Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Blog Stamina and Friction

I am wondering I have the stamina to continue to blog. When I started, I thought "cool, a new place to add my stories." And then I got some very flattering comments. And I was hooked. I thought – I can make a post twice per week. Not too bad. But then now I have someone saying he will visit every day. Gulp. Is this what guys think about performance anxiety. I remember first learning about sex – from some very pragmatic (if not very experienced) older girls.

This is totally bogus, but here is the advice:
"You have the easy part – all you have to do is lie down and provide the friction. You will always make your boyfriend cum." And what about me? That was the sad part – that I would almost never cum with a boy (at least in the same way).

Guess I am scatter-brained today.


ken said...

i am with you leesa, even with modern conveniences, seems time is ever slipping away. i love writing and sharing, whether of sensuous interests or of the beauty and wonder of daily life.
the minutes evaporate quickly, much of it spent deciding which tales to share....your creativity is refeshing! thanks for the smiles and laughs! ken of louisiana
for me, i do post a few older writings at times, interspersed with fresh ponderings.

Barney said...

Best thing to do Leesa is post what you want, when you want, its your place huh? *winks*

Ddot the King said...

I agree with Michael. You should post whenever you feel the need. Myself and the rest of your regulars don't mind waiting for a great story!