Thursday, September 01, 2005

Most Embarrasing Pee

On Friday, I was thinking about my "most embarrassing moments ever." There have been a few of them. Probably because I am so self-conscious.

Anyway, I thought I would share one this morning.

I used to work in this office environment with like 23 women and one man. I am a big woman's libber, but let's face it, too many women in an office is a really bad thing. Well, I was friends with only one of these women – let's face it, with that many women and that much gossip, you can't really trust too many. Know what I mean.

Well, we would chat about all sorts of things – how we spent the weekend, who we thought was cute. Whatever.

Anyway, the one guy was an accountant of sorts. Really straight-laced, cute, but a bit of a dork. Anyway, Wendy (my g-friend) used to tell me that he jacked-off every morning in the men's room (he got in earlier than anyone, to concentrate on numbers he would tell us). He had never hit on me, and I had not been in an office where a guy had not tried to take a peek down my blouse at least, know what I mean?

Well, I had to be in early one morning – I forget why, and I notice his light was on but he was not in his office. Thanks to Wendy, I think he is in a stall, beating his meat. Well, I just want to hear him, wondering what it sounds like, and so I go to the only men's room on the floor, and quietly open the door.

To my surprise, there is some worker there at the urinal, just having finished a pee. Being really surprised, I say, "I'll wait until you are through – ladies room is not free." Sometimes we pee in the men's room since the employee ratio is so screwed up, and I just blurted it out.

The guy smiles and my eyes drift to his mid-section where he is shaking off. I must be blushing because he takes his sweet time putting his penis back in his trousers. He zips up goes over to the sink and tells me, "I'm all done here." I almost died!


Anonymous said...

One time I was in the car with my girl friend.I all of a sudden I had to pee sooooooooooo dad.but my girlfriend was driving and wouldn't let me out so I was shaking and bpuncing I also had to poop badly.everything was about to come out of body.I looked so stupid holding my painus and my dut.I was squirming.then I couldn't hold any more.I had just peed and poopes myself!!!!

Indranil Ganguly said...

I also enjoyed peeing in women's bathroom, it was adventurous.

Anonymous said...

where i work they have female urinals, and yes people do use them

Anonymous said...

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Kyle said...

I have two stories....

Story one - once when I was at school in year 4, I really needed a pee, but there where some children in my year who didn't like me and they knew I was despirate for the loo. They told me a really funny joke (can't remember the joke) and a bit squeazed out so they dicided it was working, after our maths test, I asked the teacher if I could go to the loo, to my relive, she said yes, but the two girls followed me there because it was recess and there was only two cubicals.
The girls ran into a toilet cibical each and wouldn't come out, I was so despirate to go, that I just peed my pants!

Story two: me and my best friend Becca dicided to go on a trip to Spain together, which ment flying in the air on a plane, I wasn't keen about the idea of flying, but Becca somehow encoraged me and 7 weeks later, we where boarding the plane, neither of us used the toilet before we got on and about half an hour during the flight, Becca told me she needed the loo.
I signalled to a flight attender and she came over to us.
"Excuse me, do you have a toilet?" I asked as causal as possable, the flight attendent shook her head.
"We do have one... But its only for despirate uses only." she says.
"I'm pretty sure this is despiratecy." Becca says for me as she squirms, the lady points to the que at the back and says, "Then there be your toilette." and she wonders back off.
"But that que has been there ever since we got on the plane!" Becca says, I tell her yo just go join the que and she'll have gone in no time.
29 minutes later and she arrives back from the toilet.
"Massive que there but I made it just in time!" and then she sits down.
15 minute later and I need the loo too, but just as I approach my buckle with my hand, the flight attendenter comes over and tells everyone the belt sign is on now, not knowing what to do, I just sit and panic.
"Are you ok?" Becca asks me as she sees my hand pinching my penis.
"I need a pee Becca." I said as a little bit dripped out.
Becca, unable to help me, just says that I need to relaxe, so I take her word for it and relaxe my mussels when suddenly my stream rushes out!