Tuesday, June 20, 2006


I like campy movies. Not movies about camping, but really awful movies. When I was in college, I saw "Attach of the Killer Tomatoes" twice. First time I was sober and it was great, second time I was drunk off my ass, and they should have thrown me out of the theater. Great both times.

I will have to plead ignorance to the Rocky Horror Picture Show, probably the ultimate camp movie, and I have no desire to see the movie. I mean, I adore The Brady Bunch movies, and I cannot turn them off when I see them on the television. When I am watching them, I feel so happy, and I am so into those movies, but afterwards, I wonder if I have no taste. I mean, this is not Moliere.

I was looking up the top-selling camp movies on a site today, and I had not even heard of the first three movies:
1. Valley of the Dolls
2. Triple B Collection - Savage Beach/Enemy Gold/Return to Savage Beach
3. Femalien

I thought Valley of the Dolls was a book that was published in the 1960s or early 1970s. The movie was probably made from the book, but I am not sure what it is about. I thought "the dolls" were really alluding to drugs, but you know, I am just guessing here. My post is about camp movies. So back to my post.

I am not going to list a bunch of camp movies; I am sure others have. What I enjoy is that even with predictability or bad acting, you have fun watching the movie. Well, I mean I have fun sober or drunk, and sometimes sober is even better.

I don't know how many movies are made each year, but I bet a handful seem camp to us. Which, as long as you are not the director/producer/actor, making an unintentionally camp movie helps society. Unless you happen to be a Wacko Christian.

And Camp Christmas movies are the absolute best. I mean smoltz is part of the allure, and how much smoltzy can you get than Christmastime. Yeah, yeah, I know, "birth of Christ" and all, but I believe that the best thing about Christmas is tradition. Part of the tradition is watching campy Christmas movies. Oh, and before some Wacko Christian says something bad about me, I would say that Easter is the most important time for Christians.

Oh, well, as any good movie, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes spawned sequels:
Return of the Killer Tomatoes
Killer Tomatoes Eat France
Killer Tomatoes Strike Back
Killer Klowns from Outer Space

Okay, so the Killer Klowns may not really be a sequel, but it looks suspiciously like one. And you though the forth Die Hard was a little over the top. I better get back to my movies. Enjoy the day.


~Deb said...

I always had a morbid fascination with horror flicks that involved a camp of some sort. And sequals are never as good as the first movie...ever notice that?

Bruce said...

Valley of the Dolls was, indeed, spawned from the Jacqueline Suzann book of the same name. And yes, it was about drugs, and lust, and love...
If you want campy, the sequel, Return to the Valley of the Dolls ranks right up there.

Grant said...

J-horror frequently has camp value, especially the movies I call the "Blood and Titties" sub-genre, like the "Entrails of a ..." series. Although for truly bad camp value, I recommend "Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter".

Joe said...

Campy movies do rock, but I kind of have to be in the mood for them. 'Road House' leaps to mind...as does a little known movie called "Illegal in Blue" (the dialogue is so bad that it makes me laugh). I'll need to watch some on the next rainy day...

~ Amanda X&O said...

AAATTAAACCCKKKK ofthekillertomatoes

ATTAAACCCKKKK ofthekillertomatoes

(I don't remember the movie, but I do remember the song.

Shannon said...

LOL I feel out of the loop, I never even heard of these movies before, but I will take your word for it haha...too funny.

Shon Richards said...

That's nothing, I played Attack of the Killer Tomatoes on the Atari.

The Savage Beach movies are really more softcore porn than anything else, and Femalien is softcore porn.

My favorite campy movie that I had to buy in VHS was Easy Wheels. It's about a group of male good guy bikers who track down a ring of wolf-worshipping, baby-kidnapping, female bikers.

Prata said...

I have not the words....truly.

Monica said...

Campy movies :)
The most fun is using them in refrence to everyday situations and seeing who know what you're talking about...I do this often with Henry when he is screwing around on an escelator (Mall Rats)
Ususally gets a snicker from the guy at the sunglass hut.

Leesa said...

~deb: I really don't like horror movies. They seem too real. Even the bad ones, unless vegetables are involved.

bruce: I could have got the name with a multiple choice questions. Really.

grant: hmmmmmmmm.

joe: I sometimes forget the names of campy movies.

amanda: I actually don't remember much about the movie now.

shannon: I guess you have good taste.

shon: I think you have more info on this than I do. Thanks!

prata: thanks for not the words.

monica: I never saw mall rats.

Heather said...

LOL.. "Killer Clowns from Outer Space"..

I'm not big on alot of really good bad movies.. One that sticks out in my head is "Mars Attacks".. now that was a bad movie..