Friday, June 30, 2006

From Parisian to Passion Part II

As we were leaving the mall, Jay looked at me and said, "Not so fast. I want you to enter my hotel room in the clothes I purchased for you. I want to see you all dolled up."

The first impression that I got were the peculiar words "dolled up." That seemed very archaic, and I wondered how old he was. Not that I cared, but I started realizing I knew little about this man. Really, little about him.

I ducked into the bathroom, entered a stall and changed quickly. Black lace panties, little black dress, and then slipped on high heel shoes that were a little high for my tastes. I placed all of my clothes inside the largest bag, looked in the mirror, and thought, "It looks like I came to the mall this way." The only thing I was missing were stockings.

As I exited the bathroom, Jay grinned, and then we started out, him placing his hand in the small of my back, "our fist real touch." I nearly melted.

We drove separate cars to his hotel. He was working in Savannah for a project, or so he told me. I wondered if he made the trip just for me.

We parked next to one another, and I was going to take in my clothes as well, and Jay stopped me.

"Aren't these other clothes good enough for you, sweetie?"

I unlocked my car and placed them in the trunk, while mustering a "yes dear."

I really did not know if he was who he claimed he was, a long-term tenant in a very nice hotel only blocks from the river, so to test the man I was about go to bed with, I started over at the desk. The man behind the desk said, "Good afternoon, Jay, did Kay leave earlier today?"

He said he had a wife named Kay, and obviously the guy behind the desk knows him.

I extended my hand and said without batting an eye, "My name is Kim; I am Jay's niece, and Uncle Jay is showing me around Savannah. Right, Uncle Jay?"

As the elevator door closed, we erupted in laughter. And after the laughter subsided, Jay said, "No problem, niece Kim." And he pinched me playfully on the bottom. This was going to be fun, I thought!

We entered the hotel room quickly, and as soon as Jay locked the door, I was kissing his neck, touching his bulge, basically attaching him.

He recoiled a little, and I sensed he wanted to take it slow, enjoying me. We held hands, and he looked me from head to toe, saying, "Leesa, you really look good."

"Kim," I corrected him with a smile.

Then he started tracing the front of my dress, lifting the material from my breast.

"No bra?" Jay asked.

"Sweetie, you did not buy me a bra today."

"Leesa, I mean Kim, you have beautiful breasts."

He lifted the fabric, peeking at my peeks, and then starting to trace my breasts, avoiding the areoles on purpose.

"Turn around," Jay said softly but firmly.

I did so, and he unzipped my dress, slowly, teasingly.

Now, I will not tell exactly what happened, but Jay touched every part of my body, slowly, wonderfully, longingly.

After dress and panties were on the floor, Jay said, "Condom or no condom?"

"You have got to be kidding, right?"

Jay looked disappointed, and I found my dress, fishing a condom out of the pocket.

I opened the condom with my teeth, taking care only to grip the outer foil with my teeth. I smiled as I did this, and his penis stood more at attention.

I liked his penis for a moment, but I did not want him to cum, so I quickly hooded his penis.

I jumped on the bed, and I notice my breasts jiggling. Note to self: don't jump after 35!

He asked me to be on all fours, and he looked at my pussy for a long time. While looking at me, I wondered what he called it: pussy, vagina, or cunt. Perhaps I will never know; perhaps I was thinking too much.

Jay's penis is thicker and longer than my hubbies, and I was wondering if I could stand him in me. I would like to report that he did not tear me up, and it turned out to be a wonderful fuck.

He wanted to christen my ass, and I declined the offer.

I took a shower, wanting to wash off all of his sweat, and mine. As I came out of the shower and was toweling off, I notice my clothing was missing. I exited the shower without the towel, looking for my panties, and Jay was grinning.

"Sorry, love, these are for Kay. Being a gentleman, I will get your things for you if you trust me with your keys."

What choice did I have? I handed Jay my keys and prayed for compassion.

Jay returned ten minutes later, with my clothes but not Kay's. Already in his trunk, no doubt.

I dug through the bag and did not find my panties. Darn! So I clothed without panties, but I did have my bra!

I walked out by myself, and when getting in my car, I noticed my Hello Kitty panties hanging on his rear view mirror. Damn, man! But what a fuck!


Yushio said...

Mmmm. I like to get all dolled up! I like a lot of action too ... what a boring fuck this guy was, c'mon.

Jay said...

Well I like it sexy

Leesa said...

fuck me: It must be my writing style that you think is boring. I am not much of a "place this sex organ in this sex organ" type of writer.

jay: thanks, sweetie

Prata said...

Pretty good. Although, there was one section of what I think is unintentional repetition, it was good.

Although I don't typically like reading this sex organ when here and did this? I do often write specifically what went where and probably how it felt to both parties. I am a glutton for specificity. Don't know why that is.

Jay said...

fuck me is a fake leesa stole that pic even

Jay said...

next time i want backside

Yushio said...

Oh yer right, I read it again, and I'm sorry, I just wasn't paying attention. I was looking for naughty words. Hot story Leesa.

And, as for you jay ... yer funny.

The Seeker said...

On the rear view mirror. Nice.

Monica said...

Nicely tied up, but the story overall lacked your usual roundness and softness. I'm not sure I would have recognised it on a group writing page like your other writings.
And sweetie, don't ever apologise for your give, we accept--you're a gift.

Ian Lidster said...

Delightful, Leesa. Thank you for brightening my day in the most delightful way.

The Provocateur said...

keep writing. there's different approaches to description. if they're true stories, then you'll know what intoxicated you in the experience.

i will be back. i enjoyed your blog...

Anonymous said...

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reader said...

nice story , i like it