Monday, September 19, 2005

The blog blahs

I have been in a sort of a funk for the last few days. Not that things are going bad, but it is sort of like thinks are not going good or bad. Just "zombie-ing through" the weekend and the week.

Funny thing is that when I get the blahs (it was sort of like being on Zoloft), things that normally excite me just don't.

And since I have been blogging (for the last couple of weeks), I occasionally get "fan mail." Most of it is flattering, but some are just looking to hook up. All of you Georgia men. Not that you are different than other men, just closer to me, that's all. So in my non-chemical induced blahs, these "invitations" seem more like irritants than compliments. Being a little bitchy (and I am normally a sweetheart), I sometimes bite heads off.

I have wanted to write but do not feel called to write. Plus I am getting that jealous feeling – I have read lots of really interesting blogs in the last couple of days. Good writing, interesting thoughts. Jealously is a bitch.


halo said...

We all get the blahs babes. I just post whatever comes to mind when that happens, no matter how boring. ;)

And they irritate me too, so I cut right to the chase, wtf do you want sorta Im such a bitch.

Barney said...

LMAO......nothin wrong with bein bitchy once in a while....blow that steam outta your ears!...hehehe!

fantasylife said...

I really enjoy your blog. And I understand what it's like to have the blahs. It's ok! I feel blah often these days.

ken said...

the ones wanting to hook up, immediately is the reason i choose not to flirt close to home...yep, seems many women also want to meet without any sharing..WHERE IS THE ART OF SEDUCTION, WHERE IS THE MYSTERY, THE UNVEILING OF WHO WE ARE, NOT THE FEW WORDS WE WRITE AND SHARE..MUCH MUCH MORE TO WE WHO CHOOSE TO SHARE AND VENT OUR THOGUHTS, WHETHER OF PRURIENT INTERESTS OR OF THE TOILS AND WONDERS OF DAILY muse saying WTF do you want, and even that to the point comment doesnt deter many idiots...seems many men still live in the 70s era of "casual sex with every one is possible" mentality....for me the struggle is time to write, my mind is ever alive with thoguhts, and when i write the personal letters, the ones i dont share publicly, then add to the newspaper responses, (gotta respond to the many idiots with their asinine comments on katrina here in louisiana) i look up and thee went the time.....leesa, i enjoy tese blogs, the ones of rambling thoguts, it does give us a glimpse of you, and that is satisfying! no pressure, no expectations, simply blog as you feel! thanks for the link to my blog...will return the privilege when i find time to discern how to link...smiling!