Tuesday, June 13, 2006

E-mail and Speed Traps

Wow. It is late today. I don't know what I really want to write about this morning. Actually, I started writing something for someone else's blog, something I am less than comfortable writing, and I spent some energy on it. It is a subject where I am clearly less than an expert – more of a guy subject. It deals with sweat and jock straps. Actually, I am not sure these athletes wear jock straps. Things to ponder.

Well, yesterday I did something stupid. I actually probably do stupid things every day, but a lot of the time, no one sees me or cares if they see me. Well, I performed some online test just for giggles, and it asked for an e-mail address. I know I should have used ~Deb's e-mail address. I normally do. Her address, for those of you that don't like to use your own is debs@hooters.com. Don't try and e-mail her at the address, because she filters people out. But by all means, use the address for all kinds of Internet stuff. A porn site needs your e-mail address, use debs@hooters.com. Don't worry about asking her about it, she is cool with it. She keeps her virus protection up-to-date, has rolls and rolls of saran wrap, and as a bonus, she gets flooded with pornographic e-mails. Most of them concern penis enlargement, but hey, you have to separate the wheat from the chaff (not the biblical reference, sweeties; I am good sometimes).

Anyway, I give my address by mistake, and I get the following e-mail message:

"Leesa, I know your e-mail address now. Deposit $100 in my paypal account or I am going to publish your e-mail address on ~Deb's site."

Well, here is how I think he got my e-mail address. I gave it to him by logging onto the site, and then he looked my e-mail address on google. Okay, you know it can't be Prata because he does not use Google – and he would just do some sort of peer-to-peer thing, go through my hard drive, and charge things with my American Express Card. I would not be the wiser. But this person. I just give my e-mail address to him. Arrggggg.

On a similar note, I have been looking at a police trap near Savannah lately. I go by the road and have noticed police several times. So if I get off I-95 at a particular point, I look to see who the police pull over.

I am not writing anything down, but I think they usually are pulling over young people (men and women) who have crappy cars. Okay, my car is not great, but when I was in college and just starting out, my car was really crappy too. I did not have much money, and I was pulled over a lot. Was I speeding? You are missing the point people! Police were targeting poor young people. Seems like they still are. Now admittedly, I did not get any tickets, but I was still pulled over. Because I did not smell of marijuana or have an AK-47 in the back seat, I got tons of warnings. I am guessing warnings never made it to a database because, well, how many warnings until you get a ticket? Actually the first ticket I got, I can remember coming home distraught, crying, thinking "I am not beautiful anymore. I got a ticket." I also did not get sympathy from my hubbie – Speedy Gonzales.

I don't get caught in speed traps that often, mostly because I am older and have a nicer car. Still getting caught in Internet traps. Crap.

By the way, looks like I was the guest blogger on Ddot's site today. For the few of you who have not read him, check him out on any day but today. If you want to read Leesa on Ddot, check him out today.


Edge said...

My wife got pulled over a couple of years ago and never told me. It ticked me off. She didn't get a ticket, but it's one of those things you just don't glaze over for 2 years.


Grant said...

I think women are more likely to get warnings than men - I usually got tickets. When I was young I had long hair and drove a red Honda Civic, so I got pulled over constantly. A year later I bought a black Ford Ranger and cut my hair, and I was delighted to discover I could drive like a maniac and never get a ticket.

Heather said...


Speedy Gonzales, he dates my seester.. Speedy Gonzoles dates errybodies seester... sorry.. couldn't help it!

Mark said...

Geez, if I knew I could make $$ off, it, I might have sold your email address long ago. nah. You already get all the penis enlargement ads you can handle.

~ Amanda X&O said...

I haven't been pulled over in a while... which is good, I usually spaz completely out, shakes and the whole bit. Not a pretty sight.

Prata said...

Oh I get pulled over for blinkin' too hard in my car let alone speeding. Tsk.

No it wasn't me that took your e-mail address. If I wanted to extort money from you, I'd find a neato keen way to do it. If you still have that e-mail though, forward it to me as an attachment and I'll have a gander at it for ya.

And there's that...

~Deb said...

I have been pulled over millions of times for whatever---and got away with it. Tip? ALWAYS tell the truth.

"Have you been drinking?"

"Yes! I have!"

"How many have you had?"

THAT is the trick question. NEVER--EVER say two or three. That's the 'lying test'. Tell them the truth. As for me, ah well, 7-8 beers. ;) Of course, this was when I was very young, and very stupid...(stupid part still applies here) But even if you're speeding:

"Do you know how fast you were going?"

"Oh wow, like 90 or something?"

They actually laugh at it and give you a warning...But with an email address like 'hooters', I guess I get away with a lot more, huh?

The occasional penis enlargement emails do get tossed my way. I just hope that they have a strap to go with this offer.

Ciao for now.

Your heathen,

kathi said...

I don't get the part about someone 'blackmailing' you..but I just got up and kinda tired.

I've only been pulled over once, that I remember and didn't get a ticket. I've totaled 4 cars and I've never in my life got a ticket, not even a parking ticket. Does that mean I'm still one of the beautiful people? LOL, as if.

And would you mind telling deb to get off my face, please?

Video X said...

i've been caught on those internet things before. definitely felt very dumb.

ugh...i didnt have a ticket forever...then i got one on december 23rd. jerk...well i was speeding. but i certainly felt like i was just kicked out of the beautiful people club!

nice post on ddot's blog!

Edtime Stories said...

I have been pulled over twice in three years in same school zone. Both times midday when kids should be in school. Both times with no other cars around, not like the NASCAR race on the same street at 7:30am with not a cop around. First time a warning, and I was speeding. The second time I wasn't speeding and I got a ticket he said I was acclerating too fast, not sure what that means. I did get mouthy with the guy so I think that is why I got the ticket.

I don't remember why I paid it but I did. I think my lawyer didn't want to deal with a ticket and it was only around $100.

Leesa said...

jef: perhaps it slipped her mind or she was embarrassed.

grant: yeah, I believe that.

heather: funny!

mark: my addy is not worth that much money.

amanda: completely understand.

prata: I know; you know all the stuff concerning headers and all.

~deb: yeah, when I am speeding, I always tell them how fast I think I was going, and then ask, "how close was I?" Always brings a smile.

kathi: sorry for the confusion. I was half-asleep when I wrote it.

VX: thanks for the props with ddot's blog. That was a much better post yesterday.

ed: excellerating too fast? you must have intended on speeding, but the police caught you before speeding. Funny. Well, to me since I did not get the ticket.

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Who are you kidding?! You are gorgeous..;)

And you are absolutely right about the crappy car thing. I once had an old Chevelle, the headliner was falling down, one shock was bad (which made one side of the back end lower than the other) and it was like seven different shades of that ugly rust colored primer...and the cops would fly up on me ALL THE TIME and I could actually see them calling in my tag number.

Never understood that but...whatever.