Wednesday, December 28, 2005


The girl stood, naked, in front of him.

"Tonight, sweet one, I am going to pussy-whip you. Stand with your legs apart a bit more than that."
The girl was wondering exactly what he had in mind. She trusts her lover, of course, but she was not used to such forceful language. She was excited, however, whatever was eventually going to happen. And "pussy whipped" was such a strange phrase – she had heard it in reference to her lover recently, a friend telling him that she pussy whipped him.

He produced two long nylon ribbon-like straps and threaded them between her legs and up over each shoulder. Pulling the straps tight, so that they slipped deep into her creases, he fastened the two red ribbons behind her back.

"Put your hands up to your tits," he commanded.

Mutely the girl obeyed, and he strapped them onto the ribbons. She never liked the word, "tits," she thought. It made her breasts sound more cute than sexy. She could not move her hands up without the ribbons pulling on her cunt, reminding her of her predicament.

"I'm going to blindfold you tonight, but leave your mouth free."

He slid a tight-fitting hood over her head, cutting off her vision, then he led her into his domain.

He propelled her to a modified prie-deux (somewhat like a kneeler in Church); instead of kneeling down it had been raised so that one could stand at it but have somewhere to lean ones knees. She leant forward, hands just able to reach the upper part of the structure, knees leaning on their supports, and waited. And waited. What was going to happen next?

The ribbons were pulling tight across her crack, burying themselves deeper in her flesh, and she was aware of stirrings inside her. It was going to be a long session, she knew. She fidgeted, pulling on her cunt.

"I did not tell you to move! Stop it!" the man said sharply. "However, as you are impatient, we will begin."

Clipping a hoist to the shoulder straps, he lifted her up slightly. The ribbons of nylon sank deep into her soft flesh between her legs and she moaned. Almost without thinking, she moaned.

He raised the hoist a fraction more so that she was actually being supported by the ribbons and then stepped forward to touch her shaven cunt with his finger-tips. The feather-light touch was too much for her and she came quickly.

"Good girl. That is what I want to see tonight. Immediate obedient response."

He continued to stroke and probe her lips, bringing another orgasm to her body. He moved the ribbons so that they really pressed against the now-open bud of her woman-hood and then raised the hoist another inch. She gasped as the pressure of the ribbons pushed another, weaker, orgasm out of her.

"You're slowing down. Let's see whether this will improve your performance."

The man slid a cold hard thing against her cunt, inside the ribbons, and turned it on.

"Oh my God! Oh my God! I'm being torn in half. Fuck me - please!" the girl screamed as the vibrations rammed her to yet another climax.

"All in good time, my little sweet one. I'm getting turned on just by watching you tonight."

He ran his hands over her arse as she came again, screaming her torment.

"Fuck me - please - I beg you. I need to have you in me. Oh fuck me please."

This was so different than she ever experienced. He was experimenting with her, not participating in a mutual lovemaking session.

In reply to the girl's request, the man lowered the hoist, and worked the pulsing vibrator into her cunt. Turning it to its top speed, he said, "This will have to do for now."

Watching her writhe as she was pushed into another powerful climax did turn him on. She wanted to be lowered and her lover to please her like he always had done before, but he was experimenting with her. She felt uncomfortable.

He rubbed his penis through his clothes; time enough to undress, he thought. This was going to be one hell of a fuck when he let himself go. At last he lowered the girl to the floor. She lay shuddering with repeated orgasms, but desperate to have him in her.

Loosening the ribbons slightly, the man kissed her hot cunt gently before picking her up to carry her to the bed.

There was a long pause.

The girl couldn't take her blindfold off, her hands would not reach that high, so she waited in darkness for the pleasurable torment to resume.

Eventually she felt a mouth at her fiery cunt, licking it gently, cooling it. She sighed with pleasure. The mouth knew where to touch her to coax her body back to life. This felt more like what she knew. She arched her back, forgetting that that would increase the pressure on her bud.

A smack on the leg, together with the ribbon pressure, caused her to relax again. He definitely wanted to be in control, to pussy whip her, as he had originally said.
Suddenly a second mouth was sucking her tits. What the crap was that – a second person in the room? She didn't know who was touching her where but she didn't care. She was enjoying this too much.

"More. Please. More!" she begged the unseen mouths.

They obliged, and she was soon being driven to a climax again. Her tits were sucked, nibbled, pulled, chewed to provide a deep-down sensation in her belly which responded to the probing tongue in her clit. She opened her thighs wide, welcoming whoever it was who was attending to her there. The person slid a finger into her. It moved inside her. She moaned, "Fuck me please!"

"Soon, sweet one. Soon."

The man's voice came from behind her: so he wasn't touching her, he was still watching. So her lover was not the one who was satisfying her. At least she knew that. And there were two people in the room besides her lover, a new piece of information that scared her a little. She was being touched in her most private area by, perhaps, someone she had never ever seen. Or it could be someone she really did not want to touch her. Impossible to tell.

"Carry on. I want her to come many more times before I take her tonight."

The girl felt the finger being withdrawn. Then a large plastic penis nosed its way into her. Slowly at first, despite her being soaking wet from cum down there, the thing eased itself into her. It was torment, pure and simple. She wanted the real thing but was being deprived of it. All she received was a substitute.


"You wanted a fuck," the man said.

There was no smile in his voice now. She shuddered, knowing that she had just stepped over the line. He was not the love she knew. He was somehow different.

"Fuck her hard with it. And you, sweet one, keep your mouth shut."

The thing was moving quickly now, ramming deep into her. It hurt her, almost like the person on the other end of the substitute penis didn't care whether she was ripped or not.

The other mouth continued to keep her breasts occupied, and she felt her body open in two with the building climax. She was struggling to keep her moans to herself when one bite caused her to cry out.

"Stop!" The man barked the command. Her lover was being cruel with his requests. How could she not call out.

"I told you to be quiet. As you were not, I will have to punish you. Out!"

The two people left the room.

"Lie exactly as you are, while I get the whip."

She heard him go to the cupboard and take out a short, flick-whip that he kept for these occasions. He traced a pattern with the end of it on her body.

Suddenly he flicked it sharply and the end bit her left nipple: she yelped. It stung, partly because it was a whip, partly because she could not anticipate when it was going to strike her.

"Good, instant obedience again.

Pity you didn't do that earlier, isn't it?"

She nodded, remembering not to break that rule.

He flicked the whip again. It lashed her right breast. Then he turned his attention to her cunt. Delicately flicking the whip, he made it land on her mound, her outer lips, and then her bud itself.

"That really hurt!", she screamed. She didn't care that she yelled; she was hurting.

"I told you I'd pussy-whip you tonight, sweet one."

With that he landed three more strokes on her tender flesh before bending to suck the soreness away.

He pressed a buzzer beneath the bed, to summon the two mouths.

"Continue. She will be quiet now - wont you?"

He tickled her chin with the whip. She nodded.

She felt the plastic penis re-inserted into her now-sore cunt. Or was it an even bigger one, she wasn't sure. It began to thrust into her viciously, trying to make her cry out as she was rammed towards that delayed orgasm. Her breasts were suckled and kneaded in rhythm with the plastic shaft. All the time, he tickled her chin, throat and cheeks with his flick-whip, warning her not to make a sound. She did not make a sound, and this ticking delayed orgasm for some time.

The orgasm exploded out of her, and she felt as if she had been ripped in half. Instead of stopping there, the person wielding the penis began fingering her clit, squeezing yet another two climaxes from her. She nearly moaned then, but bit it back in time.

"Enough," the man said. "Leave us."

He waited till they were alone before dropping his trousers. His shaft jumped out proud and he rubbed it briefly. It had been a long but enjoyable wait, but now it would be his turn to pleasure his sweet one.

"Scream your pleasure now, my gorgeous one," he murmured. "I want to hear your enjoyment as well as feel it."

He knelt between her open thighs and gazed at the red-pink flesh that was going to encircle him any moment.

He kissed her belly, her mound, then drank deeply from her still be-ribboned cunt.

She groaned her pleasure, "Fuck me please. You're so good! More. Oh, oh, oh-h-h! Oh my God! I'm coming, I'm comi-i-i-ng! FUCK ME!"

She came for at least the seventh time that session, not caring that as she arched her back the ribbons dug deeper into her flesh. As the after-shocks subsided, the man reached behind her to unbuckle the ribbons. Freeing her hands first, he carefully peeled the long ribbons off her, watching her skin release the fabric from deep within its folds and creases.

Unbound by the red ribbons, her cunt was red and painful. He kissed it gently, loving the feel of the soft wet flesh. She pressed herself towards his mouth, eager for his touch on her raw flesh. His tenderness brought another climax before he at last slid his engorged, pulsating, dripping penis into that hot hole.

"Oh my God! You are wonderful, woman." the man groaned.

"I'm going to ram myself right up to your neck and screw you so quickly you won't believe it. I've waited hours for this."

"Yes, fuck me silly. Please. Oh-h-h, my God, you're so big and hard! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me."

He rammed his penis into her hole, pulling back only to push deeper and further with the next thrust. She soon stopped saying anything except 'fuck me, fuck me, fuck me' over and over. She gave up on anything except taking her man as deep into her as she could, straining her muscles open and relishing the impending tidal wave of sensation.

He held back as long as he could, but in the end, nature got the better of him and with three sharp thrusts, he exploded deep in her. An answering explosion from her followed and they lay, tumbled in a heap, exhausted.

Removing the blindfold at long last, he said, "Well, was pussy well whipped? Or do you want more?"

"Pussy has been well tamed, my love. Thank you. I love you."


Mark said...

argggh. That was hot and imaginative!

Byron said...

Very very good should be reading Milo's Manara's click when you have the time..

Kanishk | कनिष्क said...

Well..that was fucking awesome...u r damn imaginative and creative, when it comes to erotica. This was beyond my fantasies..!!

keep up the good job !

Leesa said...

all: thanks. I was not sure I should experiment with something so forceful. I was going for the "so you think this bitch has whipped me, I will show her something" approach.

Sometimes women need to be dominated, I think. Some would say that we need this often.

Janeen said...

Excellent story! It was divinely tantalizing, and as you know from my blog, this story aroused all of my personal kinks. I enjoy your writing very much, you asked me if it seemed like a stretch for you, but I must say, with intensity this was written, that you are an excellent writer with amazing creativity. Would I be out of line to suggest that perhaps you have submissive fantasies from time to time? A stretch no, and excellent story yes.

And I love your comment about women needing to be dominated. I can't speak for all, but for me the more often the better. LOL

Thanks for turning me onto your blog, I really enjoyed the story.

Miranda said...

Oh her face. I so should not be reading this at work. lol...very well done.

Leesa said...

janeen: not sure my fantacies often go towards spanking, but occasionally my mind drifts there. The whole domination complex.

miranda: thanks!

Wicked said...

::leesha:: this was a good story. when you say that your fantasies don't go this way too often, "methinks the lady doth protest too much", cuz if you write it this well, you must get some enjoyment out of it, right? anyway, good, and keep it up!

wind walker said...

i saw your comment on janeen's site and was dying to read the story, i hope you don't mind...

great story....very exciting. whenever i get excited reading something, i have to call my master to tell him...

well, i'm off to make a phone call...

superlong said...

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Advizor said...


I miss reading your blog, and I don't know if you are even reading comments any more, but this story has always been one of my favorites, and I should have mentioned it earlier.

I'm reading it in one of my satellite office and I'll tell you, it's quite arousing to be so aroused when so many people are walking past my cubicle. I usually read your work when I'm at home, or in my own office with a door that closes.

Thanks for writing so powerfully.