Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Brass Balls

Keeping with the theme of balls. See my previous post – I mention tits and everyone talks about balls; definitely a man's world.

Two days ago, someone called me balls-y. And several, over the years, said I "had balls." Well, what elicited the "balls-y" comment was nothing really – I just called some big shot at the University where I work by his first name. Yes, I work in a school of higher education, but I am in Georgia, people! We are not talking about Harvard. And we are a second-tier school. This is not Georgia Tech or the University of Georgia, for heaven's sake. So I called this man by his first name – by what other people said to me afterwards, you would think that he pooped marble.

I was going to say that all of these comments don't make sense because I don't have balls. True, I was not born with balls, but I married them. And now I act as if I own them.

Dream sequence. It would go something like this:

Hubbie: Ooo. I like that.

Leesa moving from a now rock hard penis and gently sucking on one testicle dreamily, then moving to the other, cupping each in her warm mouth, not really thinking about her husband at this moment. Just his penis and his two testicles.

Hubbie: Oooooooooo. [My hubbie is that articulate in the bedroom.]

My tongue dances around his scrotum, as if exploring some new life form. My probing is that intense. I pause to smell his penis, its aroma is so animal and it intensifies my pleasure. I smirk as I think of what I will say next.

Leesa: Hun, who do you love?

Hubbie: You.

I move from his scrotum to the head of his penis, and he groans.

Leesa: And sweetie . . . .

I pause.

Hubbie: Ye – s.

I gently kiss his scrotum lovingly.

Leesa: Do I own your balls?

Hubbie: Ye – s.

I wrap my lips around his penis. Conditioning, you see.

Leesa: I want you to say it. Say I own your balls.

Hubbie just now realizes what he said yes to, but since it is the privacy of our bedroom complies.

Hubbie: Sweets, you own my balls.

And now I am balls-y.


Georgiapeach said...

I am balls-y. Considering my I have asked my boyfriend that question and he has said yes...lol.

Ddot the King said...

Ok your husband is one fortunate dude! I will give over the rights to my balls any day for that type of attention!!!

Oh and by the way I actually do poop marble...

Mark said...

A guy will say anything when a woman has control of his nuts. Leesa -- you could have asked him almost anything and he would have agreed at that moment. Guys won't admit this, but when a woman has your balls in her hands...she does own them, because one good squeeze for a WRONG answer will totally ruin that mood... and we don't want that.

Brea said...

I never say, "you have balls" to my female friends. At a moment of boldness I say, "You have eggs" Am I the only one?

Georgiapeach said...

Brea you might be the only one..lmao.

Mark said...

You could always say - You have gonads... and always be correct.

Monica said...

Maybe that's why my husband is so sensitive about me touching his balls...

kathi said...

Gives 'a woman with balls' a different meaning. But any way a woman 'has balls' is a good thing by me.

LoreliaGilmore said...

I have balls too BIG ones. I got a lot of nerve also.

Ravenelle said...

You kidding me? What I wouldn't give to have a beautiful, tall, strong woman do that to me. Do as she says and life is good. I love the idea of a woman dominating me like that... If all relationships were dominated by women I think we'd be better off. But that's just me :)