..but with women of i know exactly how you feel!

Ddot the King said...

I know what you mean Leesa. There is definitely a difference between an attractive person and someone who is "striking". A person who is striking can illicits stares even from the opposite sex. it's just something about them. Almost like you can't put your finger on it. You just can't turn away. Anyway good post....and yes I am considered striking by men and women all across the globe!....You didn't think I was going to post something without being my usual conceited self did you?! LOL!

Her Daddy's Eyes said...

I love looking at beautiful people. Not the kind that put gobbs of makeup or hair product on, but the kind you talk about here.
It isn't often that you stop dead and say "DAMN!", but it's great when it DOES happen!


P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog and my flickr! :)

kathi said...

I admire you for sharing this. I see beauty in men and women. I've never heard my husband say, 'he's gorgeous', but I say it about a woman if I see one. I have no problem acknowleging it in either sex. I will, though, tell them sometimes (men and women) what I think, if they've got beautiful eyes, skin, hair...or just gorgeous period. And though you'd think most of the time they'd know this, usually they're surprised someone really thinks so. No matter how someone looks, there are almost always some insecurities in all of us. And of course, there is the reason that I just like to catch people off guard.
But I am glad to hear another straight woman admit that she can see the beauty in women, and has the 'balls' to acknowledge it. :)

Leesa said...

spex: I don't experience this often, but when I do, the sex of the person does not seem to matter (though, it happens more with men, but it doesn't happen nearly often enough).

ddot: You knew I was thinking about you!

her daddy's eyes: I once saw someone in this classification that did have quite a bit of makeup on. But she looked like a china doll.

kathi: I absolutely love watching people, mostly for the entertainment value. But on the rarest occasions, I will experience a striking person. I sometimes wonder if striking people are based mostly (solely) on personal preferences. I can't think of a famous person I would place in this category, with the possible exception of Grace Kelly (maybe, never saw her in real life).

Brea said...

I know exactly what you mean.

LoreliaGilmore said...

I know what you mean exactly. I like hot guys in generally. I mean I never find myself wanting to sleep with your typical hot guy. I always go for the guy thats not hot off the bat. To me in someone I know....FUNNY is hot. Know what i mean? I don't I'm babbeling now. I LOVE MEN. that is all I do know.

Grant said...

I recently moved into a new job that allowed me to purchase medical insurance. I picked a dentist at random and went for a checkup. I'm not exaggerating when I say she is the most beautiful woman I've ever seen in my life. She looks like an Asian angel. I literally stopped and did a double-take the first time I saw her. She gave me a little smile in return - she's probably used to jaws dropping. I love laying in the chair, staring into her loving face as she inflicts massive amounts of pain on me. I'm glad I drank all those sodas now.

Long Iron said...

It's funny you should mention this today. On the week end I was at a wedding for a colleague, and was introduced to a couple of their friends. They were an attractive couple, and will be married in a couple of months on a beach in Mexico. But the woman was stunningly beautiful. Not a hair out of place, immpeccably dressed, dreamy eyes, teeth that belong on a bill board, and oh so very feminine. We sat together as a group for the rest of the evening and I was totally enraptured by this woman. And I truly have to agree; to make some sexual quip would indeed just cheapen the experience. Great post!

Mark said...

Good post, and I know exactly what you mean. Striking doesn't necessarily mean gorgeous or model-type.

Leesa said...

all: thanks for your comments. This is one of my favorite posts to date.