Monday, September 12, 2005

Girl Talk

Girls talk. We just do. As catty as we sometimes are, we absolutely love to talk. To almost anyone. When I was working in a nearly all female organization, I still needed to talk. After a while in the organization, a new woman was hired who described herself as a JAP (Jewish American Princess).

I have lived in the Savannah area for "a while", and I really did not know there were many Jews in the Savannah area (there are actually a fair number, it turns out, and they are active in the community). I am not prejudiced – in fact cultures fascinate me – I just had no idea that there was a small Jewish culture in the area. We become fast friends, partly because I never had a Jewish friend, and I wanted to know all there was to know about being Jewish. She talked about her upbringing (grew up in New Jersey, not Savannah), her culture.

Eventually, we began talking about sexual experiences. She assumed that I had lovers who had not been circumcised (I have not), and she wanted to know about these experience. She was fascinated with uncircumcised men – went online just to look at these types of images. As we began to share more, it became evident that she had many lovers. She was perhaps more experienced than I. And as our friendship deepened, we started talking about the more bizarre things we had done.

We were talking one day – bashing men, as I remember. I was telling her that my opinion was that almost any man would not remain faithful if given the opportunity. As the example, I pointed to the lone man in the office – "God-fearing accountant nerd". I said if I marched into his office, shut the door and offered to give him a BJ, he would let me even though it went against all of his principles. [Side note: If Clinton would have leveled with us, saying "Monica just dropped to her knees and started massaging my penis with her lips. What was I supposed to do? I didn't ask for it, but I just lost control.", clinton's actions would have not been questioned. Men would have said, "way to go" and women would have said "that Monica bitch" while privately thinking "I would have done the same thing."]

Anyway, getting back to the Girl Talk, we continued to talk about how eager men are to just be bizarre with anything in a skirt. Chubby chasers, teachers screwing students, the list could be quite long. Then my friend said, "Women are the same way." I disagreed, saying something about women being choosier, perhaps stepping out for other reasons but definitely in control.

Then my friend, let me call her Jenny for sake of discussion, did something I did not expect. She kissed me. We were sitting in a small shop – granted no one was in the office but us – and she kissed me. I was shocked, because of the kiss, but also because I returned the kiss, and my tongue began exploring her mouth.

I am not a lesbian – had one experience in college (which she did not know about) – and I was returning her kiss. Our lips parted, Jenny smiled and said, "See, you just kissed me. Why? Because there was opportunity to kiss me. Because you did not want to hurt my feelings, or whatever, but you acted out of character. Given opportunity, we will all do things out of character.

We never kissed again – we did continue talking about our conquests (we actually both had the same guy once) and other sexual subjects, but we never kissed again. And to answer an anticipated question, she was a wonderful kisser.


Jerry said...

I think I've just become a daily reader of your blog Lessa.

Ddot the King said...

I agree with your friend, Leesa. Women are no different than men! Men just have to know how to bring it out of them. Great post. You have the best stories!

Video X said...

haha! well damn! i guess she proved her point now didnt she! i dont think i would be into looking at uncircumsized pee-pees. i'm glad i'm not jewish i guess!

Slut Betty said...

Yummy... I'd like to experience kissing another woman... I never have... although have been tempted before... I wonder what stops me? Fear? But fear of what? Perhaps liking it too much? Hmmm... sorry I didn't stop by sooner... and thank you for adding me to your list of blogs that make dampen your panties *winks*

LoreliaGilmore said...

I have (sadly) been with TONS of men. ALL different religious backgrounds and races and have only come across ONE uncircumcised penis ONE out of….well, a lot!

Leesa said...

Jerry: Not sure I can post daily.

ddot: I am thinking of another story right now; just have not had the time to write it recently.

Rose: Some day I may write about my college experience.

Lorelia: I have not seen one.

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Anonymous said...

You surely must appreciate that “bi curious” is all the rage nowadays (I do not write from personal experience). That was true of women studying in elite women’s colleges 30 years ago: straight on weekends, lesbo on weekdays. I conjecture that about 30% of women would indulge in a night of lesbian passion if the opportunity arose outside of marriage. In no way do I see this as threatening the moral or economic order, as long as women don’t brag about their lesbo trists.

You said that your friend kissed well; no surprise in this corner. That reminds me of a contest whereby a straight and gay bloke would each get sucked off by a hooker and a prostitute. Both blokes would insert their penises into a “knothole” so that they could not see or hear who was pleasuring them. The hooker won hands down.

Your Jewish friend unwittingly shone a light into a little talked about dark corner of Jewish mental life, namely the intense sexual curiosity. The Old Testament is the lodestone of lust=sin, but the people for whom the Old Testament is the national epic are far from unanimous in buying into that equation! That Freud and most of his followers were Jewish does not surprise me. Some years ago, my elderly Catholic mother, who exercises in a YMHA, was approached by an elderly Jewish woman she had known for years, who asked her if she wanted to learn about what gay men did to each other. When my mother primly said no, her friend said “if you change your mind, I can give you the title and author of a book in the public library that will tell you everything.” I know of this incident because my shocked mother has related it to me more than once. In fact, when it comes to the sexual radicalism of the 19th and 20th century, the only goys I can think of are Havelock Ellis, Alfred Kinsey, and Betty Dodson. Dodson, born 1929, is the foremother of all the women who have uploaded digital snapshots of their genitalia on the web. For 35 years now, she has been giving workshops and writing books arguing that women should stop being ashamed of their womanly bits.

Your friend is also a foreskin fetishist, a group whose admitted members are almost all gay men, and a category more often than not absent from web lists of fetishes. It is an easy way for a perfectly straight Jewish girl to indulge in the Other, the Forbidden, to Walk on the Wild Side. Your blog is not the only place on the web that alleges that there exist young American women who browse the web looking for images of intact penises. Although I have no homosexual experience whatsoever, I too am a foreskin fetishist, although I get no chance to indulge it, being completely straight. In the USA, a foreskin fetish is hard to indulge east of the Rockies, unless one focuses on Latinos or non-Moslem foreigners. The most likely place to find a foreskin in the USA is on a foreign grad student or along the Pacific coast, where circumcision has been politically incorrect for about 20 years now.

Sex myths said...

You know what there is always so much to be said as far as circumcision goes. I think that humans in general have a problem with anything that is different. If you are different from me then i will either have a problem with you(because of my insecurities) or i will be fascinated by you (because of my curiosity) I recently had an article on my blog about sex myths and boy the biggest issue was on circumcision. Yet the blog post was never meant to be about circumcision to begin with.