Thursday, September 29, 2005

Uncle Joe

Here is what I don’t get.

Most of us have seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, right. Synopsis: Poor boy from poor family dreams of winning one of five golden tickets, where he would get a visit to a mysterious chocolate factory and a year's worth of chocolate (or was that a lifetime supply).

He works hard "throwing newspapers" to give money to his family. His mother washes clothes for the family, and here we have the four grandparents, sharing a bed, and not contributing at all.

Ol' Uncle Joe has been in bed for 20 years, apparently crippled. Then Charlie gets a winning ticket, asks Uncle Joe (his favorite) to go with him, and he gets out of the freakin' bed. Does this make any sense?

I wanted to write more, and about something else, this morning, but I am spent. Just don't compare me to a used condom (spent, belongs around a penis).


kathi said...

Yeah, I hate it when people compare me to used condoms too.

Ddot the King said...

Ok this has always been one of my favorte movies. Don't tell my homies though they might think I'm soft. Anyway it has always bothered me that Uncle Joe was in the bed for 20 years, his daughter has to take care of him and the other 3 grandparents by washing clothes and what not, and there's barely any food in the house. Oh but when young Charlie gets that Golden Ticket not only does ganpa Joe get out of the bed but he's jumping and dancing! Couldn't he have been working somewhere?! This shouldn
t bother me as much as it does but I'm glad someone else in the world is as nutty as I am. Great post L-Boogie!

Slut Betty said...

LOL ddot... I "think"... now this is just my opinion mind you... that there needed to be that contrast... that Charlie is working working working... never really asking for anything... and when this one time he does even Uncle Joe is willing to give it to him... almost like Uncle Joe was the ONLY one able to see how important it was to Charlie... that's not to say his lazy ass ways was right... but I think it was important to show this for movie purposes.

Ddot the King said...

Joe was a lazy bum Canadian Rose and he probably smelled terrible afer laying there for all those years! I get your point but he still irritates me...:)

Long Iron said...

I would expect the same kind of reaction out of my sister if by chance a pile of dough landed in my lap. Some people are just like that.

At least with used condoms, you know somebody was havin' fun!

Did'ja get your answer on tagging?

Mark said...

Ok, Leesa, I'd rather think of you wrapped around my penis than think of lazy-ass Uncle Joe.

Leesa said...

kathi: how often do people compare you to used condoms? Just wondering.

ddot: I love the dance numbers with the umpa-loompas.

CR: Uncle Joe did believe in Charlie when everyone else was just laughing at him. After I posted, I sort of thought about that.

mark: thanks, sweetie!

Hernesto G said...

I think today's audience could better relate to Charlie if he was selling his ass to score dope for his abusive Dad. Then he joins a neighborhood gang, rises to boss then dies in a gangland hit.

Sexi Blogger said...

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Brea said...

Yeah but the spoiled brat blowing up like an oversized blueberry makes the whole movie worthwhile.

The Seeker said...

Ah, the everlasting gob stopper. What we wouldn't all give for one.

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