Friday, December 30, 2005


Just because Shannon asked if I was back. A second entry for today:

Traditions remind us, bind us, keep some things constant in our lives. Some people pick out their Christmas trees the day after Thanksgiving, sometimes even killing, I mean, chopping down the trees themselves. Traditions are important, and it seems that this time of year, traditions are more evident than at other times. Family comes over to repeat whatever scripts are part of their tradition, dysfunctional and all.

As I have posted, perhaps more in comments, is that one of my Christmas traditions is to give my hubbie a BJ near the Christmas Tree. It started when we were newlyweds, not as a tradition, but just on a lark. You know newlyweds will try anything once in every room of the house.

And my hubbie always gets a tree, partly because of this tradition. Makes sense.

Well, this year we were at the in-laws for Christmas. Have been there before, but this is the first time with lots of people, lots of children. How the heck do we pull it off this year?

Hubbie volunteers to set up everything after everyone goes to bed. My hubbie is pure brilliant. Either that, or he wants to make sure he gets his Christmas treat!

I don't know about you (talking to the girls/women in the reading audience), but I have to plan my outfits when visiting. I make sure my sleep clothes are not revealing. You can always tell when your nipples are poking through too thin of cloth because people stare at your chest, not at your face or in your eyes. Well, I also wear dark tops so my areoles are not showing – I know, I am a prude, but I just don't want relatives looking at my tits. I am not that strange.

Well, this year after everyone goes to sleep, hubbie and I continue watching something. We really don't want to get caught, because the episode would be recounted on future Christmases – something I just did not want at all.

So we wait another 40 minutes to make sure everyone is asleep, and he asks, "Present time?" He goes to the tree, and all the lights are off but the Christmas tree – absolutely beautiful in the living room, and my hubbie at the base of the tree.

I stroke his penis through his pajama bottoms, and he is rock hard. It is always a thrill to know that you stiffen your hubbie after all of these years. Then I fish his penis through his PJs – and I have to snake it out of his undies also. I won't go into the particulars because we are married, but let's just say that I took him all in under that tree, and he tasted so strong.

Afterwards, we started getting out everything for all of the stockings. Not ten minutes after we finished, his mother came into the room.

"Y'all still up?"

My thought was, "Your son is no longer up, thanks to me."

I could still taste hubbie in my mouth, and I responded that we would be done soon and off to bed.

Ah, traditions.


kathi said...

You've got such spirit. You always remind me of a wild colt before someone's had a chance to break them. I hope that doesn't sound insulting, because I mean it with so much admiration. I'm crazy about you.
Any New Year traditions?

Shannon said...

Awwww thanks so much for posting!

It is true that we have traditions ... everyone does, mine aren't as interesting as yours thou lol... Have a great New Year!!

I wonder how you ring in the New Year with the hubby lol..=)

wind walker said...

i love that comment about your husband no longer being up!!

great blog!! i will be coming back!

Ben O. said...

2 posts in one day!

The bar has been set way too high now.

I might as well turn in my badge and clean out my drawer.


Nice site - Ben O.

kAt said...

Nice. That's a great tradition.

Robb said...

You should really pass on such traditions to many other females! Happy New Year!!!

Shannon said...

Happy New Year Leesa!

Valkyrie said...

How does someone write believable erotica?

Please don't be offended by the question, I am geniunely curious.

(Thanks for leaving a comment, btw)

Goddess said...

Traditions must be kept, no matter where you are. Even at mom's house. It is a law somewhere, I think! :)

Mike said...

Nothing like traditions....glad you didn't have to break a gret New Year!

Sassy said...

That is HOT, Leesa. I hope you had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! Glad to see you back.

Boris Yeltsin said...


~Deb said...

First of all---Happy New Year sweetie!!!

I gotta get some traditions like that! Damn!

Always a great visual reading your posts!


When do I get MY present? I'll be waiting under the tree.

Thanks! ;)

Leesa said...

kathi: er, thanks, I think. No special New Year's Traditions. Just dressing up and kissing at midnight.

shannon: just got lucky with the X-mas tradition. And Happy New Year to you, too!

wind walker: thanks!

ben o: bar has now been lowered. One post per day from now on.

kat: thanks, and oh, my, what a picture for your name.

robb: are you thinking of your wife? girlfriend? date?

r: is my erotica believable? Just wondering. There are kernel of truths in it (for the most part). Last Flight to Savannah and Whipped were almost totally made up, though.

goddess: amen!

mike: yeah, it was a bit dicy this year.

sassy: it was hot; I love the thought of maybe getting caught!

boris: ha to you, too.

~deb: I would think under the mistletoe with you and a slow, lingering kiss. I bet your kisses make one have an almost out-of-body experience.

Joe said...

Y'all still up?

Too funny...

Night Flier said...

Now that's a great holiday tradition! I love it! :)

Jay said...

I need that tradition

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