Monday, December 12, 2005

Babysitting Playmate

Okay, my blog is entitled "Leesa's Stories," and it is becoming a bit of a misnomer. I started out posting some stories on here. Stories that your kids should not read. And then I started chatting about all sorts of things.

Well, I am not going to tell a story today. Not one of those stories. But I want to talk about something – self-image, and I think I can best talk about this through a story.

When I was growing up, to make some extra spending money, I babysat. [Now I can here some disappointment from the guys, not a story about a playmate babysitting your little ones. You come home by yourself, your children tucked in bed, the babysitter in a babydoll reading Tolstoy by the fire. Cue the porn music.]

And those who have babysitters and who have never babysat may learn something here. For the most part, children don't want to play with their babysitters. So what did I do? I ate their food – the ice cream hiding beside the frozen peas in the freezer. And I looked around to see what kinds of people my neighbors were. First place I looked was in the parent's room – after making sure the children were playing well and safely. I went in their dresser drawers – cigarettes in the panty drawer would mean that the wife was probably a closet smoker. And more often than not, I would find the husband's stash of Playboys. All of the fathers on the block that I babysat seemed to read this tomb. Before long, I assumed that all men were "reading" Playboy.

I would return to the children, get them ready for bed, look in the kitchen for more food, eat a bit more, and put them to bed. Then I would find the Playboy or stash of Playboys and leaf through them. I would look at the glossy pictures, immediately turning to the centerfold, and look at this young woman. I looked at her with awe – I was going to look like this in a few years. I could hardly believe it or for that matter wait for the metamorphosis to occur. And I could hardly believe that a couple of inches in the chest would transform my less curvy figure to what I was staring at.

And then I would look at the biography. The playmate stats sheet. It was written in the woman's handwriting (I assumed – but heck, they airbrush, so they could get a secretary with good penmanship to write the playmate's bio), and I wondered if these would be my likes, dislikes when I was older. There was a place for "favorite book," and I had normally not heard of the books they were reading. Or at least telling others they were reading.

In my mind, I guess I was forming how I was supposed to look as I matured. Each playmate had perfect skin, and most of them had wonderful legs and butts. Each playmate had two legs and one butt – that last sentence could be a little misleading. At the time, I knew nothing about airbrushing or professional makeup artists and what they can do. Also, these women looked better than the Barbie's I had played with – I had less of a chance of toppling over.

There are two playmates that I remember from one house – they had years of Playboys in the closet. It was a treasure trove of naked women. One was Debra Jo Fondren (I had to look her up on Google (so you get a link to her site as well). By the way, her website has the following message: "Due to personal and financial reasons, my website will be shutdown until further notice. Debra Jo Fondren (03-16-2004)." Okay, I did not know she was Playmate of the Year, but she was a very memorable playmate. When looking at her, you first looked at her hair, her beautiful hair. Her hair was nearly as long as she was – beautiful hair.

The other playmate for those of us in Georgia all probably remember is – well, crap, I don't remember her name. She married a tennis player- Jimmy Conners, and she is linked forever with Jimmy Carter.
"I try not to commit a deliberate sin. I recognize that I'm going to do it anyhow, because I'm human and I'm tempted. And Christ set some almost impossible standards for us. Christ said, 'I tell you that anyone who looks on a woman with lust has in his heart already committed adultery.'

"I've looked on a lot of women with lust. I've committed adultery in my heart many times. This is something that God recognizes I will do--and I have done it--and God forgives me for it."

Okay, I looked for her name and I could not find it. Perhaps Jimmy was not linked with her, but with every playmate. But this post is not about Jimmy Carter with lust in his heart. It is about Playboy and self-image.

Sometimes I look at myself and see a gorgeous playmate, sometimes I see a woman who has seen better days. It all depends on my frame-of-mind. Think about it, women: after great sex, or when you get whistled at while filling up the car with gas, or even catching a guy stealing a second glance, you feel beautiful and sexy. You are a playmate. All you have to do is turn off that part of your brain that is thinking, "I have other assets, I am more than some man's play thing." Sometimes it is wonderful being a play thing.


kathi said...

You are so female. I agree 100%, every woman wants to be taken seriously, to know that she is respected for who and what she is, for her intellegence and what she's accomplished. Every woman, also, want's to know that men (and women too) find her sexy, desirable, intrigueing, mysterious and tempting.

Joe said...

It's always interesting to read about women and their self-images, especially since most men don't worry about fitting into a pre-defined "perfect man" stereotype.

That said, Leesa, from what I've read here, there are few, if any, days when you couldn't be called beautiful, sexy - not to mention witty, charming, and intelligent.

Sassy said...

I don't care how sleazy or blue collar the construction workers are in cambridge...there's still something to be said for being wolf-whistled at. It always makes me hold my head a little higher and puts a little more bounce in my step...

mal said...

Having always been the Amazon, it is a good feeling when on occasion you are appreciated (especially by those who do not want you to "hurt them") Don't get me wrong, I have no interest in trying to "improve" myself or anything, it is just nice to know you are appreciated on occasion.

BTW, who the @!#$ ever designed "BARBIE"? I want to Bitch Slap the dirty !@#$

Prata said...

Mm...well there's just so much here to go after doggedly! Actually I've nothing negative to say. Of course I suppose I should point out that me are visual creatures, and by nature women foster their appearance to what they believe others are expecting. It's a subconscious thing, unless you're raised in some "extreme" (I put this in quotes because extreme is a relative term and I personally do not find this extreme if maybe a tad excessive) lifestyle (Amish, Puritan, Islam, Catholic, Buddhist, insert a life style that is not in the mainstream media/societal fad as of current) where you dress strictly for the desire of modesty and practicality. At least that is how I view it, I draw this opinion from experience.

Self image is certainly important, as it prescribes how you present yourself to others. Many people compensate for their poor self image by taking how they dress and act in public to "extremes". We've all seen this sort of behavior. A self image that is exceedingly poor 24/7 365 speaks of a bigger problem, some of which includ eating disorders or exercise disorders. What people should really worry about in self image is not that from time to time you don't view yourself as wonderous or beautiful, but that you never view yourself as anything but a loathsome creature; however else someone may incline their opinion upon you.

My disclaimer: This is not and never has been directed at any particular person including the original poster of the blog.

Goddess said...

I never babysat, but I used to find my dad's porn mags, flip through them, and then wonder, "Why is dad with mom if he likes women that look like that?"
Then I thought I would never find a man as wonderful as my dad, and I havent (But it is really really difficult to be as wonderful as my dad), but then I realized, men, including wonderful old pops, just like looking at some eyecandy. My dad probably wouldnt go out with any playboy centerfolds, because, well, he doesnt mind looking, but he doesnt want other men looking at his woman! (And I think most men are in that category - but I could be wrong)

~Deb said...

Wow... weird... we posted about similar topics---"self image" and what's considered attractive. Very well said-----we do have to turn off our brain sometimes and realize that people find other people attractive for many different reasons.

We all have different traits and carry ourselves in a unique way that makes our being "different". Wouldn't it be boring if we were all different?

In my blog, I was talking about how I went into a bar full of VERY young girls. Their asses were as small as an eight year old boy's. It was alarming, and some of these girls were definitely under the weight of 100 lbs.

Scary huh? The media definitely has an impact.

Great post sweetie! Great minds..........*wink*

Bert Ford said...

Wouldn't the world be a boring place if all women looked exactly like the "Standard" Playboy chick?
What about the the joy of the Fluffy Chick, and the Skinny chick & all those wonderful varieties in between? If all chicks had big tits what would be left for those who like flatter chests? I have no problems with monogamy but isn't there a lot to be said for variety?
Just cause you like a cadilac doesn't mean a volkswagen can't be a blast.

Bert Ford said...

My co-worker Terry has just suggested that they're all pink on the inside. I don't know how he would know since he claims to have only had sex one time in his life.

Mark said...

Leesa-- My early years were filled with visions of Betty Paige, as well as Penthouse and Playboy playmates. I remember house-sitting for a family friend when I was 14, and finding that the dad had a trove of nudist mags, etc. Everybody has another less-public side to them, and of course, in those days, one kept those things private, unlike today.
I suppose my formative years formed a lot of what turns me on -- a woman in stockings and garters and heels can be incredibly sexy, whether she's 105 lbs or 225. It all depends on how she carries herself. You can put all those stick-figure models in a box somewhere. A zaftig woman definitely gets my attention.
And to answer another response -- yes, variety IS good. That's what makes people so damned interesting.

Prata said...

@bert ford
I once worked with a guy that said somethin' similar. They're all pink on the inside..meaning he didnt' care what they looked like since the screwin' is all the same. *chuckles* That's funny to me.

And on big tits, yeah I don't like big tits really. I've only ever really dated asians, and the large majority of them are not very large in the chest, or any other area for that matter. Of course I'm extremely particular about who/what I date. In order to love someone you must know them, in order to know them you must be attracted to them, in order to be attracted you must find some characteristic in that person. For me, that means black hair and almond tipped eyes.

I'm sure that in some way or another that is a character flaw. ^_^

sjblogger said...

I got caught up in the part about looking through drawers and closets. I used to housesit in high school and college.

It always amazed me when you'd have very prim and proper people and you'd find whips and sex toys and boxes of porn in closets and nightstands.

It never ceased to amaze me!

Ddot the King said...

Playmates are ok. But most of them don't have booty.

Anyway so Leesa wanna play babysitter?

devilgyrl said...

In response to sjblogger. Most people's outward appearance, and such do tend to amaze you when you find out what they do behind closed doors.

Leesa, great post. I used to "ramble" through my parents things when they weren't home. For me it was the excitememt of doing something I wasn't supposed to do without getting caught. BTW - I was very surprised at how "kinky" my mom and dad actually were.

devilgyrl said...

I forgot to add, I still look at the playboys when they come in the mail. I guess I am probably one in a million women that actually pay for their husbands subscription.

Lisa said...

Girlie, sometimes you just read my mind. I was thinking about this today, too. It's fun to be a sex symbol at times, but mostly because I(we) know how much more I (we) have to offer,too...Have I told you lately (ha! Rod Stewart!) how gorgeous I think you are? Probably not, because then I just sound like I'm aimlessly ass-kissing, or fumblingly flirting. But whatever. We all need to hear it sometimes (not that I'm saying this post meant you "needed" to hear it today) and so, I'm quieting the inner voices of propriety...ok, that's probably hard to swallow, but I really do worry about what I'm going to say(sometimes...)!!! Anywho. Boy that was a long-winded, strange little compliment, wasn't it??

Leesa said...

kathi: it took me a while to be able to say out loud that I wanted to be sexy.

joe: thanks, sweetie.

sassygirl: I agree 100%

mallory: I read somewhere that Barbie had a 38 inch chest. Very few women can fill that blouse.

prata: understand completely about men being visual creatures. Took me a while to discover though.

goddess: yeah, I think most men look. And I don't mind if my man looks, as long as he doesn't touch.

deb: loved your post yesterday. Sometimes I wonder how these size 0s do it (genetics?).

bert ford: variety is a wonderful thing, and I am still laughing at the pink comment.

mark: sorry Betty Paige and zaftig are foreign to me, but I am guessing at the image you are describing. I would rather be the 1970s sexy, wearing Native American garb, showing tummy, long hair flowing, barefoot. A little before my time, but I always liked that look.

sjblogger: yeah, I loved looking in other people's things.

ddot: so you like the babysitter?

devilgyrl: thanks; actually, I know a few women that pay for their hubbie's Playboy/Penthouse.

lisa: thanks; you can smooch my ass anytime. As long as the PMS fairy is not visiting (funny post, by the way).

Monica said...

I babysat all the time in school, but never thought about going through other peoples closets and drawers....guess I don't have to worry about the hubby and I ever (EVER) getting a sitter...