Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Spicing Up Ice Cream

I hesitate to say this, but I am not in the Christmas spirit this year. Not sure why. I have seen others who are not in the Christmas spirit as well.

I have read other posts – some of which talk well of Christmas, some of which are stressed because they have Christmas shopping to do, some of which have little money, some of which have dysfunctional family, all different Christmases.

I tried watching some old standards – you know, the usual contenders: It's a Wonderful Life, Miracle on 38th Street, A Christmas Carol. God Bless us, everyone, Tiny Tim. But I am still not in the Christmas spirits.

Now I have done some things. I got most of my Christmas shopping done. Everybody but my boyfriend – I mean, husband. All he wants is his "Christmas blowjob." Quick explanation necessary: when we were engaged, I started a tradition of giving him a BJ by the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. I guess it guarantees that I will have a Yule Log each year – sorry for the pun. But he is so hard to shop for. The gift has to be thoughtful and not cost too much. And since he is a guy, he buys himself whatever he wants all year long. We put a moratorium on spending the day after Thanksgiving, just so I can get him something he wants. Really.

Now that I look at what I have bought, I will let you know that the people on my list that I don't even know made out better than blood relatives. Not sure why that is. Someone at the local Safe House is getting a very nice sweater – which cost more than any presents my nieces and nephews are getting. And a little 6-year-old girl is getting a warm coat and a Bratz doll, with many fashion accessories. I sure hope Bratz is in this year. The girl's mother only wanted the coat, but I want this little princess to get something else. Know what I mean? I also donated two sacks full of groceries for a Christmas meal for a family. And none of this giving has kick-started my Christmas spirit.

I really have nothing to complain about – we are both healthy, have enough money so that we are not worried about food, housing or clothing, we have good friends, a good Church. Just sort of blah this year.

I even had great sex last night – lots of passion, sweat, and sweetness afterwards. Hubbie outdid himself. But great sex does not necessarily put one in the Christmas frame-of-mind. It doesn't hurt, mind you, but it does not help that much either.

And I am not depressed, either. I mean, the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is also suicide season because some people are depressed. And that is not me, either. More of a vanilla ice cream feeling than anything. Just sort of blah, though sometimes vanilla ice cream hits the spot. You can always add fruit and turn it into a yummy treat. Guess I am looking for some fruit.


halo said...

Arent we all, darling, arent we all. ;-)

Goddess said...

I am not really in the Christmas spirit either. Most people I know are not this year. It seems odd to me, I love Christmas. I love picking an angel off the tree and buying them just as much as my own kids. I love donating food to shelters and whatnot. It makes me feel good, that at least one day out of the year, I thought of someone other than my own family, our own worries, our own problems. I probably am not saying this right, but oh well.
BRATZ are in. Dont worry about that. My daughters are both getting BRATZ. Those damn things are expensive when you have to start buying 4 an 6 of them!

Joe said...

I know the feeling. The older I get, the more Christmas becomes just a really busy time of year and the less it becomes about the holiday itself. The only thing that makes me smile is thinking about my neices and nephew on Christmas day.

All of this and I don't even have a Christmas BJ to look forward to... lol

Slut Betty said...

I'm getting disheartened by my family more and more every year... Christmas just isn't the same anymore... it first changed when my grandpa died... he made things so fun... he'd have the men pull the tree out from the window and then sit down to the piano and have the women and children sing and dance around the Christmas tree... the meal was traditional Scandinavian and it was a really good time... when he died all that stopped... and now since my father is gone as well... well it's just not the same... this year I have opted to spend Christmas ALONE... that's right... I'll be here at home all by myself enjoying lobster and a glass of wine... why?
Because that's what I want this year!

Grant said...

All the stuff that once made HKRXmasux bearable for me in the past is gone. This is overall a good thing, but I miss the xmas spirit. I think the thing to do is to create new holiday traditions to which you can look forward. The XmasBJ sounds like a good start, but there should be other things as well. Myself, I'm looking forward to Nat King Cole's music (O Holy Night is my fave), a dinner with steak and shrimp, and a devil movie marathon (Evilspeak, The Devil's Rejects, and both versions of Lisa and the Devil).

Shannon said...

How sweet are you? You donated 2 bags of groceries... good for you! I think for the most part everyone is in a funk this year.. maybe if Christmas didn't become so commercialized we would all be able to enjoy it, without the stress of shop, shop, shopping!lol.. have a great holiday... hope you and the hubby spend it doing wonderful things! =)

~Deb said...

Hey sweetie--- now just think of the people who are lacking in the 'sex arena' and going through a dry spell this year---that's enough to make you think, "Hey! I don't have it that bad, do I???" hehe!

I think everyone is going through some gray area right now, and believe you me, I think after the holidays are over with, we'll go through yet ANOTHER depression, because there's nothing to look forward to.

It's a never ending battle.


Byron said...

I was looking for some fruit all my life.I used to get a blowjob for Bdays when i was younger-but c\me to hate it as i got older due to predictability...Give him a treat..something different

Leesa said...

all: I am sort of amused. I was not sure I wanted to post what I was feeling today, partly because I did not want a bunch of people saying, "cheer up, Leesa." And you don't disappoint – everyone is like, yeah, it is sort of suck-y around here, and I don't mean someone is sucking on me!

Muse: wish I could send you a bit of spice for your ice cream!

Goddess: I am glad that BRATZ are in. They look a bit scary to me, like the designers were on some sort of coffee high.

Joe: love the little relatives. My siblings are terrible parents, but they have angels for children. Not sure how that happened.

Rose: grandpa sounds like he was amazing!

Grant: Tele Savalas was so handsome. I may have to check out Lisa and the Devil, if I can find it.

Shannon: not sweet to donate the groceries. The church gave a list of stuff, and the OC part of me needed to buy everything on the list. And what sucked for me is that diapers were way expensive. And they were on the list.

~Deb: I could just eat you up right now; thanks, sweetie.

Byron: well, byron, I will certainly not let my sister give him a BJ!

Prata said...

The spirit of christmas.

And as I set to type out what it was..I figured I'd be hanged and decided against that. So...yeah there's that..I'm not up for battling with words today.

Saturnalia....there, much more simple. There's your holiday spirit. ^_^

Leesa said...

Oh, prata, looks like I missed Saturnalia this year. Need to update the calander - Dec 17.

Here is what Seneca the Younger said about the holiday:
It is now the month of December, when the greatest part of the city is in a bustle. Loose reins are given to public dissipation; everywhere you may hear the sound of great preparations, as if there were some real difference between the days devoted to Saturn and those for transacting business....Were you here, I would willingly confer with you as to the plan of our conduct; whether we should eve in our usual way, or, to avoid singularity, both take a better supper and throw off the toga.

Prata said...

Oh it goes on until the 25th! ^_^

Saturnalia was celebrated from Dec. 17th to the 25th. Or...the Winter Solstice. Gleeful gleeful.

The Origins of Christmas...or..why christmas is a pagan holiday...and historically wholly inaccurate. Otherwise (for you business buffs) known as "embrace and extend"..in a neat little package: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christmas

Georgiapeach said...

"And since he is a guy, he buys himself whatever he wants all year long"

Is that not the truth?..lol
I haven't even began X-mas shopping yet. But I have $500 burning a hole in my pocket. I am spending all of it on gifts. When I really should be spending it on things that are way more important. But oh well. The funny thing is, I was raise not to believe in X-mas, so by know means do I have an emotional attachment to it. But I am finding myself drawn into the gift giving aspect. I love it! I love spending money and shopping, so it's perfect!
I spend more money buying my boyfriend family money then I do my own and I have twelve family members to buy for (ssssh don't tell anyone, my family would kill me!). But not this year. I am not trying to impress anyone. I am going to buy his parents a damn Picadilly gift card (you know old folks LOVE Picadilly) and going to keep it moving..lol. Hopefully, I won't spend that much. But I don't believe it cheap gifts. But I will try. I know it will be so difficult at this point. We'll see. But I hope you get in the Christmas mood. I love the idea of the bj by the Christmas tree. That is so cute. lol. I know I am going to steal that one. For real..lol. I am a thief like that..lol. But wait, I am even going to act like I made up the concept..lol.

Leesa said...

GP: the best thing about the Christmas BJ is trying to do it with a house full of inlaws. Really!