Monday, June 12, 2006

Meme from Ddot

Okay, I was tagged to do this stupid thing. I have decided since I killed on Friday, I may become a bad-ass and kill the next person who tags me. I mean, not kill, but accidentally run them over as they fall out of a tree or something. Nothing pre-meditated at all, but we know people fall out of trees and are hit by cars all of the time.

1. If you could be doing what you really want to be doing for a living, what would it be?
I would like to be an advice columnist. I can see myself getting paid huge amounts of money to answer three or four questions per week. In the end, I would probably be a callused old lady, bitter and rich, complaining all of the time.

2. If you could slap the shit out of any famous person, alive or dead, who would it be?
Um, I have OCD. I would be afraid of getting feces on me if I slapped the shit out of someone.

3. What's the dumbest decision you've made in the past 5 years?
When I decided to cheat. Dumbest decision of all. Wish I had not done it, though through the whole process, I probably am a more spiritual person now. Strange, but so.

4. Give up one for a year: (good) sex or (good) music.
I rarely listen to music, so the choice is obvious.

5. Dudes, would you rather have a big dick or a great sense of humor? Ladies, nice tits & azz or common sense?
I think my answer has changed over time. When I was twenty-one, bring on the nice T&A. Now that I am married and in my mid-30s, I need common sense a heck of a lot more than a nice set of honkers.

6. So you've been invited to an all expense paid Blogger Prom in The Bahamas. You're sitting at the bar on the beach. Which blogger do you want to join you for hours of good convo?
This is a hard one. Ddot answered it by including a ton of people in his answer. I want to limit it to one person. I guess I would have to say . . . . whatever I answer, I am screwed. I mean, I would offend most of you. I think, believe it or not, right now it would be Grant, partly because I want to know more about writing, and partly because I think he has multiple personalities.

7. Which blogger would you most like to cuddle with on the beach? (and don't defer to your current signif other either. Infidelity won't count against you. Duh.)
Right now, I would most like to cuddle with Dani. I figure, she sounds like she has not really been loved too much and she is so lesbian-phobic that it might do her some good. I think she could do with some real nice cuddling.

8. You're going on a 5 hour road trip...which 5 CDs do you bring?
#1 Fleetwood Mac, Rumours
#2 Celtic Woman, Celtic Woman
#3 Loverboy, Get Lucky (Has working for the Weekend)
#4 Queen, Greatest Hits, Vols. 1 & 2
#5 Foreigner, Foreigner

9. Would you rather bury your children young or have your children bury you young?
Too easy – I would rather be buried young. No question about it, but partly because I am not sure I would ever recover from something like that, loosing a child at any age.

10. What's your biggest insecurity?
Answering meme's incorrectly.

11.What's the first blog you read every day...or however often you read them? (And I swear to God, don't be saying mine just cuz I'm the one asking...unless of course you really mean it. lol)
First blog I remember reading was Ddot's blog. First blog I read every day – it changes. I have been reading Stacy's or Mike's first thing, mostly because they consistently get their posts out early.

12. When's the last time you peed your pants?

13. Which was better, your first kiss or your first pay check?
My first kiss! I can't remember my first paycheck, but I still remember my first kiss.

14. Do you have kids? Want kids?
Don't have kids. Want kids. Probably won't have kids.

15. You get dropped off at home after the office holiday party by your bitch azz boss that you can't effing exit the car and he peels out, runs a red light at your corner and rolls up an unsuspecting midget. The next day the midget watch groups are on TV outraged at the heartless hit and run, and are calling for any witnesses to please come fwd...that half dead midget has a family at home waiting on C-mas presents. Would you take $1000 hush money? $500? $100? A six pack?
Crap, this has actually happened to me twice. First time I took the money, and I felt so guilty I got another job. Second time I became the prosecutor's star witness. My boss is still in jail.

16. Live the rest of your life without your eyebrows or your fingernails?
Eyebrows. I would simply draw them on or get a tattoo to correct the problem.

17. What makes you angry?
Getting tagged to do this freaking blog entry makes me mad.

18. What makes you horny?
Heck, riding the bus makes me horny. Better question for me would be "what doesn't make you horny?"

19. What makes you nervous?
Police make me nervous. All of the time. I don't purposefully break laws – occasionally speed, 5 miles/hour over the posted speed limit, but police always make me nervous.

20. What makes you smile?
Watching children play, feeling a cool breeze in the fall, knowing I have helped someone, reading one of my favorite stories while sunning at the beach, staring at the clouds in the sky . . . and lots else makes me smile.


Grant said...

Can I trade places with Dani? I too could use a good cuddle. To most people, that's immediately obvious. But I do not have multiple personalities. I barely have one.

Grant said...

Don't believe Grant. He lies - he definitely has more than one personality, all of them bad.

But don't worry. I will protect you, even though you're not ethnically yellow. Come here, baby.

- Zorzan

Mike said...

Well..this is one meme that amused me and didn't mind at all actually.

Leigh said...

I know getting taged sucks at times, but there fun read!! Have a great day.

Leesa said...

grant: I think Dani would rather snuggle with you or Zorzan than me. If you want to trade places with Dani, you have to embrace religion, take about love but really hate.

mike: yeah, it didn't bother you but you didn't have to answer it.

leigh: thanks, sweetie!

Ddot the King said...

I totally know where you're coming from with the Grant thing! Half of the time I'm not sure if I should be intrigued or afraid. Good answers though and I hate memes too so I'm glad I wasn't the only one ticked off at doing it. :)

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Loved your answers...especially #15! ;)

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

I loved reading this. I think these memes are fun.

Leesa said...

ddot: thanks, sweetie.

stacey: thanks. #15 is my favorite as well. It reveals little about me but I thought it was funny.

dr. ~deb: thanks.

Grant said...

Personally, I don't see the big deal about that Grant guy. He's just your average prophet of doom. Truth is, he learned about the Giant Atomic Chickens from me.

- Vanilla Evil

~Deb said...

Very interesting...especially the OCD part of 'smacking the shit outa' someone'... I'm with you on that one!

Mark said...

thanks for making me laugh this morning!

Leesa said...

Vanilla Evil: it appears that Grant has trademarked Giant Atomic Chickens.

~deb: thanks.

mark: you are quite welcome.

Edtime Stories said...

I got to say #15 was an interesting question, best answer of the lot.

Video X said...

mental note: another thing that makes leesa use foul language -- meme's.

haha. i'd never tag you.

although i like them myself becauses i am not that creative. makes it easier. i just try to make a joke out them half the time...or more than half.

i do find these things informative...wierd...i like reading them!

oh come on!!! i told about peeing my pants!!! ;)

Shannon said...

I know these are a pain to do, but I love reading people's answers...I
It's a great way to get to know your fellow blogger alittle better... great answers Leesa!

Leesa said...

ed: thanks; my favorite as well.

VX: I think memes box me in, but I like ddot.

shannon: thanks, sweetie.

Edtime Stories said...

Hey I decided to steal this because I had no time to write a story.
Hope you don't mind.

averagedrinker said...

i can't give up good sex,for crying out loud. i also think that good common sense is better than looks. looks can't get you nowhere if that's the only thing a woman have. take for example my chatting and casual sexcapades on webdate. men there are attracted AT FIRST with looks,obviously. it's online so you're not a hundred percent sure if the babe is really what a guy sees on the picture unless he video chats with her. but the intellect and personality plays a major factor in keeping the conversation up.