Monday, June 19, 2006

Wanted: Woodie

My Desk
I want to buy a piece of furniture – a new desk. I know exactly what I want, and that is the problem. We don't buy furniture often – the last piece of furniture we purchased was years ago. I really don't know when we bought it. Anyway, I want a desk, but not just any desk.

We went desk shopping this weekend. Hubbie was so patient, but that was due to the fact that the US Open was being played, and nearly every furniture store we went to had a little waiting area with a television with golf playing and many husbands huddled around the broadcasted image. Not sure any child would have been able to put a Barney tape in the VCH without several dads intervening. The bacteria-infected blocks and other toys were enough to entertain the little snot-monsters.

Oh, and I want a little snot-monster. But only after I get my desk.

As it turns out, I want a traditional desk. That means, I would like the desk to be made of wood. Actual wood. Apparently most desks on the market look like they are made of wood, but on closer inspection, you see they are made of wood and particle board. I think they call it something else – composite or something – but it looks like what we used to call particle board.

Like I said, I rarely buy furniture, so I figure since I am not buying something but every 20 or so years, I might as well spend a little more coin and get a really nice desk. And I can't do it if I want a new desk. At least not in Savannah.

I go down the highway, and I see trees everywhere. Lots of freekin' trees, just standing there swaying slightly in the wind. These trees are not doing a darned thing, and what I can't figure out is why people are not making nice desks out of these trees. I am not suggesting cutting down all trees for my desk, but I am sure a desk takes less than a tree. And I am not even suggesting cutting down a 100-year-old oak or huge magnolia for my desk (do they ever make anything out of magnolia wood?). I just want a big fat yellow pine. Well, if an oak tree was sick and dying, I would not be apposed to someone cutting it down and putting it out of its misery.

I mean, people burn oak in fireplaces. Why can't they make a desk out of the material? Stuff like this keeps me up at night.

I know, I will have to figure out how to buy an old desk – probably pre-1960s, when desks were made out of hemp. Well, I could have gotten this wrong – I got my facts from an old hippie, so he may have not been all there during the 1960s. Well, he was all there, and that may make some of his statements a little impared.

Highlight Change
I just noticed that the "Highlight" button on my MS Word looks different. I think there was a patch to fix lots of security holes, but it looks like they may have also spruced up some of the buttons. I wonder if I will be able to highlight more efficiently in MS Word. Come to think of it, do I ever highlight in MS Word. Perhaps I should start.

Still, highlighting would be much more enjoyable in a real wooden desk.


Mike said...

I wouldn't recommend pine for the desk....too soft...just saying.

Stara Novalja said...


SJ said...

Using naughty titles eh? Good luck with the desk.

Rob said...

How ironic, Leesa; I appreciate being the proud owner of a good woodie too! I hope you find what you're looking for (dangling participle notwithstanding).

Once you find that massive, "real wood" piece of furniture, can a "Leesa story" of a passionate encounter on the desktop -- skirt being pushed up, panties being yanked down, as one arm of your ravisher clears a space for the impromptu activities -- be far behind? I HOPE not! ;-)

Yes, I know -- my mind always seems to gravitate to the same subject. I don't think the 12-step program is working...

Grant said...

You may have to go to an antique store. I know what you mean about the cheap furniture - it's heavier and not as sturdy. I'm going with a nice cherry desk the next time I'm looking.

Leesa said...

mike: thanks for the advice. Since I pass pine trees, it just went with the story.

stara: thanks for the spam.

sj: I normally title better.

rob: my bad, the title made your mind drift.

grant: antique store? crap - and now I will have to find one of those.

Pittchick said...

I just got solid-oak bedroom furniture not too long ago. Real wood is the way to go!

Good luck with your search.

United We Lay said...

Baby furniture is all we'll be buying for the next few months. 76 days until my due date and counting. Then we'll never be able to buy anything for ourselves again.

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Loved the title of your blog post...don't we all want a woodie? ;)

The just don't make 'em like they used to, huh? The desks, I mean...not the woodies.

Oh nevermind...;)

Mark said...

Yes, you definitely need a HARD WOOD desk. Something that you can have sex on, and if something spills, it won't make the particle board swell. Your best best for a real wood desk is an antique mall or a place called Naked Furniture -- no you finsih the wood yourself, but if you want to get naked that's good too.

Frankly, I never understand the idea of watching golf. Nor playing it, but that's a different story. Golf would be more interesting if they had goalies.

~Deb said...

Rob makes a good "point", huh? ;)

kathi said...

I'm with Grant. I've picked up a couple in old stores that I've redone, and one I've left alone. Love them. Built to last and already come with character.

JD said...

lol, too funny. love this post.

Leesa said...

dna: yeah, I am patient when wanting the furniture I really want.

united: oh how I would love to buy baby furniture!

stacey: I was afraid I misspelled it in my title.

mark: I just want something that does not move when I am paying bills at it.

~deb: don't encourage the lad, sweetie.

kathi: when I think antique, I think $10K.

jd: thanks!

~ Amanda X&O said...

Why not check antique stores for old desks? You can either refurbish it yourself, or pay for someone to do it for you.

~ Amanda X&O said...

I guess I should have read everyone elses' comments before throwing my ideas in there...

Monica said...

Leesa- try craig's list. I often see desks on ours--big behemouth desks that have retired with the teachers that used to use them. Most folks don't have the space or endurence (they are so HEAVY) for these old desks, so they usually are practically giving them away.
Much luck!

Heather said...

Good luck in your search for "woodie"...LOL