Thursday, June 22, 2006

Repentance and Naked Pictures

The other day, I got an e-mail from Orlando Bloom. You see, during the filming of the new "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie, he and some chick named Keira Knightley ….

Okay, I am full of it. You see, I told a bit of a lie and now, let's see, I need to consult my Catholic guidebook, I need to repent.

I actually got an e-mail from someone else to talk about this issue. Apparently he has nakkid pictures of ~Deb and Montana Leesa, and he is willing to send them to me if I post about this today. Crap, sinned again. You see, I am not sure I am the right person to talk about this today, though if you think about it, being a good Catholic, I have repented my ass off because of my actions, my thoughts, and Orlando Bloom's abs.

Oh, back to the post.

Today, I want to talk about repentance. Okay, we have established I am a good Catholic girl (and we are not talking about role-play with knee-high white socks, a short plaid skirt and ponytails), and I actually have read some of the Conciliar Documents that explain the Church's view on certain issues. And my viewpoint is a bit difference from the Church's teachings on the subject. Please take this as a disclaimer – these views are in conflict with some teachings of the Catholic Church.

A long time ago, there were things that the Catholic Church taught as "unforgivable sins." Suicide is really the only unforgivable sin, according to the Catholic Church. But it is not unforgivable because it is worse than other sins. It is just because in the Catholic rule book, you do not have the opportunity to repent after you committed the sin, mostly because you are either in a bathtub full of blood, are in a deep sleep due to the pills you took, have fallen off a building, or whatever. Anyway, these words have nothing to do with what the Catholic Church teaches – I understand what they teach, love reconciliation, but I just think some of it is against the nature of God.

Repentance? I don't think repentance has anything to do with entrance to heaven. And that's what people focus on – how can I get that ticket into heaven. Repentance deals with making things right with God, that is reconciling with God, and I don't believe that is the price of admission to heaven. On the final day, I can see lots of Christians pissed because this sinner got in, this non-believer got in, and it does not seem fair. The only thing I can think is that I would be laughing my butt off if God used this as a test – you are pissed, please take the escalator downstairs to the home of my fallen arch angel. Okay, I don't think this would happen ever, but it makes me giggle.

"Though your sins be like scarlet," Isaiah said, "they may become white as snow" (Isaiah 1:18). Repentance isn't a supposed to be a negative concept; it signals a return to God. It reveals your genuine sorrow for having sinned, plus a sincere desire to do better in the future. And if you fall again, so be it, in my mind.

I am sure you have heard the trite saying, "God's ways are not man's ways." When I first heard that, I thought it was a load of crap. Now, I wonder. I really think that repentance is for our good, not God's.


Edtime Stories said...

I think repentence is for our own good, but I think it is also for the good of our society. When you look at the first five books of the Bible they are a study in living together. The laws that develop and the teachings of God seem to be about living as a people. Be fair, kind, look out for the less fortunate, pay retribution for hurting others, even looking out for those stupid people who might fall off your roof by building a fence up there.
You see sin, as it has evolved in Christian circles seems to be an affront, I see it as missing the ideal mark, something we are all bound to do. In the Jewish tradition we have a day of atonement, a day we stand before God to be judged for are failings. But before we do that we must get right with the people we have hurt over the previous year. We must ask them for their forgiveness before God even will take the meeting. That is a powerful way to insure that we think about how we live our lives.

Leesa said...

I told ya all you had to do was ask ;) There's no mud in those photos though.

Grant said...

Poor driving skills are also unforgiveable as I usually slaughter them before they get a chance to apologize.

Mike said...

I find myself repenting all the time.


if you resize the picture in last Friday's post it will bring your sidebar back into place.

Pittchick said...

I never went to confession before I got married, because my view is "why say you're sorry for something you know is going to happen again?" I went 2 days before I got married and I've never been back.

I'm catholic too, but I don't agree with many of the teachings of the church.

~Deb said...

Okay catching up here and then I saw "DEB' in your title of the next blog which I'm gonna comment in a few. (ha) You're a sick pup and I LOVE IT!

Nekkid pics huh? Damn that video sex cam gets into everyone's hands huh?

Suicide. Thought about it a lot. You know, not one place in the bible does it mention that you will go to hell if you decide to take your own life.....OR does it? Maybe I missed that part. Repent? Well how many people are repenting for having an impure thought or just living in their physical carnal state? That alone is a sin. We all sin. I do believe that God forgives. Just because you are in your physical state does not mean God cannot talk to you while you're making your way up to the pearly gates.......or the gates of hell. Whichever... He has the ability to talk to you and give you another chance.

YET--that is only my belief.

Moving onto the previous blog now.......

Enjoy your weekend!

nosthegametoo said...

I think repentence is good for the soul.

Prata said...

Repentence, an excuse to do wrong and feel better about still making it to heaven. And there's that then.

On the other hand, confession. Why is one man any better to talk to god on your behalf than say...yourself. And why is everyone clamoring to get to heaven, shouldn't you be worried about getting dead in the best possible condition? Sooooo many people worry about after they die, well there's nothin' for you to do after you die. You have no responsibilities after you die, stop worrying about that and get on with gettin' on as a descent human being. You know, someone that doesn't torment every living creature you come into contact with. Better others to better yourself..or somethin' like that.

If you're not doing good to get into heaven, does that make you any less of a person? *blinkles*

Advizor said...

Since God is already perfect he is beyond the need for repentance in the sense that we mere mortals use the word. Repentance is for us, it allows us to become more like God, take on more of his traits, and become more at peace with the spiritual laws that govern the universe.

There is definitely a societal benefit as well, as we try to be better people, nicer to others, more compassionate to those who struggle, and less judgmental of those who fail.

As I get older, I definitely see a need to repent, to improve, and to change the bits of myself that cause pain and grief in others. I have also become much more forgiving of others, and this is another big reason we are asked to repent, it builds empathy. As I ask to be forgiven, how can I deny forgiveness to others? Repentance and forgiveness between people builds a sense of unity in trying to live a higher ideal. We all, after asking for, and granting forgiveness, have a shared sense of trying harder not to repeats’ the mistakes of the past. This is especially true among married couples.

As I ask my wife to forgive my faults (too much interest in porn, too much flirting, ignoring the lawn, and spending too much money on woodworking tools to start the list), I then am obligated to forgive her faults. Together then, we work harder to live as better people, more supportive of the other's efforts to grow and develop.

Great post Leesa!

Video X said...

"Repentance isn't a supposed to be a negative concept; it signals a return to God."

I really like that statement! Makes me feel good.

JD said...

very profound post. of course it took me a while to get past the image of the "role-play catholic girl Leesa", but hey, i did get thru the post. ;) seriously, i agree whole-heartedly. and i love catholic girls. ;)

Prata said...

The common theme I see being represented is that repentance is good for society. Explain to me someone (if you could) how exactly 1. repentance brings you closer to being like god. Humanity can never reach perfection. Humanity is an imperfect collective that will not even begin to make strides near perfection the distance is so non-trivial as to be worthless of striving for. Excellence and perfection are not the same thing. Then 2. how repentance is an indicator of your betterment with regards to society. Just because you are sorry for something is not an act of creating a better environment around you with which to improve society in some way. It's similar to a child saying, "sorry, I didn't mean to do it." and then going and finding something else that is equally offensive to do that satisfied whatever impulse he/she is acting on and comin' back and saying sorry again.

Betterment for society would be closer to a murderer going to confession and the priest turning the person in. That is repentance. But then maybe you mean penance, which includes repentance. Repentance alone is not a bettering of a person and follow through to satisfaction (doing something to right that wrong) and finally absolution. Man can not offer you absolution and what man is arrogant enough to tell you when god has forgiven you for your transgression...yeah..exactly.

Repentance and penance are not the same thing. At least...the dictionary doesn't think so.

Joe said...

Well said (as always) Leesa - and great comment (as always) prata.

I suppose I'm one of many that are disturbed at being judged - and looked down upon - by others. My theory is that you should live a good life (following examples set by Jesus, Buddha, etc. being examples of what I'd aspire to), and when you inevitably make a mistake, you learn from it and try to avoid making it again. In the end, you don't do these things in the hopes of gaining a ticket to heaven, but simply because they're the right thing to do.

Lee Ann said...

You make valid points!

Leigh said...

Catechimsim of the catholic church! Good old cannon law. Never be mistaken, just because you sit of the front of the church every mass, does not mean you will be first into heaven.

Heather said...

Religion is one of those things that if everyone in the entire world had the same Holy book, everyone would interpret it differently. I feel that religion comes from within. Understanding right from wrong. Doing unto others. Not boinking your neighbors wife...those are things that show you are a good "person". Practicing those life lessons daily , to best of your ability and asking for strength to do better, I think that's what gets you there. Simple as that.

Leesa said...

ed: I love the concept of the day of attonement, a beautiful image of someone taking all of one's sins and dumping them in a lake.

leesa: not looking for mud in the photos, just your beautiful smile.

grant: er, um, never thought of it that way.

mike: you are a God-send. Thanks for the suggestion. Funny that I can't see your "me" picture though.

DNA: what you are describing is not repentence, and so if you planned on doing it again, you should not even tell the priest. That is not the point of confession.

~deb: In the eyes of the Catholic Church, all live is precious, so suicide is a type of murder. And the only kicker, is that if the rulebook says you have to repent of your sins and you kill yourself, no repenting available.

nos: I completely agree.

prata: you are responding to a comment, not to what I have said. But I understand your views.

advizor: interesting points. I would edit "be more like God" to "be closer to God." But I like the points.

VX: thanks. My favorite line as well.

jd: I did that on purpose. I wanted you to think lustfully about me (or ~deb) and then be able to have the opportunity to repent.

prata: Repentance and penance are not the same thing, but doing penance is part of most religious repentance.

joe: well said. I just think when others look down on me, they are trying to look down my blouse.

lee ann: thanks, sweetie.

leigh: church-attendence and heaven have little to do with one another, but for those of us who want to improve our relationship with God, church gives us an opportunity to become closer for an hour per week - and for some of us, we would not put forth the effort without it.

heather: I understand your points. Heck, most Christians disagree over very basic tenants of the church.

JD said...

oh yessss, i have sinned in my heart... (done in my best southern preacher voice) ;) all those sexy thoughts, i do need to repent. great stuff Leesa, as always.