Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Soccer Fans and Winning

Brazilian Fan Hottie
Okay, I will admit it – I am no sports fan. I mean, in my youth, I attended lots of football games (American Football), and these were social events, not sporting events. But since World Cup is currently being played, I feel it is my obligation as a cool chick with a computer to break down World Cup action. And perhaps, dear readers, turn up a scandal that in part, sent our American team home prematurely.

I watched a soccer match this weekend, and here is what I noticed – during the preview, they scanned the stands, and the soccer fans of many teams had hotties cheering for them. One fan, the Brazilian fan to the right, was shown in two shots.

But there were other hottie fans – all women, a discrimination that I will look into in the future. It seems that soccer fans are either hottie women or men that have a bit of a beer belly. Anyway, back to the hotties.

Let's look at the teams and how they are doing, shall we?

Germany – I know, most think these women don't bathe or shave under their arms. But they don't believe in bras, either.
Brazil – they have the hottest fans, and they are also favored to win the World Cup. Coincidence, I think not.
Ecuador – did not hire hotties, England sent home.
England – er, not sure why they are still in the hunt.
Ukraine – beat Switzerland, cute, but not sexy, fans. Probably will lose next round unless they hire some more hotties
Italy – great team, and Totti's wife is often photographed, but not much skin (and other Italian hotties are few and far between). Uphill battle for Italy, though they beat Austrailia. Apparently Austrailia's hotties knew too much about soccer.
USA – we went 0-2-1, only scored one goal by ourselves (the Italians scored one for us, thanks Italians!), and we sent no hotties.

Now I am not saying that if you have hot fans, you get goal credits. But I really think the officials call fouls to influence games because the more hot fans that are on television, the better the ratings. Now, FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association, or for us Americans, the Federation of International Soccer Association, located in Zurich, Switzerland), please don't fine me or sent the Mafia after me because I am uncovering this secret, but I think I am onto something.

Warning: Soccer fans – I know you are out there. You know, the people who call it "football" and go on and on about how it is more riveting than American Football, baseball or hockey. Okay, soccer is probably more entertaining than hockey. If you tell me I am way out-of-line for posting this, well, all I have to say is that being a soccer fan limits your breeding opportunities. Actually, soccer fans either marry very attractive foreign women or live in their parents' basements. No in-between, I understand. And the odds are not great for finding that Ukrainian hottie or Brazilian momma. Actually, we have a few in Georgia, and I can't understand if you are from a foreign country and you have the whole US to pick from, settle in Savannah? I guess soccer fans in Savannah have better odds than I thought.


Mark said...

Soccer is a big thing in other countries that don't have hockey or US Football.

Canada-- hockey. You can't play soccer very well in the winter. Besides, now that Carolina won the Stanley Cup, we get to see the hotties that cheer the team on.

USA -- Football. Basketball, Baseball, NASCAR (as if it is a sport..), hockey

Russia -- Hockey

Sweden - Hockey, Soccer

I think its great that so-called third-world countries like Ghana beat the US team in soccer. It shows we are better at games where you beat the crap out of your opponent, not outrun him.

United We Lay said...

My husband feels that the current world political profile caused the refs to make calls in everyone's favor but ours, which I think was true in some cases. We both agree that the US team played likek crap this year, and is a national embarassment, at least for those who like soccer. The immigration problem can only imporve our world soccer standing.

Leesa said...

mark: the most athletic men in the US do not gravitate to soccer - they go to football, basketball, or baseball (where the money and fame is).

united: funny.

~Deb said...

They get so passionate about soccer to the point of trampling people to death!

Now I see why... ;) GO BRAZIL!

Okay, that was just shallow.

Mark said...

Leesa -- Not the most athletic men -- those guys are hockey players and soccer players -- football players play for 2 minutes max, and then rest for the next 5... hockey and soccer players would leave most of those guys playing football gasping for air as their big guts flopped around the field... same for baseball.

Leesa said...

~deb: I am rooting for Brazil now!

mark: no, you missed my point. The most naturally athletic men gravitate towards the sports I mentioned - and probably hockey up north (a southern gal here, always forgetting hockey). The center for the Houston pro basketball team was a goalie in his country; the player that brought two championships to Houston. Several American football kickers were soccer players. If you take the linemen out of the football equation, the receivers, quarterbacks and guys that guard the receivers (whatever they are called) are very athletic. Okay, baseball players can be soft - heck, Babe Ruth looks like everyone's Uncle Charlie.

Prata said...

*wades in the shallow end of the pool with ~deb..although he is clothed and not leering at her*

Yes I agree...it is shallow..but..Brazil has some really hot girls living there lol

Oh and the soccer/football team is good too.

About those chicks though....^_^

Someone find me a gf..*sobs*

Grant said...

I didn't see any Nihon no usagi, so I continue to be unimpressed with soccer. Baseball is the real sport, both in America and Japan. Although baseball needs cheerleaders. In fact, can we just put together a team of Nihon-jin cheerleaders with no team to distract us? =)

Edge said...

I wrote a post on my site about soccer and I'm sticking by my opinions. In the US we live through it every 4 years and ignore all the other time.


Mark said...

I think every sport should have cheerleaders -- even golf. Imagine it-- "sink that putt"

Leesa - I concede your point there.

Leesa said...

prata: wouldn't mind wading in those waters with you.

grant: how about them apples?

jef: so is the German a fake?

mark: thanks.

Ddot the King said...

I don't know if the hotness of the fans help them to win but they help me to choose which team I want to see keep winning so i can ogle their fans. GO BRAZIL!!!

Leigh said...

I think it is crazy how much money these players make. That is why the hotties I am sure, heheehee.

Have a great day.

nosthegametoo said...

Wonderful commentary, as usual.

Although I love both footballs, I do think people are a bit too excessive in their fanaticism.

I am enjoying the World Cup though.

Leesa said...

ddot: you know, I don't notice hotties in your favorite sport, roundball. I wonder why that is? They more likely look at celebs.

leigh: do any approach what baseball players make? ARod, for instance.

nos: thanks. I actually enjoyed the game I saw, though I will admit that I walked away from it after a while. Seeing the fans was almost as nice as seeing the players. I don't like the far shots though - where you can see the whole field.

kathi said...

So is this why I can't peel my boys away from watching the world cup? I thought it was for the sport itself...
I've not noticed the females (yeah, well) but I do love the Italian team, mmmmmm baby, baby! And, no, I'll admit it, I don't watch it for the sport.

JD said...

Leesa, for once i gotta disagree with you, italian fans are hotties too, look at the rest of those pics. there's a reason the winningest teams all have hot fans, brazil, argentina, italy, and germany (hot when you factor in the no bra thing). ;)

as for the US, we have a great team, we just didn't show up for any of the games. we had twenty some great players show up, on par with many in the world, but not a team.

soccer is a lot about heart and team play. and Mark is right, i'd put up soccer and hockey players against any other in the world as far as athleticism goes. and baseball is like chess, a pasttime more than a sport, lol. ;) jk baseball fans. sheesh. :)

we actually did very well last world cup, missing the semifinals by some controversial calls against Germany. maybe the hottie fan thing played a part there too. ;)

mal said...

wow...I think you just defined a hither to unknown principle of Social Psychology...

should we dub it the "Bimbo Factor"?

Leesa said...

kathi: the crowd is wonderful, aside from the hotties. And I love when the young men celebrate after the game - shirts off, baby!

jd: okay, there are probably other Italian hotties, but I was looking through some Yahoo pics, and they only had one.

mal: maybe not bimbos. Some are sluts - sluts can be athletic bimbos or smart bimbos. Should I write a paper on the subject?

JD said...

mal, the bimbo or hottie factor, lol, very cool. i guess that's why football and basketball have cheerleaders, huh?

Leesa, if you really want to see, under the Italian team's page there are tons of pics of their hotties. but yeah, the Brazilian one is one of my faves...

Gary said...

I'm sorry - you've all got it wrong.

As a subject of HM Betty the Queen here in England I can inform y'all that football, soccer, call it what you will, is for wusses, big girls blouses, big jessies, and other anglo saxon words for the powder puff sorts who fall over in a strong breeze and claim a penalty, or who are felled as if by snipers when you tug their shirts - its a game for cheats and malingerers and is a triumph of hype over substance.

I've blogged it on my blog if you ever find your way over there anytime - I'm not suggesting that you do or anything, wouldn't like to poach readers you know, please come right back here if you do and all that jazz.

England will be outcheated against Portugal this weekend and the drunken hordes who follow the game will riot and shed blood in the streets as always - its a very sad sport for sad losers to follow.

WDKY said...

Actually, I'm a "Soccer" fan. You do us a grave injustice!

Georgiapeach said...

I thought about this post when they won. Well, actually I don't know if they won, but someone told me that who probably didn't know himself..lol.
All I could think of was Brazil with the hot soccer fans..lol.

John Schmidt said...

does anyone know the name of the brazilian girl in the pic?