Friday, June 16, 2006


Last week, I was reading MT Leesa's blog, and I noticed that you can use some type of web page to create an image of your site, or I guess, any site. I did this (see above). I wanted to find the links and explain the whole thing, but I am scatterbrained today. And I don't want to try and find it again. Sorry – I think Lee Ann also did this.
Mike posted this recently: A British company is developing small computer chips that can store music in women's breasts. This is considered a major breakthrough since women complain about men staring at their breasts and not listening to them.

Okay, this is an Internet joke going around. But you know, I have recently been looking at more women's breasts recently. And not on purpose. I mean, if a woman wears a t-shirt with the slogan, "my eyes are eight inches higher up" or "don't look at my breasts" or whatever, I am thinking the t-shirts actually encourage the looking at breasts, if nothing else than reading the t-shirt. Being spring, there are lots of other t-shirts around Savannah and I love reading t-shirts. Stupid, I know, but I love the wit.

Walking to work today, I saw a key rubber-banded to a parking meter. It gives one pause to wonder what the key is doing there. Not a normal key, either. I tend to think they are handcuffs – Savannah is slightly decadent, and that may actually be accurate.

Well, today is absolutely gorgeous, and I am sort of sorry I came to work today. Cough, cough. Oh, my asthma is acting up now. Well, I don't have asthma, but I sort of want to use the excuse. Your boss will probably not mind too much if you can't come to work because you can't breathe. But I really don't want asthma. Just the excuse of asthma.

A really short post today. Just not feeling too much like posting. I guess I have felt that way all week. I actually think I will be busy today. Crap. And I wanted to take a long lunch, stroll downtown, watch people, avoid squirrels, and wonder what happened to the 'cuffs. I mean, don't you wonder?


Georgiapeach said...

A pic? Completely

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Every single time I try to do that web page thingie with the image of my site, it ends up blank. Should that worry me? ;)

And I came thisclose to calling in sick this morning *cough...cough*....seems my non-existant asthma is acting up too. I hate it when that happens.

Have a great weekend...;)

Georgiapeach said...

lol. Funny post Leesa. :)

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Strolling downtown and watching people sounds like a perfect way to spend an afternoon. Makes me wish I lived a little closer to the city.

Rob said...

Ah! I wondered what happend to that key! Could you send it back, Leesa? PLEASE???

Do you have any idea how hard it is to do certain things with your hands cuffed behind your back? It was sorta fun at first but the novelty has definitely worn off by now! ;-)

~Deb said...

I was wearing this tight t-shirt that said "USA" on it. Some guy comes up to me and said, "I absolutely LOVE your vowels!" I never wore it again.

Enjoy your day! It's gorgeous up in New York as well! Have a good weekend!

Heather said...

LOL...not listening to them... *snort*

Have a great weekend Leesa!

Grant said...

Why don't you use the girly excuse - PMS? Most male bosses won't touch that one, although I had to call BS on a former employee who tried to convince me she was cramping for a third week in a row.

Leesa said...

GP: I like my pic today. Looks sort of art-sy.

stacey: when you started with "every time I try that", I sort of assumed you were talking about leaving the handcuff keys somewhere and not finding them.

GP: thanks.

jenny: it is a nice way to spend an afternoon.

rob: funny!

~deb: I don't blame you either! I actually avoid shirts with words on them.

heather: thanks!

grant: I wish there was such a thing as a PMS simulator. I really do.

Mark said...

Hey, have a great weekend. Next time, don't leave the key to the cuffs behind. I hate having to go to the locksmith like that. ;)

Pittchick said...

I just bought a cute tank top that says "sinner" in red, sparkly letters. I'm looking forward to wearing it.

I'm thinking of leaving work early today. All the bosses are gone and I'm having equipment issues. I don't need that kind of headache on a Friday!

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

No, I make it a point to ALWAYS know where my handcuff keys are! ;)

~ Amanda X&O said...

I am steering clear of horses as well...

kathi said...

The only tee's I wear with words on them are usually vacation tee's of somewhere we've been. I do have one tee that I love that says 'true blue with attitude'.

I've loved it when I worked in areas downtown where I could walk or sit and people watch at breaks. That's the best.

Ian Lidster said...

So, what would be some appropriate musical breasts pieces? I kind of like Otis Redding's 'Try a Little Tenderness.'
Very funny post, Leesa.

SJ said...

For a day when you didn't feel liek posting you came up with amighty fien post.

Advice to women:If you don't want to be stared at don't wear smart-ass slogan-ed t-shirts.

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

I loved doing that link picture!

Leigh said...

Pretend asthma! This sounds perfect. Hope you had a great weekend, no more suicide squirrels I hope.

Leesa said...

mark: funny man!

dna: have fun in your sinner shirt.

stacey: seems like you are talking from experience.

amanda: good girl.

kathi: people watching is the best.

ian: funny!

sj: thanks, sweetie. My point exactly.

dr. ~deb: me, too, looks so artistic.

leigh: thanks, sweetie! I nearly posted about squirrels again today. But I didn't.