Thursday, September 15, 2005

Sophomore slump? Hardly. Rule-breaker? Yes

When I was a sophomore in college, I developed a friendship with a very special person. We were friends, and at first, that's all we were. He was a bit on the scrawny side – a skinny sophomore himself. We met in one class, and had another class together the following semester. Towards the end of the second class, he asked me out.

Funny thing is that when I was a freshman, I had a rule about not taking my belt off for three dates at least (and no intercourse until there was a ring and a wedding date). Well, I abandoned that rule before the end of the first semester – not the three date rule. I guess the first rule to go was the "only a kiss on the first date." But the three belt rule was not about clothing etticate – it was about my fear of sex, of loosing myself.

Well, my skinny friend, on our second date, asked if he could "please me." We were friends, and I did not ever see myself getting serious with him, but it was such a bizarre request. I have had lots of guys say, "Since you don't want to give it up, how about a BJ." I never quite got the logic – it is as if we were negotiating a deal, and his brain was thinking "screwing is non-negotiable," so what is on the table?"

Back to my line of thinking – here this guy is thinking about pleasing me. He did please me that evening, and on the following date. We stopped dating soon-thereafter. But he continued to visit my dorm room (and I his), depending on who's room was free. I never let him go any further, and I started pleasing him. But we never went past the oral stage of the relationship. I have been thinking about him recently – the Lilac Thief reminded me of him in a round-about way. He really studied my vagina, knew it better than most men ever cared to. Perhaps I will write a story tomorrow if the spirit moves me.


art skyclad said...

Leesa, I just discovered your blog and am really enjoying your stories (the hottest so far for me, halloween I). Am starting an erotic blog myself and am curious about your blogging experiences.

art skyclad said...

p.s. correct that to "Trick or Treat, Part I." Enjoyed the sophomore slump tale as well. Wish I'd had an "oral friend" as well my first year or two of college.

Ddot the King said...

Great story Leesa! I have to confess that even THE KING has resorted to "negotiating" on occasion!

Leesa said...

Art: Not sure I have any good advice to give. I am fairly new at this myself. Personally, I like the more cerebral aspects of writing. Hence, I have readers like ddot (who writes wonderful political pieces - funny and informative).

ddot: I think this negotiating is fairly universal.

Mark said...

You found a unique friend -- I can relate to that. The act of pleasing another person is a pleasure in itself.

The Seeker said...

I keep looking for one of those partners. I don't think I ever negotiated with a date for a BJ, but I have with girlfriends. lol