Thursday, December 29, 2005

Last Flight to Savannah

Last call for the evening flight to Savannah. It was a grueling week, and I cannot wait to get home. I will get a free weekend, not having to work on the first weekend of the month. The plane looks deserted and as the flight attendant I am relieved; it will make my evening easier.

We are about to close the door when I see you, such a handsome stranger hurrying down the corridor. I know the type – you are on planes half your life, very low maintenance for a flight attendant. You smile at me with an impish look, brushing past me, moving to your seat in the rear of the plane, very near my station.

This could be an interesting flight after all, maybe even be able to have an intelligent conversation. There are no other seats filled in this section of the plane, so I will be serving peanuts and beverages for one low maintenance guy.

I nod and smile at you as I pass by to take my seat for the takeoff.

As the flight progresses I forget about everything, immersed in my work, cleaning the galley and taking care of small details. Guess the week just wore me out. My neck is stiff and my back beginning to ache a little with the bending and twisting in such a small space. I rub it trying to relieve some of the ache I feel.

"Miss...." I turn around startled.

You are standing there with that smile on your lips.

"Oh I am sorry", I stammer, suddenly very self conscious, feeling a slight blush come to my face. This interruption brings me back to reality.

"Can I get you something?" It seems to take me awhile to get the words out.

I wonder what has come over me. You stand there with that boyish grin.

"I just wondered if I could have some water," you ask me, politely enough.

I turn around to reach for the glasses and knock a tray off the counter. I stoop quickly to retrieve the mess, and you move close and pull me up by the arms, your touch like electricity.

"Let me get that. I think you're a little sore, aren't you?"

I imagine you have been watching me for awhile. I step back out of your way while you get down on your knees. The quarters are cramped and you move closer to me, picking up all the small items. I back into the corner trying to avoid you. You peer up at me with a slightly devilish look, seeing my discomposure.

"There I think I got most of it" but you remain kneeled down, too close.

I try to get around you when you rise to your feet quickly, stepping out of my way.

"I will bring you your water in just a minute," I stammer again. Ms. Professional, I am not this evening.

I suddenly feel very warm, just being close to you; you turn and go back to your seat.

I check my hair and my makeup before carrying the glass of water to you.

"Are you sure that you don't want something else?"

As soon as the words leave my lips I know how it sounds. Suddenly I am blushing again. Your smile is comforting though, letting me off the hook.

"No, water is all I want. But it would be nice if you could join me for a little while. It's very lonely here all by myself. Feel like I am alone on the whole plane. Just hope there are pilots up front."

You seem sincere and just a little witty. I decide that it wouldn't hurt for me to take a break and sit down. After all, I have no other passengers in my area of the plane.

"Your neck seems to be bothering you."

I had unconsciously started to rub it again.

"It is just a little bit stiff. All that close work I have to do."

You smile again.... "I mean.. I mean in tight places... no I mean in the galley."

I know then that my composure and my sensibility has completely left me. You reach out your finger out to silence my lips.

"Why don't you let me rub it for you? Maybe you need to be taken care of for a change."

You won't take no for an answer, turning me around so you can reach my neck. Your fingers feel so wonderful, digging deep and releasing all the tension I feel. I begin to feel like I am melting, all stress is gone.
You reach around me to slip my uniform jacket off and down my bare arms. Your hands begin to lightly run up and down my arms.... your touch sending delightful shivers down my spine. I feel my nipples responding, a little embarrassed at the effect you are having on me but I am powerless to stop you.

You return to my neck and shoulders and relieve all the stress from them. I try to pull away, thanking you for the wonderful back rub but you aren't finished yet. You pull me back and slowly run your fingers on my neck, pushing my hair away, and following them with light feathery kisses. Your hands traveling to the front of my blouse, just brushing across my nipples. They are so erect, and your light touch sends shock waves through my body. Delightful tingles that make me a little wet down below. I pull away to turn to look at you. The lusty look in your eyes seduces me, and I lean forward to kiss your tender lips. Suddenly very hungry, we press together in a heated and passionate kiss. You kiss my face and my eyes and then my lips again.

I take you by the hand and move back into the galley. You press me up against the counter, picking me up and setting me there. Continuing to kiss me while your hands fumble at my blouse buttons. Finally slipping it off my shoulders, no bra to contend with you lower your mouth to my breasts. Instead of braless Tuesday, it was a braless Friday. Licking and sucking with intense hunger I find so arousing. Biting them and kissing them, your hands holding them, pressing your face to them – you almost make love to my breasts.

You kiss your way down my stomach, pushing my skirt up my legs. Then you start on my stocking-clad legs kissing your way up. I am squirming, knowing I want to feel your hot tongue on my secret place. You push my legs apart, my resistance only feigned. I lean back as you bend my legs and place my feet on the counter, my red panties exposed for your view.

You grin your devil smile again - knowing that you have me where you want me. Your fingers slowly slip their way up my legs, so lightly it is almost a tickle, past the tops of my stockings to my bare skin, and over my thighs, ever closer to my wetness. Maddingly slow, teasing me to gush new wetness, a dark stain showing on my panties. Your fingers just brushing the crotch of them making me gasp with a quick intake of breath.

You pull them aside exposing me for your viewing. You hum and lick your lips as your fingers just slide into my velvet wetness, oh, I can't breath for a minute. Your fingers working their way inside me and your thumb rubbing my drenched lips.

So juicy and sweet, you lick your fingers and lower your mouth, pushing my naked lips apart just reaching out with the tip of your tongue to touch my clit. I squirm and try to pull away but I have no where to go. Your mouth drinks up my wetness, sucking my lips across yours, driving me towards a climax, then backing away to tease me for a little while.

The intensity picking up again, thinking I will go mad before you let me cum. You havce your fingers stroking in and out in time with your hot tongue. I press forward, pulling your face into me, so afraid that you will draw away again, but you move your mouth and tongue quickly.

My orgasm begins to mount . . . and I cum and cum and cum. My pussy pulsates and I feel it all over my body. I have to stifle my cries and whimpers. I am spent.- in disarray.-.sitting on the galley's counter. For a moment, I forget where I am.

You rise up and slide me towards you, covering my breasts and neck with soft kisses. You pull my mouth to yours, our tongues mingle, the sweetest of kisses, the taste of me on your lips. Your fingers twisted in my hair. Your kiss intensifies and you pull me so my hips straddle yours. I can feel your hardness waiting to be liberated.

I fumble with your belt and unzip you. Brushing my nails down, lightly scratching your balls, I find your hard shaft and wrap my hand around it. It so thick and I want to see it.

I push you away from me and slip off the counter, going to my knees tugging your pants down with me. It springs forth, a handsome fellow he is with a touch of moisture glistening on the end. Oh yes, I want to taste you.

I gently fondle your balls which are so hard and slip my hand back and forth on your hot marble pole, pulling you closer to my mouth. Gliding the head over my lips with my tongue swirling all around, sucking on the head with my tight mouth. I let it slip over my tongue and pull back a little, treasuring the feel and the smoothness. You moan enjoying the sensation of my soft mouth dipping your hard dick down my throat.

My left hand begins to tug at your balls and my right hand begins to stroke you in accompaniment with the tempo of my mouth. In an instant, I begin sneaking your penis almost out of my mouth and then back down quick and deep. Oh yes! You begin to thrust it in and out.. Faster and faster, all the while I am thinking how much I enjoy blowjobs.

I know that you want to fill my hot mouth with your cum but you pull away, squeezing the base of your dick to shut down the flow. You pull me up and kiss me again. You turn me around and bend me over the counter roughly pushing up my skirt and pulling my panties to the side so you can access my waiting, wanting pussy.

You ram it into me with a quick thrust, so hard, I feel like I am being slip apart. I cry out with the force of your passion. You continue to fuck me and I am immediately close to cumming. One last slam to the depths of my vagina and I feel your hot cum filling me and releasing my orgasm with yours. Time to land.

And as you leave the plane you slip me a card with your hotel room number on it.

Looks like my weekend plans just changed. In the car on the way home that evening, I was further reminded of you when your warm cum exited unexpectedly into my panties. Guess I will buy condoms on the way home.


Byron said...

Hiya Leesa

Loved this one.I didnt like the red panties.I rather like the commando look(no panties)in stories.The air-hostess fantasy is so good.Do you really like "Justine" as a book and "Emanuelle" as a movie.If

Leesa said...

Actually, my favorite is plain white panties.

I have not seen "Emanuelle" in ages or for that matter read "Justine". Okay, "Justine" had some moments that were, over the top. But I think De Sade was clearly a master. A bit screwed up (he accidently killed two women), but a genius.

Mark said...

I want to board flight 69... that was excellent.

sjblogger said...

While all the stories were quite enjoyable and well written I have to say, this is the one I keep returning to.

Sandeep Kuulshrestha said... this flight was the flight of fantasy..but it did turn me on..

Leesa said...

all: thanks for your comments. I really didn't think I liked the style. I tried to vary the style and was afraid it did not work.

But, you know, I may be wrong.

Pirate said...

It was a great flight. I wondered why you never showed up at the hotel.

superlong said...

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Tony said...

I enjoyed your story. Maybe too much. :) I'd like to send you a story for review but I don't want to post it on your blog. I'm not sure I want to post it on mine either. hmmmm.

Thanks again,

RWA said...

Plain white panties...nothing at all wrong with those!