Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Blogger Etiquette

Last week, Bitch Leesa made the following comment: "I try to go back and answer people, but I forget most of the time. Is that part of blogging etiquette?" My answer to Leesa was typical wise-ass: "Leesa, you don't know blogging etiquette. Actually, if you don't answer their comments, you are obligated to send them tasteful nude photos of your self. Or so I have heard."

So I thought I would throw some things out regarding "blogger etiquette" today and see if any of it sticks.

The use of the word "Bitch"
First, I really should not be calling Leesa "Bitch Leesa." I am told this gives readers the impression that I don't like Leesa. Well, I do. I mean, we are not picking out china patterns together, but Leesa is a really nice person who I enjoy reading. I would never really call her a bitch. It's just we have the same name, and I need to be able to tell us apart in posts. Perhaps MT Leesa would make more sense. I am so illogical sometimes. So I guess my first rule would be: Don't call your readers bitches, even if they are. If they are not bitches, why call them such. If they are bitches, everybody already knows. You don't call Satan disgruntled, do you? I had to work Satan into the post since it is 6-6-06. Oh, well, maybe there are not that many numerologists who read this post. To the numerologists, there is a hidden key to this post. A hint: A – 7.

Answering Comments
This sort of goes along the answer I gave Leesa (above). If you have comments on, you really ought to answer comments, especially if your blog is not really that good. Heck, I try and answer comments. It actually takes longer than writing, I have found. But if you post a comment that is not stupid, I answer it. And I decide what stupid is. Unscientific, I know. And the tasteless nude photo line above was just to get a photo of Leesa. By the way, it did not work.

Traffic Driving Language
I have noticed that some people use language as if they are wanting to drive traffic to their site. I mean, some perverts use Google (if you don't care about the plight of Chinese intellectuals) or Yahoo (if you do care) and search for phrases such as: "pee on me" or "large penises for sale." Well, some bloggers try and put such phrases in their blog entries. They may, I am told, get an extra 10 to 20 looks because of this deceptive practice. I mean, when I write an off-hand comment about a dream of my teacher cumming on my breasts, I am not trying to drive traffic. Enough said. I will say more about this tomorrow and the next day, and ….

Okay, most bloggers go on vacation from their blog. I know I do. But many of them don't place something prominently on their blogs about when they are going to return. I mean, they may talk about a wedding or something else, and the dates they will be gone are buried in the details. I mean, some people read the same folks each day, and when you are gone, we want to know. Oh, by the way, I will not be around yesterday.

Okay, there are a lot more rules. If I don't get bored, I might continue this discussion tomorrow. Until then, I will not be writing about hot lesbian sex. I mean, I would not want to drive traffic here!


Mike said...

Like you, I confuse satin with satan myself. (Is this a comment you'll deem too stupid to respond to?)


Leesa said...

Well geez, if all you wanted was a nude photo all you had to do was ask ;)
Oh, and I've tried to do better with my blogging etiquette.

Shannon said...

LOL I spit my chocolate milk out after reading this...haha

Loved the traffic paragraph, I never knew people did that...I always get traffic about "People loving their animals" if you know what I mean, and I NEVER talk about animals, just my cat, but I think that was wayyy of topic..anyways I am rambling..hehe

Ohhh and LOL @ Mike haha

Grant said...

Tasteful nude photos, eh? Okay, please don't respond to this. Also, the photos don't have to be tasteful.

I try to respond to the comments because I've found I get more that way, not just for reasons of etiquette. Likewise, I'm more likely to comment if I think I'll get a response.

Hail Satan. Get your evil on. >=)

Georgiapeach said...

I am often to shy to answer comments.

Leesa said...

mike: you confuse satin with Satan? I confuse burlap with Satan myself. Satin sheets = heavenly. Burlap sheets = what the hell?

leesa: the direct approach. Why did I not think of that?

shannon: I get it. You love your cat, but you don't love your cat!

grant: I'll share the photos I get from Leesa. I think they involve cowboy hats and rope. Can't be sure.

GP: you are not shy, sweetie!

Shon Richards said...

Not to be a numerology nerd, but they have found recently that the math was wrong on 6-6-6 and that the real mark of the Beast was 6-1-6.

As far as comments go, I found that it took a really extraordinary blog for me to keep reading if they never anwsered comments. And if they only answer their personal friends' comments, I will stop regardless. I like blogs as a conversation, not as a Talk-At-Me place. I got my mom for that.

Tony said...

I was googling "Hot Lesbian Sex" when I came upon your site (no pun intended)
Two Leesa's. Definately confusing. You had me going when I thought you were sending out nude pictures of yourself. Then I understood what you were talking about. Oh well.
"I will say more about this tomorrow and the next day, and..." is this in reference to the teacher cumming on your breasts or Traffic Driving Language? If it's about your breasts I'll have to postpone my blogging vacation. If it's about the Traffic Driving Language, well, I'll still have to postpone my blogging vacation just to read what you have to say.


Edge said...

Hmmm ... I'm not shure who to respond to with anything other than, can I have a nude pic of you? *snicker*


Karl said...

First, love the rules. I have lots of similar rules/pet peeves myself. Days when I decide to detail them in a post are fun ones indeed.

Second, I agree with Tony. Two Leesas confuses me, though I admit confusing me is not exactly a difficult task.

Third, if there are nude photos being sent around, put me on the list! heh.

Joe said...

Please don't answer this comment. I'll be checking my e-mail...

Hold on, I think this qualifies as a stupid comment. Curses! Foiled again!

Mark said...

Wow, the seach for "cumming on breasts" took me directly here...

Leesa said...

shon: you do understand that 6-6-6 meant Nero? Also, I went to someone's blog that had comments turned off, and you read the blog differently.

tony: too funny!

jef: no. Crap, I answered you so no pic!

karl: I actually wrote about it once.

joe: I am trying to think of this circular logic, and if I did not write this, I guess you would have gotten to me. Also, Leesa never sent me her pic either.

mark: I figured you would find me with that one!

minijonb said...

shon: I live in the 6-1-6... area code, that is. Full of Dutch conservative West Michigan folks who don't get Devil jokes. My numerological 060606060606 jokes only get traction in cyberspace.

leesa: I told you the "tasteful nude photo" joke was some funny stuff. People have found me recently when they search for "checkoutmybreasts.com model" ... I get a laugh out of it every time.

JD said...

very cool post. i agree about the tasteful nude photo rule. i think i read that somewhere, it's an actual rule. ;) and that explains why you hardly ever reply to my comments. i stand corrected. ;)

kathi said...

I'm glad you started talking about the 'other' leesa, because now I'm a huge fan of hers, too. Love her pictures! I'd really like to have her life, out in the middle of nowhere surrounded by beautiful scenery.
But, apparently, I miss you when you're gone. I try to check on you daily and when you're gone for a few, I guess I want to know you're okay...cause I love ya.

Pittchick said...

I like comments because you find more interesting bloggers to read that way. I'm too lazy to actually search for a topic, I just blog hop through people's comments. Of course, the only down side to that is I rarelt remember all the places I've stopped by.

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

I'm patheticly anal about answering my comments...I can't NOT answer them. And I've tried to take a vacation from my blog...which lasted a whole two days. Another thing I can't NOT do is blog.

And my favorite Traffic Driving phrase is "fuckin' asswipe"...so I doubt there'd be much traffic directed to my site with that word, you think? :)

halo said...

My blogging etiquette sucks. I know I know. Id like to say Im working on it, but, Im not and that would just be lying. Perhaps I should just turn them back off.


Monica said...

My blog went on vacation. I didn't get to go with it, but I guess it's taking the summer off. Maybe.
What is it about warm weather? It has been damn near hot here, and I am feeling the word "sultry" intensly (or maybe it's just that Janis Joplin is singing "Summertime" on the MP3 list right now)

Leesa said...

minijonb: notice that there is no 666 area code?

jd: I think you are mixing me up with ~deb.

kathi: I'd like Leesa's life as well.

dna: yeah, I have found people based on their comments. Good point.

stacy: notice how everything leads to your ass. Anal about comments. Check out other women's asses to compare to yours. Favorite Traffic Driving phrase is "fuckin' asswipe". But I won't wonder what this is about.

halo: I was not talking about you, sweetie. I actually was so impressed when you turned off comments. I really was.

monica: well, please post that you will be on vacation. I have seen your cupcake post several times.